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Other Goooooo =F|A=!

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YOU FIRED!!! ahahahhaha (hope not)


No, the boss won't fired me for that, beside even if i don't open today he won't say anything, I have the keys to open no one have, my poor co worker I told him to go drink some coffee until i come and the boss is in Turkey for vacation (1 month) damn boss hehe


beside I supposed to be in vacation last Friday but the boss called me to make 1 extra week SO !blame my boss ... I'm tired


what pissed me off, there is a company that had to come today to make an estimate, the guy from the company came and see the shop closed so boss's friend called me (he is the one who wake me up) Now I have to wait i dunno how much before they come back again lol i wait 3 weeks before they made it and come, and guess what!!!! I slept all morning :lol:


Lazy bum, get fired and play more ET with us!!! :D

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LOL damn i'm lazy man ... and i love it hahahahaha all i wish is time get back to 2003 and start playing again then at the end of 2009 ... booom back in time again haha, but time have no mercy and will not leave ya a chance to play that much and always gonna ask what you gonna do with your life cos times up :shock:


oops it's 3h20 am here and i dunno what i'm saying so dont pay attention :lol:

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