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ET Server F|A Etpro Public Tzac

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I have updated the SLAC/TZAC module on server. So server should be read to blast. If you get any problems regarding server please report it on tracker. Off course there will be one PB enabled Etpro too. I will post the IP when it's ready.


Public PB ETpro will be just campaign or objective style rotation. Public TZAC will be stop watch style rotation.






Report any bugs/changes here: http://fearless-assa...oject-10-etpro/

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Map rotation + server location?

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Location: Germany


Rotation (We can off course change it):


set d1 "set g_gametype 3 ; map adlernest ;  set nextmap vstr d2 ; sets StopwatchRound 1;"
set d2 "map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr d3 ; sets StopwatchRound 2;"
set d3 "set g_gametype 3 ; map braundorf_b4 ; set nextmap vstr d4 ; sets StopwatchRound 1;"
set d4 "map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr d5 ; sets StopwatchRound 2;"
set d5 "set g_gametype 3 ; map bremen_b2 ; set nextmap vstr d6 ; sets StopwatchRound 1;"
set d6 "map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr d7 ; sets StopwatchRound 2;"
set d7 "set g_gametype 3 ; map beerrun_b7a_0331 ; set nextmap vstr d8 ; sets StopwatchRound 1;"
set d8 "map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr d9 ; sets StopwatchRound 2;"
set d9 "set g_gametype 3 ; map frostbite ; set nextmap vstr d10 ; sets StopwatchRound 1;"
set d10 "map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr d11 ; sets StopwatchRound 2;"
set d11 "set g_gametype 3 ; map tc_base ; set nextmap vstr d12 ; sets StopwatchRound 1;"
set d12 "map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr d13 ; sets StopwatchRound 2;"
set d13 "set g_gametype 3 ; map supply ; set nextmap vstr d14 ; sets StopwatchRound 1;"
set d14 "map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr d15 ; sets StopwatchRound 2;"
set d15 "set g_gametype 3 ; map sw_goldrush_te ; set nextmap vstr d16 ; sets StopwatchRound 1;"
set d16 "map_restart 0; set nextmap vstr d1 ; sets StopwatchRound 2;"
vstr d1

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Nobody visits TZAC server :( Let's play etpro sometimes


You do know what TZAC is right? :D

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Thiis sounds fun ill play on it :D

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