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Yes just as you said "you just dont feel them". Point is this was a 5.8 and we did feel that. This is the first for me and it was a very scary thing. I know the west coast people are laughing. Think how you would feel if a freak 3 foot snow storm hit you. You would freak out too.

Cool. why does that matter to me? i dont live on the west...im from VA. so indeed, i actually cleared over a mile of2-3ft snow shtistorms with an almost broken plastic POS shovel. three times. thanks.


i wouldnt freak out.


ive been in two or three hurricanes, a few tornados, and some small quakes. but my house gets shaken all the time.we live near a quarry. the quarry makes my house shake more than that silly quake did.


and no, this last year or so's snowshitstorm were not the only snowstorms ive been n. also been in some when i was younger

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