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stupidty should be painful

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i belive the title of this is a good quote .... heres an example ....

1st link is the youtube page of the video (need to comfirm bday for it) so ill also post a link to another site the same video is on (no membership or bday needed)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?eurl=http% ... _vTKCxyaYw





the only thing that woulda made this video better is if the kid would have said that hurt afterwards

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We have a FAIL thread. I beat you to the punch. :D




ok Ranier... I am on lunch break and dont have time to search through all 24 pages but im sure you dont have this one.(I hope)


Is that a fiery bottle rocket in your pants, or are you just terrified that you're going to get your sack blown off? Rolmao!!!


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lol nice ya i didnt go thru all the pages of that since ive seen every vid on the 1st one and yes thunder you win this round !!

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