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First Performance for Public

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Hey guys,


I wanted to explane to all u guys why i was afk for soo long time,


Around 1 year ago of less,dunno exactly,a good friend of mine had an idea,

his idea was to start somekinda own Hardstyle Channel for dutch people.


We worked out his idea and that was a pretty good succes,but after that we started to brainstorm.


We came to this idea:


Rent a building and start our own Hardcore/Hardstyle party's for nearby people,

and this was the result:


Video 1:


Video 2:


Also here an image:


Right is me(QlimHAX)VS in the left a guy called Rens that wanted to battle me.


Im just trying to tell you guys i aint playing ET or any other games as much as i did before,

this doesnt mean im gonna stop playing ET,i love this game,the community etc,but i also love my real life,

I will combine those 2 things as much as possible!


Peace out guys,

Cya on the servers or XFire




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