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Radar Summer - radar_summer_130.pk3 - ET Map

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File Name: Radar Summer - radar_summer_130.pk3

File Submitter: Chuckun

File Submitted: 23 Dec 2010

File Category: Maps


Download PK3 Name: radar_summer_130.pk3

Map Name: radar_summer.bsp


Also included in download: z_radar_summer_130.pk3 (texture / gamma fix - readme included)




The Allies are attempting to sabotage components of the new W�rzburg radar! Don't let them steal the radar components and destroy the radar stations!


v1.3.0 Changes include new passage from bunker to main radar compound. Need to blow generator to open the door.

All 4 objectives are needed for allies to win.


Click here to download this file

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This would also be a great addition on FA1. Either added to current rotation or to replace one of the least enjoyed maps like Haunted Mansion or Oasis.

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