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Photoshop Tutorial: How to change the color of eyes

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This tutorial is to help you learn how to change the color of someone’s eyes in a photo. For this tutorial we will be using the Lasso Tool and a Hue/Saturation adjustment. Ok, once you have your photo open in photoshop:


1. Select the Lasso Tool from the toolbar.

2. Carefully select the first eye with the Lasso Tool by dragging the tool around the eye with the mouse button held.

3. To select the second eye, do the same thing but hold down the Shift Key.

4. Then once you have them both selected, go to (Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation)

5. Adjust the Hue and Saturation until you find a new color for the eyes that you like.



after it is finished it looks like this


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I took the liberty of editing the title to correct spelling :)


Thanks for the tutorial :)



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all photoshop users have their own way of doing the same thing using differant methods..


to change eye color I create a layer then go to the background layer and adjust the hues/colors until I get

the eye color I want and then go back to the top layer and use the eraser to erase just the iris of the eye.

hint... I always adjust the opacity of the eraser tool down to about 66 percent.



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