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krAzy :)

need 2 cfg commands



left up side, where u see who gets killed by who...how to make see symbols of weapon? or can u just make that at replay (make video)?





right down side where u see ur weapon in yellow, red and white depanding if u dont use it, use it, reload..how to make that?

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I don't have access to et now, so I am just guessing :P


for the 1st you need a different mod, maybe you can do it with ultraviolet movie modbut Iam not sure


for the weapon thing it should be cg_drawWeaponIconFlash



maybe the weapon icon is a noquarter thing, but I think there was a mod with that feature for fragmoveis.



/cg_drawWeaponIconFlash 2

for the effect you need (actually if you want the weapon icon always yellow, the right value is 1, I prefer 2)

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