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What's in a name?

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Hmm, I have had several names through out my years of et been playing for about 5 years on and off, often leaving for 6-9 months at a time due to work and personal life.


=*=|CELEBRO Was my first ET handle I am of latin origin and really meant to have CEREBRO like from the X-MEN but guess I spelled it wrong since it sounds like an L when you say it in Spanish :D the =*= was supposed to represent my country Puerto Rico, I stuck with this for a very long time, until one day playing around me and another friend scrimmed 2v2 (think it was on a jaymod server) and I used the name Puta* which means b***/Whore in Spanish, and I stuck with that name for a few years as well, until I joined the Bloodbucket and switched my name to jACk (this is why you see everyone calling me Jack, or Jackie and not Novice) I choose this name because I am the biggest fan of the show 24 and Jack Bauer (Seriously I have the DVDS, Seen every single episode for every season). I used this for a while as well, until Bloodbucket shutdown and the members started dispersing more, I stopped playing at this point for about 8-9 months, would only hop on once in a blue for a quick game, I ended up loosing a lot of skills, and upon returning kept getting owned so I decided to change my name at that point to Novice :D and have been using it for a little over a year now, and plan to stick with this for the remainder of my ET days :D plus the name throws of some players in battle :D


Kinda long introduction for the name hehe.

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I choose my nick 1 or 2 years ago. There's a word in spanish that i like a lot, "carpetovetónico", but i like the letter K in my nicks (always use it: Karto, K4RK4M4L, K4), so i got the nick.


Karto, first one, was random.


Mi second nick K4RK4M4L, it's the word "carcamal" in spanish; old or decrepit person, in english. And how i started to play at 38-39 yo, was perfect.


K4 was a fail writing the previous nick in one of the re-installations of ET, but i liked.


And "carpetovetónico" means too something archaic, old of date. So it was the last one.


But recently, i look for the dictionary meaning, and it's: "Belonging or related to Carpetanos and Vetones". Carpetanos and Vetones were two ancient tribes on Spain, that were localized on the center of the country, were i was born :D .

So, did i really choose my nick? or it was destiny. :lol::lol:


And now I :wub: my nick.

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some of my favorite names I have seen include


Tubes, No Head, and Toilet Poo



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I am a lone cursor in the wast ocean of the internet, got the idea when i was playing on the server, if you see it anywhere else it's not related. I have a secret unexplained relationship to/with FRIDAY, albeit its completely coincidental.

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