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Photoshop Signatures - Basics

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To understand this tutorial you have to know the basics of Photoshop.


I've been doing signatures for a while now and I really enjoy doing them. When I first started, I sucked. So don't go crazy if you can't do exactly what you're told to.


Here's a few points you should know before starting:


-1. Always take a good quality render/stock , otherwise your signature will look horrible.


-2. When you start it's hard to use tools, because you don't know techniques, but get used to use tools, it will make your signature get a better look.


-3. Choose a ''main point'' , the most important part of your signature, like the head of your render , and try to give to it more lighting so it's the first thing you see when you look at the signature.


-4. Text is one of the most important and hardest thing you have to create. With practice you'll learn. But it is very hard. Always use Blending Options in your text, but try to keep it simple.


-5. Its hard to give a real definition of what flow really is. It's like the ''direction'' of your signature. You can't smudge to the left and then to the right and down. No always to the same way.


-6. Try new things, even if you don't know what they are. If you don't like the result, do alt+ctrl+z to undo the last thing you did.


Maybe I'm forgetting something, but these are the most important things.


Read tutorials.


www.sigtutorials.com <- great signature tutorials page


Or just type on google Signature Tutorials PS or somthing like that and take a look at the images.


www.planetrenders.net <- great renders





You should start reading Beginners tutorials, so if you reading something and it's too hard to do what you're told, probably it's not the right tutorial to learn from.




If I'm forgetting something please let me know.

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Just tried to download photoshop to see if i could make my own...but it took up too much memory which I don't have much of! i'll just mooch off you more

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