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Hello all.


So the topic for today is mobile applications. I have the blackberry torch. I was hoping someone had the same kind of phone or at least familiar with the types of functions the phone has to offer.

I bought the phone for the purpose of my military and mobile access since I find myself away from the computer a little more often than I am near one. I have att. I have most of my necessary stuff set up but I know there is a fun side to the phone as well.


My question is if anyone can give me some tips or tricks about the phone, help me find some fun apps, preferably free apps, for music access, games, anything that can keep me occupied for my downtime.


Also, I have enough data on my mobile plan for internet, full service most of the time yet my internet on the phone is so slow to load pages or even videos on youtube. I have 3G. Explain why it sucks so bad or how I can speed it up. I would appriciate some knowledge since I am so new to the whole smart phone crap. Thanks all.

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