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Steam Client Beta Available

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Steam Client Beta Available



There's a new Steam Beta client available. To access the Beta, go to File -> Settings. On the Account tab press the Change... button to open the Beta Participation dialog. Then Select Beta Update, and allow Steam to restart itself. Here are the specific changes:




- Changed microphone voice input from 11khz to 16 khz

- Changed voice output from 8khz to 16khz

- Moved game invites from friends outside of the chat stream, into their own panel in the chat dialog

- [Mac OSX] Fixed a problem where attempting to resume a paused/interrupted download could always report ‘server unavailable’

- Fixed games not launching automatically after resolving a cloud conflict

- Fixed download rate sometimes erroneously reporting very high speeds

- Added password strength meter when you change your password

- Added UI prompting you to choose a new password if you've had support change your password

- Added Steam screenshots feature. Press F12 in any game to take a screenshot. Screenshots are automatically uploaded to the steam cloud after exiting the game, or can be manually uploaded while in-game through the in-game overlay. Screenshots can be managed through the community site and can be published to your Steam Community Profile to share with your friends. Games that use DirectX 8 and earlier are not yet supported.


There will also be a thread specifically for feedback about the screenshot feature: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=837




- Possible fix to crash on startup or when viewing Games page

- Fixed an occasional crash in the overlay when taking screenshots, causing the overlay to restart (and not display the recent screenshot)

- Fixed the default hotkey being Shift+Insert for some users rather than F12. (This fix will cause anyone who changed their screenshot hotkey to change it again.)

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