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I need help! I want to donate! BUT I have a problem with =FA= pay-pal donations system. It's force me "to connect" my Visa to pay-pal account, - but I don't want to do it, and don't ask why.

It is still possible me to donate =FA= some another way? I can sent money directly to email via PayPal, for example...


(by the same problem i can not buy a VIP membership)



maybe administrations can help me with my problem?


thanks you all, guys.


Hi Patrick


You could also go and purchase one of those Prepaid Visa cards that all the big stores now have... go to WalMart and ask for a $20 prepaid visa, and they'll hook you up


Then create a new PayPal just for F|A and link that card to it.    


You could also do the same at your bank, and just ask for a prepaid card that you can then use to keep adding a bit of money to every so often...  then only the money attached to that card


That worked for me!





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