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official pak file error?


recently i downloaded a new et and i encountered an eeror while joining etpro servers the error said "could not upload official pak file"

hmm weell i have two et one in c drive and one in d drive (the new one)

and its working fine for me on all the other jaymode server with this new et but dont know why this error comming while joining etpro server(including fa etpro which has slac and other pb etpro servers also)

settings such as allow download are all set to 1

also my et is patched to 2.6b

Also to add der is no problem joining these servers from my old et.....

But i want to shift to this new one cause of some problems faced on old et so guys plz help

plz help

here the error http://www.filejumbo.com/Download/8EC13F2E011303A4

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problem fixed



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