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I might be away for a day or two

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So I just got a new 23" LCD... which has led to a new power supply, new video card, and now I'm going through all my old PC parts. Motherboards, video cards, sound cards, etc.....


I'm basically testing and sorting everything to toss or keep. So far I had enough parts to build a MSI K8MM-V MS-7142, AMD sempron 1.6ghz, 2g DDR, and sound/video card testing starts tomorrow. Only has a 20g HDD, but they're dirt cheap anyways. I installed Linux Ubuntu on this PC since all my legit windows software is in use, and I hate getting that 'windows genuine' notification crap.


I even found an old Seagate 1083MB HDD lol And it works.


Anyways, I have a couple more motherboards to check, 1 more power supply, a bunch of memory, etc... I'd like to build a PC for my basement to eliminate having to burn CDs to play drums to, and another PC for my garage so I don't have to run in the house when I'm looking up car parts and such.


I was gone from the server most of today, and with a little luck, I'll be back either tomorrow evening, or the following day. Although I might drop in tomorrow morning for a quick game....


See you all soon :)

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Ok I'm kinda back. Most of the shit is sorted, and I decided to build the second PC as an internet media center to add to my Plasma and 7.1 surround :D


And I'll most likely be replacing Ubuntu with a new copy of Windows 7. I was able to install Ubuntu. And that's where it ended. I can't install drivers for sound cards or anything. Complete Ubuntu fail for me lol

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