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See COD series. One knife = one kill shot. If someone knifes you, you die instantly. Knife should always make more damage since you can't throw it at far distance like you can shoot with guns.


I personally like the set up in COD BO. No weapon in it is useless. There is no configurable settings for damage in COD BO which I like most. Every complaints go to game coders and not any admin running server.


I have notice all those so called 'rambo' players who always play medic class complain for panzers, knife, rifle nade, etc. One of many reasons, I personally BO as an admin. No single complain at all to change damages.


Most of the people don't even notice that with only knife they hardly manage to get at max 20 kills or so. With mp40 they manage to get 50 kills but still knife user very rarely will whine or complain. But as soon as some rambo medic will get knife'd, he would scrim "'unrealistic'. This is uber bullshit." Well my fried, you got rolled with knife and someone back stabbed you.


You died once, get over with it and re spawn in next 20 seconds.


No offense to anyone but that's how I feel.

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