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North Korea attacks south korean island

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If the South can get nukes from the US (they are still dealing with the bureaucracy at the moment), then the North is nothing but a third rate military trying to make nukes in their basement against the South's soon-to-be modern "blow any city in North Korea off the planet in ten minutes" arsenal. So the North actually needs to start a war now, before the South gets nukes.


One of the latest Wikileaks reported that US representatives had been told by mid-level Chinese CCP members that China did not want to support NK anymore and was just as annoyed with their behavior as everyone else. The Chinese source said they would prefer gradual reunification to the current situation. This was cabled to the US in a report for the State Department, and was compromised along with thousands of other secret documents for the amusement of the wikileaks site. Obviously this knowledge changes the whole calculus of the situation.


If the North still provokes a real war, Seoul would be bombed by the North, and Pyongyang would be bombed in return (Kim and his buddies will be hiding in a bunker a mile underground somewhere). The US would intervene, probably to obliterate the NK army from the air before they could enter the South. China would make lots of noise but probably not intervene until it was safe for them.


China has denied the contents of this report and say it still fully supports Kim Jong Il because he is so awesome and reminds them of their beloved evil dictator Mao Zedong. (/sarcasm)


There would be many millions of casualties. The South is more sensitive to the effects of a war, and would probably not be in a position to mount a full-scale invasion of the North after the initial exchange.


China has no intention of getting into a direct war with the USA, especially if they do not have time to mobilize their army into North Korea to "defend it". The US military could crush the whole country (NK) in a matter of hours, like Iraq, but not actually control more than one square mile of territory, again like Iraq. China and the US would come to an understanding - the North would probably be occupied by the Chinese Army (to rescue it lol) and used as corporate slave labor (now that Chinese workers are learning how to go on strike). The US would do all the dirty work of getting rid of the Northern regime, and China would let them get away with it so they can occupy the remains of North Korea.


The Chinese would describe the situation in some self-enhancing way that made it sound like the US started it and they had saved the North. The US would just be glad to get rid of the potential threat and let China have the stupid place, since they can't defeat the People's Liberation Army (no one can - it's too big).


Russia would stay out of the way and laugh at all the idiots. Everyone involved will look like a loser. The Chinese will look weak for not stopping the US air attack. The South would be destroyed. The North Koreans would probably be put under a new dictator, probably a puppet from Beijing. They would be kept in the dark about everything and used by Chinese corporations as an effective bulwark against rising wages in China itself. They would be worked to death for no pay and the rest of the world can trade the stocks of the Chinese corporations that would profit the most (think I.G. Farben in WWII Germany).


Read the book "Mao" sometime if you would like to know how the People's Republic of China deals with disobedient provinces. Basically the Red Army kills half the population, everything is stolen or destroyed, all leaders are killed, and a new local government is installed. This will happen to North Korea after the US is done beating the shit out of it with B-52 bombers and cruise missiles.


Just my thoughts. Hope it doesn't happen, but it will play out something like this.

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