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How to run Cod4 with Windows 7

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You'll need a working Windows 7 (DUH)

Usb Mic Standerd sound mics wont work


You just bought a new Window 7 install cod4 and it shuts off the game D: What now reinstall ... Nope


With you New mic plug it in For safety first run The game as Admin by following These steps


Step one Right click the cod4 mp icon.

Scroll down to Run game as an Admin

Click it and done.


Now Your Cod4 Should now start.



1. You dont have to allways Run as Admin

2.Mic allways has to be pluged in Sadly


Hope this solve your problems thanks.



Resolution 2




Open Window Control Panel and go to sounds


In sounds go to recording Right click that window you have the option to show disabled devices click that now you will see stereo mixs right click it and set it a default.

now open cod4 with out you mic and it will run.

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