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ET NQ #1 Vitosa's sense of balance - does it exist?

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So there is this situation:
We're playing baserace, each team has 3 crates taken, no base crates stolen 22 minutes in game. Allies are playng 6 vs 8 and WINNING - Axis try to steal their crate hard, but it didn't work for 25 minutes, then allies steal Axis gold and lead. 5 minutes left until the match ends. Axis and Allies are clearly balanced, because Allies have 6 good tier players and Axis have 8 casuals (including me). Then Ford starts yelling that we need to balance the teams and VITOSA SUPPORTS HIM.

Please don't give me crap that you're using /scores to balance teams, because you're clearly not. You don't look how much the obj is being done, you don't look how defending team's defense is impenetrable, you only look if the numbers are even. HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT WINNING TEAM NEEDS HELP? It's fricking BASERACE and they're going to win in 5 minutes, somehow 5 allies manage to repel 8 Axis (FOR 25 MINUTES) and 1 Allied player even took their gold to win, tell me HOW do Allies in that situation need help to "balance"? Tell me Vitosa and Ford (cz), I am very curious what "balance" means for you, perhaps it's one team completly stomping the other and not giving any chances to have real fun from the game.

Fun as long as you're in the winning team, huh? Because - what a coincidence - you were both Allies.

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Could probably agree upon that, numbers per team normally don't determinate equality of each team specially if u have better players in one team than another, which can carry harder than casuals. Scores mostly give u general view into skill status, but since u have to take into consideration objective part as well and if what u said is true, then teams indeed would be fair specially at baserace every additional player means u have extra chances of sneaking objective.


U could probably read this topic towards certain point, as u will have exact explination as to what admins look at when they're evening teams, ignore last pages of topic as it has mostly then just spam in.



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Hi w3b, S!mples here.


I have to say that Vito IMHO is by far one of the better and fairer admin i've seen. Vito is always the first to move and even up numbers wise, i've seen vito swap teams 5-6 times in a single map to help with numbers and its usually before anyone even really notices the numbers are off..... so i cant agree its about Vito being on the winning team.


It can be quite difficult at times to play and have fun yourself when your an admin but i also think the use of team warnings can be and are over used by some players at the drop of a hat sort of thing, its as if they die and instantly demand teams are evened numbers wise and rather than simply ask in global chat the !teams command is used straight away (the warning that has a siren sound).

Yes i've always agreed that numbers do not really mean even teams ability wise but it is a good place to start. 


We have all been in your situation (myself included) where we have felt slighted by an admin decision so thanks for bringing it to the forums where it can be discussed etc. I cant comment specifically on your experience as i was not there, but again IMHO Vito is one of the good guys and i hope in future you will come to see that and not judge based on this one incident. 


Frag you later no doubt.





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Adding on to Snuffs post, admins sometimes make mistakes, we are all human. I am not saying Vitosa made a mistake as I need to see a screenshot/demo or some sort of proof to show what happened because I wasnt there. Just send a friendly message to the admin explaining why you think what they did was wrong. Most admins would accept if they were wrong and take action to fix it if you remain polite and show that you just want to help out. I believe Vitosa is one of those kinds of admins.

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"each team has 3 crates taken" for 25 minutes and it was 6 against 8? Then I did !teams cos it became 5 against 8 and it is not ok? Jesus you didn't win, get over it. Vitosa is actually one of nicest admins I remember. Never had a problem to switch and even teams couple of times during one game, never argues, totally "Saint" IMHO. Btw. thanks for considering me as a "good" player as I still consider myself as average 1. I used to even teams all the time (I never did that to be "liked" by admins, as even on other servers I was always refusing invitations to be an admin or to apply for an admin when I was asked (including FA btw.), I just did it cos it felt like right thing to do). Then I stopped. Now I do sometimes but not very often. Because of teamstackers and also because of few admins and their actions or comments in a past. In my opinion there are way too many games when guys are switching into "stronger" or winning team during the game esp. when no admins around. So when I see in a team guys which are stacking all the time and they became weaker (uneven teams) I wouldn't even it in most cases and I leave it to admins. I usually take allies as a first choice. Cos I can attack on most of maps. That's how I enjoy game. There are guys which are almost every time going to axis (Schroedingers cat, Kitty and others) so it is not that I join "stronger" teams, just team which I prefer. I don't care if it is stronger or weaker. Well, whatever, just to summarise this - I don't see any reason for this drama as Vitosa did what he does all the time. He cares about teams and puts us ALWAYS first (evening teams by switching even 5 times during one round), then himself.  

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