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MLB Egypt 2 fixed version - Enemy Territory Map

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MLB Egypt 2 fixed version

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This is a rework of the source file for this map requested by @daredevil


    map                                "mlb_egypt2"
    longname                      "^1M^2L^dB^0 ^8E^7gypt ^82"
    type                                "wolfmp"
    timelimit                        20
    axisRespawnTime        10
    alliedRespawnTime     20
    briefing                          "Map by ^1Marko^7-^2Lowlife^7-^dBobLeRoux *Entities reduced to improve server performance **MLB Map rework @ https://fearless-assassins.com"
    axiswintext                   "Axis win"
    alliedwintext                "Allies win"
    mapposition_x             980
    mapposition_y             990


Entity count was reduced from 839 to 550 technically 472 from what radiant displays before compile

Also reworked the map shaders the skybox and script to meet the maps changes

You can find the videos here were I modified it https://youtu.be/m-rNVUuae7c


Sorry I didn't get to save the final render for skybox , entities and script it crashed during render and lost the video


Zip includes fixed waypoints goals and gm 


no visual difference don't think you will notice any but this a test video




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Added on Beginners 2 - replaced old one. Also added on Fun #2. 


Will be adding on other servers as well. Please share any feedback/issues, here. 

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Posted (edited)

This has the original bug where Gun is fired after objective loaded...Then, passage is open to double-jump in to Gold

This version is fixed: https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/1787-mlb_egypt_fixed/


Edited by Buckwild
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I'm almost don't with the update for this and yes this is using the source directly for beta version.


The update will include:

For Objectives { wolf }


Their will be a addition to the gold crates md3's at the start of the map axis will know where to take the gold once they get it by looking directly at it at the start


bots will no longer take the underpass to the left of the first tunnel at axis spawn this is to keep bots moving forward they get confused with objectives 


there will be a CTF flag at the start of the map at the broken bridge to make the start of the map more interesting seen monster kills by bots cause of it will be fun to watch now


the bridge is also fixed with the barricade no longer jumping required when barricade is up


the first barricade will be taller this is to fix bot waypoints permanently and to stop mixing with boat points and confusing the bots but they will still use the water to blow it


the tunnel under the generator will be temporarily unavailable at start of the map it will be closed to stop bots from rushing ahead of map


the ladder will be blocked as well on both sides to stop rushing and to keep bots in game area including players


the wall will be removed that is blocking the tunnel and the clips on the ladder once the boat passes the first and second barrier in that order this is to set stages for bots to move forward


the generator will be permanently disabled and removed once the boat passes the walk bridge this is to fix a bug and to stop confusing the bots but they still linger until the boat path is complete


Allied player spawns have been reduced after the Dam to fix a NoQuarter spawn bug related to barrier2 and a alertentity that was focused on a team_WOLF_objective inside the temple


clips are on objectives in temple per bot and player usage no skipping ahead there will be some extra blocking unseen to keep bots in play and to stop them for spawning foward beyond the objectives


players can't spawn forward but for some reason bots can this fixed that the spawn are no visible at start of map but they are active  but removed in order of game play instead of before players will know what to do and where to go now with more accurate reading on map in limbo


the main entrance after the temple is breached will be closed after boat is finished and axis breaches the first entrance at first spawn in temple


a warp pad will be placed at the entrance for the ones left outside this will keep the gold in play as intended by the author so bots don't go backwards as well you will spawn ahead of axis spawn to give you a heads up fair play if your straggling behind your dead anyways was going to bomb the area and kill every one but I thought it would be best to play it out


Ammo and Gun is inactive until the second wall is blow yep caught that


Allied spawn is reduced to one spawn in temple on the side instead of directly at the objective you will have to move some to get to it but not much


To keep it short the gold is clipped last double jumping or taking under path is pointless now you will have to break into the Pyramid to advance to keep fair play alive


And the gold will have to go out the top of the Pyramid as intended no back tracking to get away


In all I have caught all the bugs for silent jaymod and nq was going to add a CTF flag in the crypt where the gold is due to some spawning issues but I tracked the bug down to the alertentity from the start of the map


It should be updated this week it was going to be yesterday but still finding small things that could be annoying to game play




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