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Here's a little about me.


I'm 15, and my name is Braeden Walls.

I live in Las Vegas NV, it's not as great as everyone says but its still a pretty nice place.

My parents are Divorced, my Dad lives in Bright Indiana, near the Lawrenceburge area. It's a nice little quiet town.

My dad is currently a Division Chief in the Fire Service.

My mom is a Dealer at the Casino Aliante in LV, NV.

i'm currently in a Fire Explorer program if you guys wanna check out the website, go to Lasvegasfireexplorers.net

i go there every Sunday and help out with the Firefighter 1 class.

When i get a little older i wanna move in with my Dad and work with him in the same station.

I love to help people when they are in need of help or even just a friendly smile :)

I love to game too! :D

I'll see you guys all on the servers, even though i'm only active on the Jaymod server O.o lol.

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Welcome to the best server set around. Divorce is rough, man. I understand. Don't worry too much about playing all the servers... I usually play Jaymod I or II, my screen name is Texas Gunner. I'll see you there!

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