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ET Server Suggestion Beginners 1 improvements / Information

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I know its not really my place to say here, however as a player on Beginners 1 I guess you can say im a customer so feedback may be wanted. I have only just recently got back into ET, took a very long extended break, maybe like 5 years just getting back into now and I am really enjoying it.


F|A as always is still one of the most popular servers in ET even now, when im looking at your server list I was looking for a nice EU server to play on and have stumbled across beginners 1, yes its nowhere near as popular as the main servers, however its still a fun server to play at. I am looking at activity on the server, so there has been several times there are 6+ people playing, then suddenly when certain maps begin, people drop off. Or go into spectator as they dont want to play the maps. There are a few maps with negative votes. That nothing seems to be done about.


One of the examples earlier, we was on Goldrush, nice map everyone knows it basic. Game ends, Dubvrovnic comes up, 5 people leave straight away. The other 2 people in the server (including me) go spectator and we are just sitting there watching bots, Downvote occurred for the map, and I believe it said -11 (this isnt much) however I have seen other maps like depot etc with much higher downvotes but nothing seems to be done about it.


Is this a server no1 cares about? or are people going to try and improve the server, I prefer playing on this than the main jay server just due to the ping and I feel a lot more may do the same if improvements was made.


Who is running this server? Why are the maps not being removed when they have bad negative scores? when asking some of the F|A admins/members they said they dont have the authority to change maps? So the main question is where is the person who can? 


I know I am not an internal part of F|A and ET may be dying as each day passes, but if your going to pay for all of these servers, I can see the potential with beginners, its a good EU server, there is been some nice people who are chatty like Vindstot which is welcoming and what you want as a player there, however I dont feel enough is being done to maintain the players. I haven't been too active and just getting back into it, and I can already see the map rotation needs looking into, look into the votes and remove the maps people dont want. This is just 1 thing, that would already help maintain players on the server.


Maybe someone should come in an assess the server, see what can be done to improve it, ive seen a few people cry about adrenaline, is it fit for purpose (who knows, i hate it but others may love it), map rotation needs fixing, maybe getting more F|A members to play on the server and be active will help bring more people in, if people can see F|A members playing, they will probably want to play alongside them too.


Sorry if it seems like a rant, its not just think more needs to be done with beginners 1, as so many people are leaving when certain maps come on, feedback has been given and downvotes are being counted, yet no1 is doing anything about it.

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Posted (edited)

Hello and thanks for the feedback.


Without going for the reasons, I suggest you to apply and make things happen. Since you like the server, as you said.


I came here few years back and also found my "home" server quite empty and there was a lack of admins presence. So I applied and these days, with the help of the other admins that applied later on and some older too, the server is now daily on top of the popularity.


Things dont happend over night, but it takes dedication and observing. Also help from other regulars to become admins and old admins to help out the way.


Real life drifts our admins away from gaming and new ones we look constantly, so consider this if you like to start doing some good work around 😊


//EDIT: @daredevil is the man who can add maps etc. Tagged you here, so you can maybe do some changes there.

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hey there thanks for your suggestions 

what is realy helpful would be to make a list of maps you like or think would work well

and a list of maps that should be removed in this format for example

remove goldrush -add oasis 

remove baserace- add axis lab

we do try to switch up maps and if you see maps with down votes its maps people have asked for

we try to please everyone but we all know its not possible so there will always be maps people hate  

please look through the following link to see what we have done in the past and maps people ask for 

this is were you can add your map suggestions and ideas  



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Posted (edited)

@D..X although this would be a good idea for me to sit there and compile maps like you said everyone is different. All I can suggest is to look at how the maps are being voted, anything with 20plus negatives should be removed. Even if it's not replaced for now (depending how many)


Like you said though everyones different, I come from an etpro background so i like maps that are different to what other people like.


One thing though, since playing the last couple of weeks dubrovnik is 100% terrible everyone does leave / go spectator on that one.


I just want it to be successful it's a EU server, yet I see a lot of EU players going to Jay 1 with high ping, I know maps aren't the only reason but surely its logical to go on a lower ping server it's much better.


No1 likes high ping, yet people choose Jay 1 over beginners so obviously something is wrong there.


Maybe it's the name and they think it's for noobs, or maybe it's just because they know jay1 will always be active. Has it always been called FA Beginners? Has it ever bee  called like FA Jay, EU, when I started playing again I spoke to vindstot ans outright asked, what servers are EU with no adrenaline! That was my main query I tried all servers and had to go with beginners its closest server with low ping for me that has some people playing on it. Maybe beginners is thinking it's for noobs only. Is the beginners part fit for purpose?


Anyone who wants to do SL, or trackbase no chance on beginners theres never enough on. But there has to be a reason why people avoid beginners for Jay 1 knowing ping is 150+ (which is horrible for me, not used to it)


I'll try compile a few maps that do really bad with any evidence.


I know it's really not my place, to give bad feedback at times bit as a player who has always been passionate about ET and anything I am part it even as a player only, I want it be imporve and be successful. There is still a decent EU player base so theres potential this server can become more popular it. I think having FA members on the server helps too as it draws people in

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