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Will you buy Insurgency Sandstorm?

Will you buy Insurgency Sandstorm?  

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  1. 1. Will you buy Insurgency Sandstorm?

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With the new Insurgency coming out in a bit over a month, I'm curious to see who will be playing with us!

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I pre ordered it to get a sense of what direction NWI wants to go as there's been significant changes made from INS to sandstorm.


What I like:

incredible visual improvements. INS has nothing on sandstorm and this is when I'm running sandstorm on low vs. INS with everything basically as high as possible.

more mechanics for the player in terms of gun handling. Tactical reloads and the ability to check your ammunition level that doesn't break immersion are the big ones for me.

greater primary weapon variety for security. The G36K being my most liked addition. Want to see more variety on insurgent side, I think it would be a nice change.


What I don't like:

large maps with vehicles. this isn't CoD or Battlefield (nearly all my complaints center around how sandstorm feels like a CoD clone)

gameplay in sandstorm feels very much like an arcade shooter. TTK in sandstorm is nowhere near as good as INS as you need ~4 or more shots to down a player in effective range. It's a far cry from INS where even a makarov could reliably kill with 2 ... maybe 3 shots on a heavy armoured player, and one of my two biggest complaints.

ADS time is significantly quicker than in INS, and twitch reflexes trump intelligent decision making. Every time I would reach an objective I would do as I did in INS ... find an advantageous angle and hold it. Only for someone to run around CoD style and out react me. This has happened often enough for me to keep an eye on it in case I want a refund. INS demanded intelligent positioning, planning and tactics. This is the other big complaint, and frankly if I want to play a game like sandstorm plays now? I'm going to invest in CoD or Battlefield since sandstorm is coming off as a generic clone of this style of FPS.

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On 8/31/2018 at 10:48 PM, Lambda Unit 05 said:


"large maps with vehicles. this isn't CoD or Battlefield (nearly all my complaints center around how sandstorm feels like a CoD clone)"


I don't know how much time you have since your profile is private, but I'm at 50 hours and in no way do I think it feels like CoD just because they have MG mounted vehicles and larger more open map zones. The large maps IMO, make the game feel less linear. There are many more routes you can take and abuse, the bots do it and even succeed. 

The TTK is most likely intentional for the fact that Insurgency has always lead with as much realism that they can reasonably apply. I've always had at least 2 shots get eaten by a vest because the Mak Mak is literally my child. It's an inside joke between a homie and I.

Yet I shoot to get one to the head, that always does the trick because armor doesn't care. Same with their legs (though risky). Also, if i'm not mistaken vests retain damage until you resupply, so if you don't and you got clipped capping before then take a 9mm that could be the shot they needed. 

In Sandstorm I can see why people running around killing shit is annoying, but that's skill. We both know that. If I knew the direction and amount of enemies coming I'd abuse it too, just like in INS. The difference in Sandstorm is they come from where they please, so running around ain't bad and people that don't watch it die, VERY quickly. My homies that are also INS vets, we always hunkered down on defenses, but now that we know the spawn style map and mechanics we are able to run around and kill more efficiently. I know a flawless M249 spot for point G that if pulled off right (no offensive artillery) I can mow down anyone coming across the street. 


Don't know if you'll see this, but I'm curious if you've played to date. They've done some extensive work.

Last note, I don't know how the $%&^ someone can compare this to a game that has futuristic movement/jetpacks/exosuits/ inhuman perks. (CoD)


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