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Found 537 results

  1. I'm not picky about anything really, Just would like it to have something to do with DOI and say Blue somewhere on it. No biggie if you can't help me, but thanks if you can. I appreciate it.
  2. Hello! I hereby request a volunteer to create a signature out of this: What is the signature about? Bass staff and =F|A= The size of the signature in pixels? 500 x 130 The colour combination you prefer? Purple and Green would be fun. Creators Discretion! The text you want on the signature? =F|A= King Cat Pee (The F and A must line up with the note though! If you read music it would make more sense. F note ...A note (see image). ) Anything signature maker should avoid? Static preferred. For a little more fun: Winning signature will receive a $100.00 (usd) donation to =F|A= in their name ...or ...(one) steam game of their choosing. Rock on!
  3. okay guys i'm getting back in to messing with sigs again so if any of you guys want one post here but you need to follow the rules that dd have layout for you link below https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/30401-signature-requests/ i think i do my best work with anime so if you guys have a anime you like or just a character post the names of the character and i see what i can do i do work second best with skulls and things like that get me busy other then that just ask and i see what i can do
  4. Hey guys, so I have been on the forums for some time now but never had a nice signature. Seeing all of yours makes me wanna have one myself as I think it's a nice touch and gives some character to a post. What is the signature about? I always liked pitbulls, used to know a gigantic pitbull named Kapone actually, that's where I got my name from actually. And I would like to have some COD 4 in there since that is my game of choice primarily. The size of the signature in pixels? Standard signature size, 500 x 150 The colour combination you prefer? A dark signature, primarily black and dark grey, with the font being red. The text you want on the signature? "=F|A= Kapone" and "Kapwnd!" thrown in there similar to a Kapow! type of writing (comic strip) Anything signature maker should avoid? I'm not too picky to be honest. Just having one would be great. The dog (please crop out text in above picture) could be on the left side of the signature with the soldier below being on the right side. Text can be in the middle to make it simple. Thank you to anyone has time to get started on this. I am in no rush and have lots of patience. You guys are awesome.
  5. Hello everyone, This time i m not here to post a signature nor anything , its time for me to request a signature for my self. so plz someone who can would be great. What is the signature about? Joker ( batman) . Wicked/crazy/funny/chaotic theme The size of the signature in pixels? 600x140 The colour combination you prefer? Light and dark color combos The text you want on the signature? Mr.Karizmatic and below in small STAFF Anything signature maker should avoid? No anime plz I want the signature with JOKER ( Batman ). Rest is upto your imagination.
  6. What is the signature about? A dark and fuzzy war background The size of the signature in pixels? 500 x 150 The colour combination you prefer? Dark with off-white and blue The text you want on the signature? =F|A=B0unty+ Anything signature maker should avoid? thanks
  7. What is the signature about? Nothing really maybe something with some nice ww2 era tanks? The size of the signature in pixels? 500x130 The colour combination you prefer? I like something dark themed grey, black,.. The text you want on the signature? =F|A=Smiley. Anything signature maker should avoid? Anime lol
  8. Hey al im wondering if someone Can make me a nice signature With the size 400×100 With a sniper in it and the allias Fragbastard? Grtz Roy
  9. What is the signature about? Preferably anime related because I am trash The size of the signature in pixels? Any size honestly, the bigger the better The colour combination you prefer? Any color combo, creativity is welcomed The text you want on the signature? =F|A= Shinobi Anything signature maker should avoid? No 'Boku no Pico' you dirty boys lol I have had my sig for years, would love some help to update it. I will love you long time!
  10. Who has the best skill in making me a nice sig and profile pic?
  11. Hi I would like someone to make me a signature please 500 x 150 I provided the gif/picture and website I would like it to say =F|A=iCiCeLz in white on the right bottom side of the picture. Thank You! https://www.google.com/search?q=icicles+gif&rlz=1C1CHBD_enUS769US769&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=QChSCAXQxQTT9M%253A%252CkNEfs2iCKcXPJM%252C_&usg=__n_S369CLQL6eQvGQQkjVi4MxI5U%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi04b3f8pPYAhUExGMKHdCSAikQ9QEINDAE#imgrc=QChSCAXQxQTT9M:
  12. Thank you in advance. I can pm you pics that I've found...perhaps you could mesh something together for me. I don't have photoshop at the moment. What is the signature about? about how awesome the brain is. The size of the signature in pixels? go big or go home, 600x150 pixels The colour combination you prefer? blacks and purples and reds, idk. you could probably work off the images. The text you want on the signature? =F|A= Neuro* Anything signature maker should avoid? anime unless its fits
  13. Hii Guys i have pics and signatures for My Profile But i have little prob. The link will be fine, and will be insert, all fine. But then i can.t do "OK" and save that option :/ Anyone why? #I hope all understand my englisch lol :/ My Pics / GIF's:
  14. Sup. I'm asking some good soul for creating my first signature for these forums What is the signature about? Sig should be done in vaporwave/aesthetics style, and that's generally it, you can find tons of pictures and inspiration if you type those words in search. Eg some cyberpunk city would be nice background. It should also contain wolfenstein logo somewhere, but also slightly modified so it looks w a v y. The size of the signature in pixels? 600x150 px The colour combination you prefer? Any colors you find while watching vaporwave pictures, but basically pink, blue, white, vintage colors etc. The text you want on the signature? kajto3 (written in white and some vaporwave font - you can download them for free) Anything signature maker should avoid? Spoiling my new sig
  15. Hi, as the title says i would like to create some awesome signature. So i hope there is someone who is good with graphics ( all r better than me cuz im rly noob)who has a free time and want create it for me. Signature could be about W:ET and maybe something crazy( btw i rly like gifs ), sizes around 500-600x100-150 pixels. I rly love black and red colours so it would be great. Text it just my game name BaBeLo!!!! I think its all about my request, i hope some great graphic maker will find some free time for it. Thanks
  16. Would someone mind helping me witha signature? I'm not picky at all just want LegacyX in it. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could!
  17. Hey GFX team (and other lovely members)! I've decided it's time for a new signature, and I thought that I'd hand it over to you guys for once, since your skills are amazing. I don't have a VIP membership, so the signature size should be 600 x 130. Personally, I love photography, technology, anime, and Hatsune Miku... But if you haven't seen, for the past 5 years, I have had nothing except for Miku themed signatures and profile pictures. I am hoping to have either a sensual or angry Hatsune Miku image, with some console text or futuristic imagery transparent. The only text I'd like is "=F|A=Xernicus", though you can add some more if you'd like. I'd like the foreground color to be teal/aquamarine/turquoise. I hope this isn't too specific! I can ease up on the details if this is too much. Thank you so much!
  18. Hey buddy pal friend amigo - It's been a long while (years) since I've changed my Sig - because I love it so much! However, I'm as useful with technology as balls on a dildo. Would someone mind making me a new one? With my new job, I work with the deceased. But my love for foxes will never be vanquished! I'm simply requesting, if anyone is bored or has time, to mend a grimey-scary-lookin' Sig with a healthy mix of foxes and mortality. Colors, font, animation (if you want), all up to you. I would just like my username to be prominent in the Sig. Much love, and absolutely no rush. - Vix
  19. Hey, since i dont have a signature and the old one is too old now, I tried making my own signature but I'm no expert in doing that it looks hideous. The signature is about Insurgency, ET, Day of Infamy, like a merge of these three games Size: 600*150 (for FA forums) Color Combination: not a fan of this but I like light blue (not too bright, not too dark), white, and green/red Text: Carbonautics The Game Changer(in small text somewhere in any corner) Anything to avoid: not really much, you can go with your creativity since i have none
  20. Hey null, what do you think: Here the files:
  21. I am looking for a signature in the anime theme. Attached is a signature that I am currently using in a different forum. I have no idea what anime it is from (if it even is, could be fanart). Here is a link to a signature I also particularly like (Except of course, the fact that the character's name is on it). http://kagomefantasy.deviantart.com/art/Shin-Amnesia-Sign-487602449 And I also found this. http://orig15.deviantart.net/191b/f/2011/039/0/7/shinobu__oshino_by_geekzanac-d394l09.jpg Character ideas to include are Ararari Koyomi, Shinobu Oshino, Tsubasa Hanekawa, Hitagi Senjougahara or Tifa Lockhart. But by all means, if you know your manga and anime or have an excellent source for fanart, be creative. Try not to pick one of the more PG18+ renders out there. As the examples tell you, I'm not one for the overly playful renders. Target size: Width: < or = 400 ; Height = 150. Style: smudge/grunge or popout (Or a little of both!) Additional information: I'm into blue (cyan), but it may be difficult depending on character choice. Preferably (much like included examples) not too many mixing colours. My signature should evoke serenity, not enthusiasm . Last but not least, the names (either Forgotten or Flible) should be visible, but by no means attract the attention of viewers. A watermark, if you will. Additional info required or if the job is unrealistic, please do tell.
  22. Hi all! I'd like to change my avatar and have a new signature, I dont have a real request, I just wanna have something CRAZY!! I just want my nick (=F|A= DrJ0ke) in the signature, instead for the avatar do what you prefer Cheers, J0ke

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