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Found 209 results

  1. If you like to share your pics with us you can post them here.
  2. To be honest I'm really shocked that there isn't a super thread for desktop screenshots. So maybe I can start one? ;p Here I'll start! Not bad! What do you guys have!?
  3. I took my dog in picture two days ago, she is so beautiful that i feel like sharing her beauty If you have any good looking pets, i'd like to see them (if there is a topic of that kind already, i'm sorry ^^ i searched and haven't found it... )
  4. Any good pictures from christmas 2017? I'll start, here's what I got (just the lenses, already had the camera)
  5. Well all said, post your trees! i decided not to have a tree and went to lake to grab some wood =)
  6. This is the third of a series of composite photos I've been working on. This was taken in the Northern Cascade mountain range (North Cascades National Park). Not my best work, but I'm working without my digitizer tablet and have been running into graphics driver issues with the version of PS that's compatible with the plugins I use. Info regarding copyright and for full-size or custom size images for wallpapers:
  7. Hi guys Here's some pics from my vacation in south of Portugal. Cheers
  8. Rijeka. Hometown of Boom and Kepar! Split, home of Audrey!
  9. Busted ass off preparing for family and shit. Bought a new book case, so I had a bit of time to reorganize my collection of gamer stuff. I should say 'our' because there are a few communal items of the girls mixed in there. Entire collection of stuff: Console Station. PS 1/2/3 (ps4 not pictured) and the Wii U. N3DS still in its case, as well as the box for the Zelda themed 3DS XL. Rockin' a classic OOT posted in the back. On top I have my signed Copy of Penn Jillette's God No, and a collector's edition Nathan Drake statue still in its case. Ton of Ps 1/2/3/4 games. Part 2 in the next post.
  10. Hey guys!! I took a trip to Vietnam last week to meet someone special. Here are a few pictures from the trip. I had a blast and Vietnam was really awesome! I've been very fortunate to visit two countries this year. I stayed mostly in Saigon ( Ho Chi Minh City), but we took a trip to Da Nang and Hoi An for a few days and stayed by the beach. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an adventure. These first set of pictures is from Da Nang.
  11. Hello I need some of your help please guys and girls, my sis will marry soon, and she want to do something special to my brother in law, so, she decided to do a video, but she needs photos from some parts of the world with a romantic phrase, she get one from Argentina, but she needs more, I want to help her and I told her that I have a lot of friends for all the world. Could you please help me with a photo from your country and a romantic phrase in your language? Please. <3 Example: Thanks in advanced.
  12. Sources: http://www.buienradar.nl/ http://live.aljazeera.com/Event/Weather_4
  13. Sources: http://social.buienradar.nl/ http://live.aljazeera.com/event/weather_4
  14. Hello, I was wondering if someone could use their Photoshop magic and combine some pictures for me. Here is what I was hoping it would turn out to look like Here are the two pictures I'm working with... obviously the scaling is off and the hand placement isn't perfect. Is it still possible or do I need a different picture to line them up better? Thanks!!!
  15. Took almost 1000 pictures in 2 weeks, which is probably more pictures than I've taken in my entire life before that. Trip was incredible and definitely one of the best decisions I've made in my entire life. All pictures - http://imgur.com/a/5KDcV/all Some highlights -
  16. I have a ton of pictures. Trying to figure out the best way to upload them. Keep a lookout for the rest of them pokemon store! Tokyo Skytree in the background. This was on the way from the airport to tokyo 8 story electronic shop. had pretty much everything you need. sumida park received a bad fortune at a temple Senso-ji temple 5 story pagoda
  17. Went hiking with a couple of friends this weekend. Beautiful anza borrego state park Here some pics

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