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    Found 29 results

    1. Hi there, Does anyone know how to download Wolfenstein Enemy Territory for Mac OS X? Hope I'll get a quick answer of you guys, because I want to play as fast as I can! X
    2. Mac OS X is capable of providing robust security right out of the box; however, some of OS X’s best security features are disabled by default, requiring the user to set them up. This guide will walk you through configuration of the most important settings you need to make your Mac more secure. To access the Mac OS X security settings, click the “System Preferences†icon from the Mac OS X dock at the bottom of your screen. Choose the “Security†icon from the “Personal†settings area. Note: If any of the options is grayed out, click the padlock icon at the bottom of each settings page. Difficulty: Easy Time Required: 5-10 minutes Here's How: Require a Password on Login and for Screensaver Deactivation. These settings require a system password to be entered before use of the system or when returning from the screen saver or waking up from sleep mode. From the “General†tab, choose the following options: Check the box for “Require Password after Sleep or Screen Saver Begins†and choose “Immediately†from the drop down menu. Check the box for “Disable Automatic Login.†Check the box for “Use Secure Virtual Memory.†Enable FileVault Data Encryption. FileVault secures and encrypts the contents of the home folder so that no one other than the owner can access the data, even if the hard drive is removed and connected to another Mac or PC. From the “FileVault†tab, choose the following: Create a Master Password by clicking on the “Set Master Password†button under the FileVault menu tab. Enter the password you would like to use as your Master Password in the “Master Password†box and verify it in the "Verify box." Add a password hint in the “Hint†box. Click the “Turn File Vault On†button. Turn On the Mac OS X Firewall. The OS X firewall can selectively block inbound and outbound connections and allows the user to choose which connections are permitted or denied. The user can approve or deny connections on a temporary or permanent basis. From the “Firewall†tab of the Security Menu, choose the following: Click the “Start†button to turn the Firewall on. Tips: Optionally, you can choose to have OS X log out the current user after a set number of minutes of inactivity, disable location services, and disable the infrared remote sensor by checking the appropriate boxes in the "General" Tab. To make your Mac more difficult for Hackers to find, Check the box for “Enable stealth mode†in the Firewall tab. This option will prevent your Mac from responding to Ping requests from port scanning malware. To keep the Firewall from constantly asking if an application can access the the network, check the box for “Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections." To lock all security settings so that other users cannot change them, click the padlock icon at the bottom of each settings page. If you would like more details on how to configure these and other Mac OS X security features, you can view Apple’s In-depth OS X Security Configuration Guides available at its support site. Source
    3. Yes I am slow I know, but I am finally about to install Xfire. The only problem is that there doesn't seem to be an official release for mac (10.6). Does anybody of you knows a good alternative for it? There seem to be a lot of ways to integrate XFire into other chat programs, but I don't know which works best. Thanks for tips =)
    4. My version of COD4 was acquired from the Apple app store and is lacking several features. Notably, I can not view recordings. I have the ModWarfare window, but nothing shows up. The folders that are supposed to exist don't. Had a similar circumstance with screenshots, I could make them, but there wasn't anywhere for them to go. The screenshot issue was repairable in Terminal (for some reason Apple defaulted the user Library as hidden??? no clue what that was about) but there doesn't seem to be a work around for the Modwarfare issue. I can make recordings, I just can't view them. Anyone have a guess?
    5. As many of you know, last month we announced Logitech G, unveiling eight new products and our new approach to gaming accessories. The new lineup, which includes six redesigned mice and keyboard favorites and two new headsets, will be available for you to own later this month. Today, we are excited to share that Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) has been updated to support Mac OS for our full keyboard and mouse lineup. Now Mac gamers can enjoy the same great personalization and customized control our PC customers have come to reply on. You can download the latest version of LGS from the Logitech support page for each compatible product. Several of us on the gaming team switch back and forth between Mac and PC, so we’re thrilled to have this support on both platforms. We can’t wait for you to now have the option to experience your favorite Logitech gaming accessories on Mac. Compatible Products Include: Mice G100/G100s Optical Gaming Mouse G300 Gaming Mouse G400/G400s Optical Gaming Mouse G500/G500s Laser Gaming Mouse G600 MMO Gaming Mouse G700/G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse G9/G9x Laser Mouse MX518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse Keyboards G103 Gaming Keyboard G105 Gaming Keyboard G110 Gaming Keyboard G13 Advanced Gameboard G11 Gaming Keyboard G15 Gaming Keyboard (v1 and v2) G510/G510s Gaming Keyboard G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard G19/G19s Gaming Keyboard source download-link
    6. Origin for Mac: The Alpha Starts Today! Mac gamers rejoice: Origin for Mac will be launching soon, and starting today we’re offering you the opportunity to take it for a spin before the official release .This open alpha will only be available to a few thousand users in North America and the United Kingdom, so don’t wait—download your copy of our new Mac client (alpha build) today. With Origin for Mac we’ll be able to offer the same Origin experience and features that define our PC app — cloud storage, auto-patching, friends list, and more — to Mac users everywhere. We’re very excited about the upcoming launch of Origin for Mac and the opportunity to reach the millions of Mac-based gamers out there. We’re continuing to build Origin into a gaming service that truly lets you purchase and play anywhere, anytime. You may notice that the Origin Store tab is not yet live in this alpha trial; rest assured, the store will be live—with a great catalog of EA and partner titles—when we formally release the client. Additionally, we’re not yet able to provide the same one-click streaming live to Twitch in Origin for Mac (we’ll be adding this as soon as possible). Otherwise, the Mac client feels and behaves exactly like the PC version. Just like PC gamers, you'll be able to add non-Origin games to your library, use the Origin In Game overlay, chat with friends across platforms and games, and can continue your saved progress from any Origin-enabled Mac. In order to make sure you can get the most out of this alpha trial, we’ve added a free copy of PopCap’s smash hit puzzle game, Bookworm, to your My Games library. This game is yours to download and keep, on us. We hope you enjoy it. Finally, you’ll notice a Feedback button in your My Games library; it’s only there temporarily, but we hope you will use it to share your thoughts with us – after all, that’s what alpha access is for! If you have any further questions, check the FAQ or comment below. Your participation in this alpha trial is greatly appreciated, and your feedback will help ensure the best possible experience for all Mac gamers when we officially launch. If you have a Mac running OS X 10.6.8 or newer with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor or better, we hope you’ll download the alpha and start gaming today. We always love to hear your feedback, so if you would like to have a conversation about our Mac client, or about additional features and functionality you would like to see come to Origin in the future, leave us a comment below and we’ll do our best to get back to you. source
    7. I downloaded the silent mod when it downloaded it came as folder silent6.1 the contents were etmain folder and a silent folder put it here: library > application support > wolfentsein ET > when i try to connect this message appears BG.IndexForString: unkown token 'PPSH': (animations/scripts/human_base.script, line 22) this happens for all servers except Jaymods btw how do i run the pk3 cleaner? it is a windows app
    8. After having this confirmed by another person having trouble running ET, we deduced that not all download sites will work and will produce error messages when trying to run ET. This is the site that worked for both me and him: http://returntocastlewolfenstein.filefront.com/file/Enemy_Territory_Mac;44985 Remember to backup your etkey on a flash drive. This download will create two folders for WolfensteinET 1. Applications location (this is where you will run ET from) 2. Application Support location (this is where SS, Demos, Condumps will save) Transfer your old ETKey from your flash drive into the etmain folder in the WolfensteinET folder found in application support. Run ET and in the console (~) <--- that key that is below escape, type: /pb_cl_enable (hit enter) /pb_system 1 (hit enter) /pb_writecfg (hit enter) /reconnect (hit enter) /cl_guid (hit enter) <--- this should reveal your guid From this point you should be able to connect to severs However: To join silent servers you will need to download the mod manually and update it manually when updates are available: http://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/781-silent-mod-version-061/
    9. Does anyone know if a COD4 demo player exists for Mac? Opening ModWarfare is getting...arduous.
    10. Is this the reason I cannot connect to ETpub? Is it the same for NQ, Silent, and Hardcore? I ask because my computer crashed this morning. When I turn it back on a screen appears and I do not understand anything that it says. Now I am now forced to use mac to play until I can either take it to a computer repair shop or buy a new one. I prefer to buy a new that is better and more compatible to gaming.
    11. Good choice in computers, although not really the best for gaming. If you have any troubles with you mac, post them here. I'll help you out! I'll add more to this when i encounter more problems. Common Problems Incorrect ET version? Download ET 2.60c, the the 2.60d patches availiable from www.wolfmap.de Can't save your config as .cfg with text edit? Download TextWrangler, a freeware text/html editor. PB doesn't start. Getting kicked for PB INIT FAILURE, PB heartbeats stopped Download the PB client from www.evenbalance.com, and install it in the Mac HD/users/your username/library/application support/Wolfenstein ET Cannot play on EtPRo with the 2.60d patch? Easy. just download the 2.60b version, and don't patch it. ETPro hasn't been updated to allow the new patch. Make 2 separate installs, by changing the default install location of the new version. PB GUID AUTH UNKN This is a tough cookie. So far, the only surefire thing that works for me is to start ET, load the mod i want to play(jaymod/NQ/ETpro) and type the following: /pb_cdkeyreg /pb_Cdkeyver /pb_cdkeyverauto 1 /pb_writecfg The guid auth applies to windows/linux if your having the same problems too.
    12. I tried playing on the Silent mod server today for the first time, and ET crashes every single time. Has to be a Silent issue... I've no problems with any of the other FA ET servers. I'm running Snow Leopard. When I join a Silent server, I see files downloading, but the game crashes very quickly. I went looking for a Silent client to manually install, and I see a thank-you to a member that built a Mac client for the mod... but the download offered only seems to contain files for Windows and Linux ET clients. Am I missing something here? Is there a separate OS X client to download? And are any other Mac users having problems with the Silent mod? I'd appreciate any help with this, as I played the Silent server on Win 8 machine later, and it went beautifully. Really like to get this running on my Mac. Thanks in advance for any and all help!
    13. Hey, I've been a big fan of Snow Leopard and after using Lion, I didn't think it was worth buying, especially as Snow Leopard is compatible with older games and other software. But now i feel like upgrading my os. Should I upgrade to Lion? Should i not give in to the hype of Lion? or Should i wait for Mountain Lion (this summer)? help me out, please?
    14. I just looked at some of the reviews on the App Store and some of them said that they had installation problems. Did anyone else have the same problems?
    15. Just a short question, is it possible to make cinematics in cod4 on a Mac? ~ meds
    16. Hey forum, I have a tiny problem. I cannot log onto Vent due to "multiple IPs". Any advice?
    17. i am having trouble with finding the file after i recorded it ,,, !help
    18. Okay i have a 2 issues with my ET if anyone can help me out. 1. on sp_delivery and supply depot 2 and a few other maps i can literally see through walls, if this was a hack i would not flag it up, it's evidently a bug :/ here's what i see: it's really strange, like some times it flickers so i cant see through then suddenly i can see through. 2. So to resolve this situation i tried re downloading the map etc, but i literally have nothing in my Etmain, no mods, maps, etc... Help? Thanks here's a larger photo sorry: http://i181.photobucket.com/albums/x2/Xav51/Picture86.png
    19. Post here some good apps that you have downloaded that are really useful/fun/entertaining. Just put the name of the app, and reason why it's awesome! I'll start it off Cod4: . Awesome game. Obviously the best FPS on the app store. There are no other games like it Mac Pilot: For those of you that do not like settings. This lets you edit lots of different things on your mac Daisy disk, and iMemoryCleaner. Great for those of you that get clumped up hard drives, with little space. Daisy disk will show you what is taking up all of your memory. iMemory will get rid of annoying useless things in your memory. Uberstrike. 2nd best FPS game on the app store. Very colorful game with an interesting money system Virtual DJ Home: Very cool app that let's you mix music, and mess around with it. Touchgrind: Very fun skateboarding app that let's you use your fingers as your feet to control the board.
    20. Hey, I'm curious, I have a MacBook Pro, and CoD eats my battery up like crazy. Is there anything I can do to make it so that it will last longer? Thanks so very much! **Edit Jan 18** I meant while it's still attached to my main power source. It still eats up my battery...
    21. I bought my Call of Duty app from the App Store on my Mac, but it's like, not complete? I mean, I know how to make demos and CoD will tell me that it's recording, but I can't find those recordings after I've made them. It's really disconcerting, and I'm kind of worried because it does the same thing for screenshots and even if I use the command for a screenshot that came with the Mac, it doesn't exactly get the pic with the command like it usually does. (Failed explanation). Anyone have any idea of what I can do to get the demo/screenshot files from CoD?
    22. Hi people Currently I'm saving money for a new computer and made my choice that it will be an apple computer. However, I'm not sure what's smart. A new Mac or a macbook pro? I want to use it for games, designing (Photoshop) and developing apps for the Iphone, and I will keep my Dell XP computer. I have enough space for that on my desk. Perhaps you can tell me what's the best?
    23. Sounds like fun that will kill you, but probably isn't. The terminal is the portal to let you into the UNIX underpinnings of OS X. (If anyone ever tells you to type 'sudo rm' kill them and don't do it. this is like deleting system32) anywho, open the terminal (it's in the utilities folder!) close the window that opens and go file>new window>homebrew. (optional, but more fun that way) type telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl ????? profit!
    24. There must be something buggy going on with the profile page because no matter what i do to get a new pic up it doesn't work. i even created a gallery on here to use a web link to get my profile photo up and nothing. Everything gets rejected. I managed to re-upload the old prof image fine. FYI, i made my image 200 pix or under 2mg and nothing works else.
    25. i enabled cod 4 console and my fps are locked at 60 ish. I have 1 gig vid ram and 8 cores, what up? I entered the max fps and other commands and searched forums all over and even copied a config info file for my player profile in cod4 and that didnt work. Whats the secret to unlocking this stuff to run fast or am i screwed because i bought the game on the app store for mac? PM me if that is preferred. thanx! Bosman

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