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    Found 108 results

    1. Type: Walking Simulator / First Person Story Dev/Publisher: Galactic Cafe Steam price: $14.99 Lowest Price: $5.99 Bundled: Never Pros: Multiple Endings, British Humour Cons: Not very long, Walking sim lol (i.e Not much to do) Recommended?: For most? Not really. For those that love quirky oddballs, definitely. http://store.steampowered.com/app/221910/
    2. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Rating: 9.5/10 Game Type: RPG, Action, Adventure, FPS Price: $20 reg/ $5 on sale Summary: "Desmond and his allies retreat to the ruins of the Monteriggioni villa, and Desmond reenters the Animus to continue Ezio's memories, specifically to identify the location of the Apple. After facing against Rodrigo Borgia, Ezio returned to Monteriggioni, but the villa is soon attacked by forces under the command of Cesare Borgia, Rodrigo's son. Mario is killed and the Apple is stolen. Ezio vows revenge by helping to free the people of Rome from the Borgia family. As Ezio works covertly to turn the city against the Borgias, he gains followers that want to join his cause, and Ezio trains them in the way of the Assassins. In an attempt to assassinate Cesare and Rodrigo at the Castel Sant'Angelo, Ezio instead witnesses Cesare forcing his father to eat a poisoned apple that Rodrigo had prepared to kill his son. Ezio chases down Cesare and eventually captures him and recovers the Apple. Cesare is taken to prison in Viana, Spain but manages to escape with help of his allies. The Assassins lead the fight against Cesare and the remaining loyal Borgia troops, and eventually Ezio throws Cesare from the castle walls, killing him. With no perceived further threats, Ezio takes to hide the Apple under the Colosseum. In the present, Desmond is able to navigate through the underground chambers beneath the Colosseum to locate the Apple. As he picks it up, Desmond is witness to another hologram figure, calling herself Juno, and who controls Desmond to stab Lucy (because Lucy has defected to the Templars) before he falls into a coma. " Link Pros: - This was the first AC game that I played. The story line, characters and options are all great and outstanding. - The variety in weapons and methods of kill are phenomenal. - The graphics and 3d rendering are not 100% but for the second game in the franchise they stand out way better then most. - I like the option to save citizens and invite them to the Brotherhood. This allows for better combat, strategy and you can assign them to other posts and missions to gain money and xp. - The free world roaming was great, so after you complete the storyline you have the option to complete side objectives or go on a killing spree. - There was never a shortage of Borgia or missions. The missions weren't short like some games nor were they trivial. It requires the player to think about access and methods. Cons: - As you play Ezio through the Animus it can be quite touchy. So if you want to get to a specific mission to replay or look at stats, it's very hard to control the Animus and you spend a lot of time trying to select missions, stats etc. - The horse movement is very spotty. Sometimes it's hard to jump or hold still. When fighing Borgia on horses, they are too overpowered and can easily kill, whether you are on foot or on horse. - This was the first game in the Franchise that opened up a multiplayer option. Being as it was the first, I cannot beat on it too bad. However these were the things that they could improve: There was no autobalance in skill or players. You could be pitted against level 10 assasins. Although you were allowed the option to pick your character, there were guaranteed to be 20 or more characters the same. Either they were other players or bots, but this made it difficult to track anyone. I think there was only one game type, marked for death. I would have loved to see other game types or maybe campaign mp.
    3. Type: Action-adventure/platformer Dev/Publisher: Spicyhorse Games/ EA Steam price: $19.99 Lowest Price: $3.99 Bundled: Never Pros: Beautiful gfx, Amazing soundtrack, great controls, great story, tons of unlockables Cons: Framerate Drops, Texture distortion in cutscenes, sometimes monotonous platforming Recommended?: Yes!! http://store.steampowered.com/app/19680/ HOW TO UNCAP 30FPS: 1. Go to Documents/My Games/Alice Madness Returns/Config 2. Open aliceEngine.ini with Notepad or similar 3. Search for MaxSmoothedFramerate and change it to 60, or whatever FPS your heart desires. 4. Save and exit file.
    4. Type: FPS Puzzle Dev/Publisher: Toxic Games Steam price: $9.99 Lowest Price: $4.99 Bundled: Yes Recommended?: Yes. Currently in Bundlestars Scorched Bundle. Get it +13 more games for $3.99: http://www.bundlestars.com/all-bundles/scorched-bundle/
    5. Freedom Fighters Type of game: (FPS, Action, Adventure, MMO, MMORPG, etc.): FPS (First Person Shooter) Cost: (Average) I payed for it +-$20 two/three years ago on an impulsive shopping spree based on the title only. According to amazon, you can get it for around $15 (used) Short summary of the game: (source: http://www.gamespot.com/reviews/freedom-fighters-review/1900-6075492/) Pros: Great system of ordering an entire team. As the teams get bigger, the fights you engage with your team get better and more difficult. Nice story line, a bit predictable if you pay to close attention to it, but very enjoyable. The graphics are also nice for the time the game was made (around 2003). Cons: No blood showing & damage of environment: Although the graphics are nice, it would have been better if you could do some damage to the area. Except for some barrels and the mission based explosions(by placing charges), one can't damage anything else. There is no blood showing in the game when you shoot the enemy, again for a first person shooter (labelled 16+ ) this would be nice. AI: The enemy AI is sometimes predictable or illogical and not as good as the AI of your own team. Climbing on to something and putting the weapons away while you stand right there aiming at him. Re-playability: Once you have finished the game, there is nothing else you an do, except replay any mission you want with your maximum squad of 12 persons.And the game can be easily beaten in 12h or less if you play it a second time over again. Out of 10 points what would you give it? 6/10 Despite the many cons, the game is really enjoyable. If you find it somewhere for sale for a very low price (like $5), I would recommend it to buy it and to have it played, mainly for the team-leading-squad functions and the battles you encounter with your team. Still play it after some times has passed and things feel a bit unknown again.
    6. Halo: Combat Evolved Type: FPS, Adventure, Strategy Rating: 9 out 10 stars Cost: $20 from online retailer (may have gone down in cost) Released in 2001 by Bungie an Microsoft Game Studios, Halo: Combat Evolved or commonly known as Halo was the first game of the franchise. You begin the game as the Master Chief in the 26th century aboard a space ship with the sole mission, protect Earth from the Covenant. As you progress through the game, with help from Cortana, an AI, you discover secrets that were previously unknown, making your way through worlds and enemy hordes. Of greatest interest and what you are working towards is Halo, an artificial world shaped like a ring. Within lies the secret to the alien world, or the Covenant, and you must destroy them and Halo. Depending on the difficulty at which play the game, it becomes increasingly harder and harder as you fight your way to Halo. Aliens of all shapes and sizes will try to thwart you from reaching your goals, ranging from the comical and easy to kill Grunts to Elites with shields and invisibility. Whereas most FPS games allow you to use certain technology, primarily technology related to humans, Halo allows you to use alien and human technology and weapons. The story is rich with a variety of combatants and situations. There are multiple strategies and paths that a player can take to achieve the mission. None of this is laid out for the player, so in a sense this game is part adventure. Halo offers a multiplayer function as well. The option of local server, LAN and dedicated server are available. There are multiple varieties of game play ranging from the typical "kill-all" or team deathmatch to King of the Hill and Capture the Flag. The great thing about the multiplayer servers and maps is that they are all moddable and allow for a greater variety in game play with limits on weapons, vehicles and the ability to set up ports and bridges. Unfortunately there is no multiplayer campaign pitting say a group of Master Chiefs against aliens. I think that if they had included this in the game, it may have achieved a higher popularity. You can read more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halo:_Combat_Evolved Pros: - Great story line with lots of variety in strategy, adventure, combatants, weapons, vehicles etc. - 3D graphics which are always nice - Works on most operating systems and does not take up a lot of RAM - Multiplayer allows for large numbers to play (max I believe 64) - Through multiplayer and campaign, you can pick up temporary perks, like invisibility, speed and strength. Cons: - If you move onto a newer game, say COD, and try to go back to Halo, the movement and animation is much slower then say COD. So if you are looking for a lounge game, Halo would be best. - The increase in combatants and especially the Flood at the end, makes the game quite unbearable but possible. - You do not have the ability to use the light swords that the large invisible combatants, Elites, use. - The controls on a Banshee are a little hard to control and use. - The plasma guns are a bit op in game, but can be limited in power through multiplayer. Trailer:
    7. We realize that there are games within this world that are worthy of praise and those that are not worthy of being called a game. This section is designed for you to tell us why a game should/should not be in our collection. If the game is old, new, short, long we don't mind. Just provide us with a review that is honest, helpful and engaging. It is understandable that you may have spent your hard earned money on a game and thought it was vile and some greater power bestowed torture upon you. We as know that some lucky folk get games that are golden and full of awesomeness. And in this grandeur luster or everlasting horror you may feel the need to write one line of "This game is awesome!" or "Why was this even made?" These sentences are fine, IF you follow them up with something useful to our readers. Although you may/may not like a game, there are others that may not agree with you. Therefore please, please, please make sure that the reviews you post are constructive, thorough and helpful. Anyone can post a review, but if there is already a review for a game, please include your review under that thread. That way people don't have to search around for multiple reviews. Let's keep this section neat and easy to follow. Below is a short guideline of what should be included in a review. You are welcome to add more if you'd like. Name of the Game: Type of game: (FPS, Action, Adventure, MMO, MMORPG, etc.) Cost: (Average) Available Platforms (i.e. Xbox, PS, PC etc.) Ease of Installation (Was it easy? Straightforward? Do they offer it in native language?) Short summary of the game: (Basically could pull off the game site.) Pros: Cons: Out of 10 points what would you give it? You are more than welcome to include videos or screenshots of the game and those from your own game-play would be awesome! Please add tags to your title with the name of the game and type of game for search functions. I plan to edit this some more. If you have comments let me know via pm, so that we can just have one neat guideline for reviews. Thank you in advance to those who have suggestions.
    8. Yo. Going back to recording again and wanted to do a review/impressions series. I have 100's of steam games I haven't played and this will give me a way to try them out while providing feedback for new and potential customers. I'll post them in this subforum until, hopefully, we can get a review section. Antichamber Steam: $19.99 Bundled Before?: Twice Lowest Price: 2.99 @ humble store Average Sale Price: $4.99 during steam sales Totally recommended.
    9. To keep it short, I am worried about this game uncertain future, game tracker's server list shows that only 3 -5 servers have from 10 to 20 players regularly and the rest are pretty much have less than 5 people or empty. Things are not just the way they where before. It's hard for new players to get into this game, the fact they have to research the Internet just to realize they need an ETkey in order to play it's one reason that people don't bother even trying. So yeah, what if this game could be downloaded from steam? Would this give a boost to the community? or what if this could follow quake live footsteps (Wolf : Live, ET Live , etc.) Closest thing we have is the new wolfenstein game coming out. I hope I am wrong on this though.
    10. Hey guys! I tried looking around for a post about how everyone either got or made up their gamer tags. I didn't find anything, I did a brief search going back to 2009 so I hope I didn't miss it lol (if I did, I'm really sorry about the re-post but please link it here so I can follow up with everyone). I'll go first: Gamer tag: BlaZe Game: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare I got it from Ace Combat 5, a PS2 game back in the day . The whole series was easily one of my favorite set of games (plus, planes are awesome). The main character has the callsign Blaze and I pretty much used it since I've been playing COD4 online. A lot of people think its used with the drug connotation, but I just really liked Ace Combat 5 in particular and the character. So, whether you grabbed it from somewhere else or made up your own, I'd like to know how you got yours. It shows how creative people can be or some of the things they really like. Looking forward to getting to know all of you BlaZe
    11. Game Details: First See Trailer Video Here (Because a picture is worth thousand words and a video thousand pictures) Download Links for Android: Freemium Game Pro Game Amazon Store Download Links for Windows Phone: Full Game
    12. Game Details: First See Trailer Video Here (Because a picture is worth thousand words and a video thousand pictures) Download Links for Android: Freemium Game Pro Game Amazon Store Download Links for Windows Phone: Full Game
    13. Battlefield 4 Arriving for PC and Next-Gen Consoles on 23rd October 2013 A employees at an internal conference have leaked the details of Battlefield 4, it isn’t known who credible they are but if true than the next installment in the Battlefield franchise might actually be that big of a deal. Launching on October 2013 after its Beta sometime in mid-2013 (for MOH: Warfighter players), the game would be available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 but also arrive for Next-Gen consoles such as the PS4 and new Xbox. Frostbite 2.0 – The Engine Powering Battlefield 4 The PC players and Next-Gen consoles would be able to enjoy the beauty of Frostbite 2.0 at 60 FPS along with 64 player multiplayer mode which would not be available on the PS3 and Xbox 360 which would be running at 30 FPS average with lower details. It is also said that Battlefield 4 would be the one of the very first games to be made available for the next gen consoles. If there’s any truth about this statement than the launch of those consoles cannot be far away. PC players would get to taste new and improved dynamic lightning and tessellation along with 80% utilization of Frostbite 2.0 engine in Battlefield 4 compared to 30% in Battlefield 3. Battlefield 4 – Return of Commander system Gameplay details show that Commander system would make a return, making a single player of the squad the commanding officer of the unit who can redirect players according to his will. Both body and voice control options would be made available to the commanding officer. In addition to that, Female soldiers can also be deployed to the battlefield in addition to the male soldiers. There would be three playable factions in the game, Russia;China and USA although single player campaign would be based on a modern setting with the USA faction against Russia and China. The game would allow internal support for video playback and sharing of the files alongwith several improvements to the EA’s battlelog system such as linking profiles to tablets and mobile devices, auto login, support for cloud saves and better stats reporting on battlelog. Internet would be needed all the time to fully access these features along with multiplayer. There would be a individual store to buy DLC known as the “Gem store”. These leaked details may hold no legitimacy but they indeed sound real good for DICE’s Battlefield 4. If things are as good as mentioned than we got a real deal breaking FPS for 2013. source
    14. from the press release http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-9ul6ydMnc&list=UUYCEK7i8Uq-XtFtWolofxFg&index=2&feature=plcp
    15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tenpLSKU-9U&feature=player_embedded This is a retail game that is based off the original slender game. It is in Beta atm and can be purchased half off ($5). Once it goes on sale it will be $10. I had $5 on a gift card so I went ahead and bought it I haven't played it yet though. http://www.slenderarrival.com/
    16. CJ Games Global announced today start of the open beta test for its new free to play first person shooter (FPS), District 187: Sin Streets. The open beta version includes three new maps and four new weapons. Set at the end of the 21st century, after the collapse of the world economy, District 187: Sin Streets features cut -throat, urbanized warfare in player vs. player (PvP) focused game play, matching vigilante SWAT members against ruthless gang members. source http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Oq-aGa8gQU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhcRFxusxNs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fig1Zw6-lcM&feature=relmfu for more info and download
    17. from the press release http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6cjXDmL5LU&feature=autoplay&list=UUYCEK7i8Uq-XtFtWolofxFg&playnext=1
    18. Free-to-Play is Coming on November 15th Today we are excited to announce that the global launch date of the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Free-to-Play option will be November 15, 2012. This release will be simultaneous across all of the territories and countries The Old Republic™ is available. If you’re a paying Subscriber at the launch of the Free-to-Play option on November 15th, you will be granted all of the Complimentary Cartel Coins currently listed on your Cartel Coin Ledger page, plus a one-time grant of 250 Complimentary Cartel Coins! Additionally, we are extending the Rewards Program! All former subscribers who reactivate their subscription by the new date of December 20, 2012 at 11:59pm CST will be granted Complimentary Cartel Coins for their prior paid months up to November 15, 2012. For more information on all of the rewards you could potentially receive, visit StarWarsTheOldRepublic.com/FREE many more infos in our RPG and MMORPG forum
    19. Some links for looking -> http://release.blackmesasource.com/# and dl -> http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/zvo61/black_mesa_torrent_file_with_updated_trackers/ Masa_1964
    20. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn - Part 1 Live-action Web Series http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfJVgXBfSH8&list=PL549EB9DBB2FF8C24&index=1&feature=plcp
    21. from the press release http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ui3Cn7Lsf0&list=UUYCEK7i8Uq-XtFtWolofxFg&index=6&feature=plcp
    22. from the press release RAMBO THE VIDEO GAME will be a fixed-perspective, first-person shooter & action game allowing players to fill the combat boots of John Rambo on a violent journey through iconic action sequences from the original three legendary Rambo movies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQgdidHXk04&list=UUYCEK7i8Uq-XtFtWolofxFg&index=2&feature=plcp

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