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    Found 178 results

    1. Paintz zkilzz.. deal with it.. Ladies and "Gentlemans" This saturday we have a nice Game/Fun night to play ETpro in our servers according to this poll and thread: http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/70260-etpro-game-night-8d/ So get ready to have a great night of fun in our server: Server: /connect scrimeuro.clan-fa.com:27980 Paintz zkilzz.. deal with it.. Time: 6 PM GTM +1 11 am west coast USA 2 pm east coast USA 7pm U.K 8 pm, Germany, Nethelrands, Poland 9 pm, Finland, Greece Also join us on Teamspeak: Server Name: =F|A= Clan Teamspeak Server IP: ts.clan-fa.com:4666 CYA THIS SATURDAY!! P.S: Can someone move this to make an announcemet?
    2. Hey Jaymod 1 Recruiting server got new home, and it is moved to new server, so if you lost your lvls contact lvl 17+ (recruiting team member+) in server to set you up, if you lost your xp also that can not be restored, because in Jaymod mode there is no !give back xp commands as we have in Silent servers. We apologize that peoples lost they xp and if you was raising your xp to apply we ofcourse accept old xp pictures to show that you have played in our servers and there no need to be 40k xp then. As i say we are sorry that peoples lost they lvls and xp, but sometime server need new home and we always try to make decisions what help our clan and our players and servers in long run. Our goal is make everyone enjoy in our servers! So have fun and enjoy great atmosphere with great players and settings in Jay1 Recruiting server!
    3. The 18th of april. In 1946 it's when the international court of justice holds its inaugural meeting. For gamers all over the world however, it will go down in history as the day when when international Fun Radars were experiencing serious math errors, causing them to explode. Yes, dear reader, our next ET gameday is coming! We will be celebrating spring, because Europeans grabbed power within the event staff and decided to bully the Springless Event: =F|A= Spring Frag Feast Wars: panzerwar, sniperwar, riflewar, gravity adjustment and of course normal fights. Date and time: noon, Saturday 18th of April until 7.00 A.M., Sunday 19th of April (GMT) Server Name: F|A NODOWNLOAD XPSAFE FOREVER | FUN #1 Server IP: fun1.clan-fa.com Teamspeak Server Name: =F|A= Clan TeamSpeak Server IP: ts.clan-fa.com:4666 Join us in blowing tanks, popping heads and riflenading Redbaird. Did you know spring was a synonym to recoil? Your Flourishing Flowers: Kat0n D..X RedBaird Platonic War Von Rantala Xernicus Reverze DJ Dougl@s D!rk L3fty Masa_1964 Supervisors: Maximo Decimo AnniB@l Nani Tipsy Special thanks to D!rk for the poster!
    4. We have been running ETPro public server since a while. Looks like many aren't aware of it and hence creating announcement for it. As usual cheating is not allowed. Don't think since it has no PB you will be allowed to cheat. You have been warned. Any suggestions are welcome! Server IP: sw2.clan-fa.com:27970
    5. Jaymod #1 server would be back in action. Sorry for the down time. Please camp the server and make it popular again. Thank you
    6. Valentine After Party Yes, yes, yes. Ladies and gentlemen, we can finally announce the next Gameday! After almost two months of diet who can deny our need for another party? The event staff is happy to announce the =F|A= Valentine After Party. Event: =F|A= Valentine After Party Wars: panzerwar, sniperwar and of course normal fights. Crazygravity available. Date: 21-22nd February 2015 Time: 12.00 to at least 7.00 (12PM-7AM) London time zone (GMT +0) Server Name: F|A #2 XPSAVE FOREVER Server IP: jay2.clan-fa.com Teamspeak: Server Name: =F|A= Clan TeamSpeak Server IP: ts.clan-fa.com:4666 In the name of love, join us in blowing tanks, popping heads and knifing noobs. Because Cupido also wields a bow. Your Cupido’s Kat0n Jhonny/Shinobi D..X RedBaird Platonic War Von Rantala Xernicus Reverze DJ Dougl@s D!rk L3fty Masa_1964 Supervisors Maximo Decimo AnniB@l Nani Tipsy
    7. I have update Fun #1 ET server for our Birthday Bash and Halloween. Give it a try and enjoy the Euro silent mod server! Fearless Assassins Enemy Territory Servers. Any suggestions more then welcome!
    8. We have updated our ETPRO servers based on the feedback received. Here is the final updates on this: 1. NJ, USA Location Server IP: sw2.clan-fa.com:27970 Public stopwatch server. 2. GE, Euro Location Server IP: sw1.clan-fa.com:27970 Public objective server. Stopwatch public config can be also voted. 3. GE, Euro location Server IP: scrimeuro.clan-fa.com:27980 Private scrim server for scrims. Server will get locked once anyone with valid level will do !password sdadsa command and then they can share the password with the team. Once scrim is done password will be auto removed so other players can use it. Command is not yet implemented but we will get it going soon. Scrim server is open for any clan players. Ask your friends to drop me a PM and I would set up there admin level so they can lock the server while scrimming. Server work is still under progress for this server so any suggestions are welcome. As usual it goes without saying "Cheating on any of our ETPRO Servers will earn long time bans on our all servers".
    9. Jay1 map rotation is updated. Jay2 settings are changed and we will be working on new map rotation for jay2 in next week. Jay2 current vsays will be removed from tonight and we might replace it with new ones. silEnT Recruiting XP save issue should be resolved for all. If anyone is still facing issue post it here. All the issues reported on tracker for silEnT mod servers and Jaymod are fixed. Let the new suggestions and ideas flow!
    10. Holidays are coming, and we all know that's the time for feasts and family gatherings. It is also the time of snowmen in the north and hot Christmas parties in Rio. We decided that should be supplemented by a grand frag feast! This month's Gameday will feature -Panzerwar -Sniperwar -Other wars -Crazygravity -Many other fun settings such as speed Event: =F|A=Fearless Christmas Frag Feast Date: 20th-21st December 2014 Time: 12.00 (noon) to at least 7.00 (12PM-7AM) London time zone (GMT +0) Server Name: F|A #2 NoQuarter XPSAVE Server IP: nq2.clan-fa.com:27960 Teamspeak: Server Name: =F|A= Clan TeamSpeak Server IP: ts.clan-fa.com:4666 Don't forget to bring your happiness to the server and don't leave your Christmas colors at home! Your santas: AnG3L Kat0n B0RR*4CHO Jhonny/Shinobi D..X RedBaird Platonic War Von Rantala Xernicus Reverze DJ Special guest host Dougl@s Supervisors: Maximo Decimo AnniB@l Nani Tipsy Special thanks to Mr. Karizmatic for making this month's poster!
    11. We all know Halloween, trick-or-treat and grab some candy, pumpkins scary little kids.. This year we celebrate Halloween even more special, together with the amazing 6th b-day of our FA-community! We decided for this special occasion we host an =F|A= HALLOWEEN BIRTHDAY BASH like you've never seen before. This is what awaits u in the horror of Fun 1? - Halloween maps - Crazy gravity - panzer-, rifle- and sniperwars Event: =F|A= HALLOWEEN BIRTHDAY BASH Date: 25-26th October 2014 Time: Time: 12.00 (noon) to at least 7.00 (12PM-7AM) London time zone (GMT +0) Server Name: F|A NODOWNLOAD XPSAVE FOREVER | FUN #1 Server IP: fun1.clan-fa.com:27960 Teamspeak: Server Name: =F|A= Clan TeamSpeak Server IP: ts.clan-fa.com:4666 To make things short, an all-round day of fun and horror at Fun 1. Don't miss it, or no candy for you! Zombies: AnG3L Kat0n BORR*ACHO Jhonny/Shinobi D..X RedBaird Platonic War Von Rantala Xernicus Reverze DJ Supervisors: Maximo Decimo nani* Ann!b@l
    12. Fearless Assassins have added new Euro ETPRO server so that our euro regulars can play with low ping on etpro server. 1. It's objective cycle map rotation. Server is for the players who like to play ETPRO with default spawn cycles. 2. You can also vote for your own maps. To join our server do \connect sw1.clan-fa.com:27970 in console. Current Map list: 1. et_ufo_final 2. tc base 3. sw oasis 4. sw goldrush te 5. sw battery 6. reactory final 7. pirates 8. missiles 9. library 10. karsiah tw2 11. et ice 12. et beach 13. erdenberg b3 14. special delivery te 15. bremen 16. supply 17. adlernest 18. frostbite 19. braundurf 20. te vallhalla More maps would be added on request. Any suggestions are more then welcome. Note: Cheating on ETPRO servers would result in min 180 days and some cheats would result in permanent ban. So think 2x before cheating.
    13. Due to high demand of stop watch style server, we have decided to start one. It's going to be based on silent mod. Server settings: 1. FF On. 2. Stopwatch Gametype 3. No XP Storage. 4. Auto kick for 15 mins for 20% team damage.(Will be tweaked based on feedback) Server settings will be tweaked based on feedback received from regulars and members. Server IP: sw.clan-fa.com:27970 From main menu you can use ETPro #1 button to connect to server.
    14. It's time of the year and we are changing private slot passwords for each servers. So if you can't connect with private slot password which you have purchased please create support ticket. Note: Please do not use contact US or Report on tracker. Create support ticket. Click Me. If you haven't purchase private slot password you can always purchase it from here. http://fearless-assassins.com/store/category/6-private-slot/ With private slot passwords one slot on server will be always reserved for you, no matter what. This way you will never server full message. Thank you.
    15. Server is up and running! Sorry for the trouble! I thought gameservers.com staff would had fixed it after I made the ticket but as usual due to their incompetence we have to suffer longer down time. It's all good to go. That being said it's been a while we changed maps on that one. What new maps you guys would like to see on it? sw_oasis_b3 supplydepot2 flame-guards et_mor2_night_final goldrush-gals bremen_final venice_ne4 mlb_temple fueldump bba0-beta2 trmfght_beta2 nightmare am_hydro_dam
    16. For Europeans, September is the month of taking off bikini’s and swimsuits and starting to turn over your closet in search of your favorite sweater. For Russians, 6. September is when Leningrad finally became Saint Petersburg again. For Allies, 6. September is the day when Ypres finally came back into their hands. Not for us! In =F|A=, September is the time for yet another wonderful game-day where panzerwars, sniperwars and crazygravity are only the pretext for an all-round day full of joy and whether or not colorful names. Feel free to come and steal some apples from our paradise! Your hosts for this month DJ aka GDR DJ, Ang3l, Antichrist, Kat0n, BORR*ACHO, Quovadis, Jhnonny/Shinobi, D..X, Redbaird, Platonic War and Von Rantala. Under supervision of Maximo Decimo, Nani* and Ann!b@l Special thanks to Mr.Karizmatic for providing this month’s poster and to Chameleon for help
    17. July 2013 - Map rotation for Fearless Assassins Enemy Territory =F|A= NoQuarter #1 XPS gaming server. Server IP: nq1.clan-fa.com:27960 How to connect Enemy Territory Gaming server?: Type in console \connect nq1.clan-fa.com:27960 We strongly recommend to run our pk3 cleaner once every month. Please feel free to suggest new maps in this topic for next rotation! The more you guys will suggest the more we will add it! Classified under day3 rotation.
    18. 1. NQ 3 - Updates ## New maps added +Pirates (Waypoint and maps added) +2tanks_171 +mlb temple +mlb daybreak +password +UJE ## Setlevel for level 17 added. 2. NQ 1, NQ 2 - Updates ## Setlevel for level 17 added. ## All issues reported on bug tracker fixed. If you find any issues please report on tracker.
    19. This holiday season, if you wanna have a good time, come and immerse yourself in a fun bath where you can enjoy various summer activities, such as crazygravity, sniperwars, panzerwars,... Everyone is welcome to our party! Do not forget to bring your swimsuit and a beach towel, the rest is in our care Waiters: DJ AnG3L Antichrist Kat0n BORR*ACHO Quovadis Jhonny/Shinobi D..X RedBaird Platonic War Von Rantala Supervisors: Maximo Decimo nani* Ann!b@l Teamspeak: Server Name: =F|A= Clan TeamSpeak Server IP: ts.clan-fa.com:4666
    20. Event: Fearless Assassins Summer Game day at 21 - 22 June at Jay2 xp save Date: 21 - 22 June 2014 Time: 12:00 (noon) to at least 07:00 (12PM-7AM) London time zone (GMT +0) which means 19 hours of gaming ! Server Name: Jaymod 2 XPSAVE FOREVER Server IP: jay2.clan-fa.com:27960 Come and enjoy a fun and crazy day with us, playing crazygravity, panzerwar, sniperwar. It will be a memorable day! Do not forget invite your friends. We will be giving away 2 open beta cd keys for the new dirty bomb game for the most panzer war and most sniper war kills for the day you will need to submit a ss with total kills for each war and prizes will be awarded Monday after game day so get those ss in and win a cool prize good luck to all and have fun The FA Event Team DJ Antichrist Kat0n von Rantala Borr*acho Quovadis Jhonny/Shinobi D..X RedBaird Under the leadership of Yoyo, Jayc, Maximo, Ann!b@al and Nani* big thanks to dani for her banner for junes game day
    21. I have done mass XP reset to resolve the issue related to the XP not getting stored. Please ask for your levels and XP to recruiting team, staff, co leader or leaders. They will be able to give your XP and level back from tonight or tomorrow onwards once I set them up again. We will try to recover everyone's XP but if that doesn't work out good then please contact admins to have it back. Sorry for the trouble.
    22. We have updated our NQ mod based servers. http://et.splatterladder.eu/?mod=serverinfo&idx=709317 http://et.splatterladder.eu/?mod=serverinfo&idx=755995 http://et.splatterladder.eu/?mod=serverinfo&idx=713493 Please register your alias on SL and the server to your favorites. NQ1 has more then 30 maps now. NQ2 will be having fun settings soon... - Yes server settings will change. NQ3 will remain server settings but some settings will be tweaked! We are recruiting new admins for all our NQ mod servers. Enjoy!
    23. The spring is already here and nothing can be better than participate in the battle where everything is possible: jump above the sky, fly over a tower, run faster than the wind or move slower than a turtle... and prepare to defend your territory along with 64 more players! Event: Fearless Assassins Spring Gameday at 3 - 4 May at Fun1 Date: 3 - 4 May 2014 Time: 12:00 (noon) to at least 07:00 (12PM-7AM) London time zone (GMT +0) which means 19 hours of gaming ! Server Name: Fun1 (F|A Nodownload Xpsave Forever) Server IP: fun1.clan-fa.com:27960 Come and enjoy a funny crazy day with us, playing crazygravity, panzerwar, sniperwar and a lot more. It will be a memorable day! Do not forget invite your friends. The FA co-hosts DJ Antichrist Kat0n von Rantala Borr*acho Quovadis Jhonny/Shinobi D..X RedBaird Under the leadership of Jayc, yoyo and Maximo. See ya on the battlefield !"
    24. Just saw a note from gameservers.com. Server will be back up once they have resolve the issues. We can't do much here except waiting for the fix from gameservers.com. Till then visit Jay2 Regards
    25. Hi to all forummembers. Gameday on Jay2 just started. Everybody is more than welcome to join us. Feel free to bring your friends along and have a wonderful time with us. Your hosts for this day will be: Jhonny/Shinobi Antichrist Von Rantala D..X Redbaird Katon Borr*Acho DJ Fre*dom/Kouklos Gravedigger Its been really good so far: So to all FA Members and regulars, I would like you to come to Jay2 and join us on this crazy day Feel free to post your SS of your gameday here. Teamspeak Server IP: ts.clan-fa.com:4666

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    We are glad you decided to stop by our website and servers. At Fearless Assassins Gaming Community (=F|A=) we strive to bring you the best gaming experience possible. With helpful admins, custom maps and good server regulars your gaming experience should be grand! We love to have fun by playing online games especially W:ET, Call of Duty Series, Counter Strike: Series, Minecraft, Insurgency, DOI, Sandstorm, RUST, Team Fortress Series & Battlefield Series and if you like to do same then join us! Here, you can make worldwide friends while enjoying the game. Anyone from any race and country speaking any language can join our Discord and gaming servers. We have clan members from US, Canada, Europe, Sri Lanka, India, Japan, Australia, Brazil, UK, Austria, Poland, Finland, Turkey, Russia, Finland, Germany and many other countries. It doesn't matter how much good you are in the game or how much good English you speak. We believe in making new friends from all over the world. If you want to have fun and want to make new friends join up our gaming servers and our VoIP servers any day and at any time. At =F|A= we are all players first and then admins when someone needs our help or support on server.

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