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Found 733 results

  1. Before we used to have map rotation topics per maps but over the year most of the new players and regular new players don't follow it. So i am creating new topic and pinning it so that I just need to follow topic and post updates in the one topic itself. Current Jay2 rotation: sw_oasis_b3, 0, 64, haunted_mansion, 30, 54, italyfp2, 0, 40, supplydepot2, 0, 64, sp_delivery_te, 0, 40, pirates, 12, 40, et_mor2_night_final, 18, 64, goldrush-gals, 0, 64, am_hydro_dam, 34, 64, sos_secret_weapon, 0, 32, bba0-beta2, 40, 64, venice_ne4, 0, 64, caen2, 0, 32, mlb_temple, 30, 50, teuthonia_final, 0, 40, karsiah_te2, 8, 32, subway, 32, 64, cortex_who, 12, 32, etdo6, 24, 64, tankbuster, 24, 40, reactor_final, 24, 36, password2, 26, 28, etdo1, 24, 64, frostbite, 0, 40, et_beach, 0, 40, bremen_final, 0, 40, braundorf_final, 0, 34, adlernest, 0, 40, baserace, 20, 36, UJE_00, 24, 64, mml_minastirith_fp3, 36, 60, tc_base, 0, 32, cathedral_final, 0, 34, capuzzo, 6, 64,
  2. BOTs exist for several reasons. To keep the server from being empty, to keep teams even when less players are on, to keep the map flow going and to give players something to shoot and defend against, aka practice. SO, is there any particular reason why they have poison needles? Is that really necessary? It's not like players need to practice defending against poison needles, because no one ever USES poison needles, so it's not like they're a real part of game play. Instead, BOTs using poison needles only aggravates players who are trying to play the game. I don't understand why they get heavy weapons. Panzer, flame, M97, etc. WE get that there re times there are going to be BOTs on the servers, but do they need to be more annoying than they already are?
  3. Beginners #1 map rotation - Server IP: b1.clan-fa.com:27960 This one map rotation changes dynamically based on player count server. sw_oasis_b3, 0, 64, supplydepot2, 0, 64, sp_delivery_te, 0, 46, pirates, 0, 40, et_mor2_night_final, 8, 64, goldrush-gals, 0, 64, venice_ne4, 12, 64, caen2, 0, 32, mlb_temple, 30, 46, teuthonia_final, 0, 40, eagles_2ways_b3, 32, 46, bba0-beta2, 30, 64, subway, 24, 64, etdo6, 16, 64, fueldump_uvf, 18, 40, tankbuster, 24, 40, italyfp2, 12, 46, frostbite, 0, 50, et_beach, 0, 64, bremen_final, 0, 40, braundorf_final, 0, 36, adlernest, 0, 50, etdo1, 16, 64, frost_final, 4, 24, mml_minastirith_fp3, 40, 64, baserace, 20, 44, UJE_00, 20, 64, dubrovnik_final, 12, 32, Karsiah_te2, 0, 34, transmitter, 12, 36, am_hydro_dam, 32, 64, battery, 0, 24, tc_base, 0, 34, axislab_final, 6, 32,
  4. I have a thought. DD, could you create a new command !donate where will information about donations and VIP accounts be displayed? I just wanted to encourage someone to donate and I just wrote !donate...
  5. Current NQ #1 map rotation. Yeah Flamer Gaurd is on caen2, 0, 40, mlb_temple, 24, 40, bba0-beta2, 30, 64, etdo6, 24, 64, warbell, 20, 40, fueldump_uvf, 18, 30, tankbuster, 20, 40, sos_secret_weapon, 12, 32, password2, 18, 40, falcon2, 12, 30, italyfp2, 12, 24, frostbite, 0, 45, et_beach, 0, 45, bremen_final, 0, 45, braundorf_final, 0, 34, beerrun_b7a, 0, 32, adlernest, 0, 40, mlb_daybreak, 16, 22, etdo1, 24, 64, baserace, 16, 30, teuthonia_final, 0, 64, cathedral_final, 14, 50, pirates, 18, 45, etdo6, 16, 64, capuzzo, 14, 45, tc_base, 6, 45, flame-guards, 4, 26,
  6. Guten Abend, There are, for some time lot of requests for "fresh" Maps. For this reason, i created a list........ as, some long-standing players do not visit your forum! In Out 1. Baserace night Railgun 2. Warbell Capuzzo 3. Navarone Password 4. Monte Cassino Paris Pastille 5. Marakesh V2 6. Minas Beach invasion the most frequently mentioned, in order. Thanks for your attention
  7. Hey, when you connect to HC or Silent1 server there's still an information about TS3 server in the "message of the day" area. I'm not sure about the other servers, I haven't checked them all. Why don't you change it to something like: Join us on Discord! or Visit our Discord server! or Talk with us on Discord! etc etc Hope you consider this, thanks.
  8. Could the default medic level be set to 5 like the others skills? It's pretty frustrating for newcomers to join the server and then die instantly to all of the rambo medics we have here and not be able to fight back without farming 200XP to get to level 4. If this isn't feasible could the level requirement be lowered? The requirements for level 5 for every other skill seems to be 25XP.
  9. Since NQ1 gets all the attention I would like to share some add-ons for ET that may suit NQ2 Fun playstyle. Most are Visual Add-Ons, that shall make no impact in gameplay, but others change some stuff or add new things, make sure you check them all. Hope they make into server, check them out and add whichever u like. Realistic Weapons Mod: https://www.gamefront.com/games/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/file/realistic-weapon-mod-1 Pliers Mod: https://www.gamefront.com/games/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/file/pliers-mod Syringe Mod: https://www.gamefront.com/games/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/file/syringe-mod Flamethrower Mod: https://www.gamefront.com/games/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/file/flamethrower-mod-1 Gibbable: https://www.gamefront.com/games/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/file/gibbable Comic Bomb: https://www.gamefront.com/games/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/file/comic-bomb Gun Pack: https://www.gamefront.com/games/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/file/gun-pack-for-e-t Telescope (Binoculars Mod): https://www.gamefront.com/games/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/file/telescope Sunglasses: https://www.gamefront.com/games/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/file/sunglasses Pizza Medpacks: https://www.gamefront.com/games/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/file/pizza-meds Voice Chat Icons Add-Ons: https://www.gamefront.com/games/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/file/pizza-meds Chicken Grenades Mod: https://www.gamefront.com/games/wolfenstein-enemy-territory/file/rays-chicken-grenades
  10. Hi everyone, i came with some suggestions of new changes for noq2 server. These are listed below: - replace maps: MML Minas Tirith, Subway final*, MLB Temple. All of these maps are boring. - new maps: Convoy Final, The Town, Fueldump Christmas, and some maps with snow that all is winter season and Christmas is coming soon.. - enable map voting back If one or more maps have not waypoints for bots then replace with other maps.
  11. Before we used to have map rotation topics per maps but over the year most of the new players and regular new players don't follow it. So i am creating new topic and pinning it so that I just need to follow topic and post updates in the one topic itself. Format - You can suggest multiple add / remove map - but always suggest 1 map removal. Server doesn't have infinite map option so we can't just keep adding. Add Map -> Map name + URL to download the map - if not in our download section, upload and share URL. Remove map -> Map name Current Jay1 rotation: sw_oasis_b3, 0, 64, supplydepot2, 0, 64, et_mor2_night_final, 16, 64, goldrush-gals, 0, 64, caen2, 0, 36, mlb_temple, 26, 44, bba0-beta2, 24, 64, venice_ne4, 16, 64, etdo6, 18, 64, sp_delivery_te, 0, 38, pirates, 0, 40, haunted_mansion, 12, 45, frostbite, 0, 44, capuzzo, 20, 52, et_beach, 0, 45, warbell, 20, 50, bremen_final, 0, 36, adlernest, 0, 34, mlb_daybreak, 20, 36, etdo1, 18, 64, baserace, 20, 26, braundorf_final, 0, 34, castleattack_b5, 30, 64, fueldump, 24, 64, mml_minastirith_fp3, 30, 64, teuthonia_final, 14, 44, beerrun_b7a, 12, 30, battery, 12, 32, saberpeak_final, 12, 40, flame-guards, 18, 64, railgun, 16, 26, sp_delivery_te, 0, 36, tc_base, 0, 32,
  12. I suggestion there is no topic for hardcore server. Start suggesting ones in this map going forward. Format: Remove: map A Add: map B So to add new map you have to suggest which existing maps need to be replaced. Without that I will ignore the request.
  13. Everyone who is interest can participate: give the names of the worse maps in the silent 1 rotation screen and i will try to change it for the previous suggested ones. Do not bother to think the most common maps will be out of the votation and we already know it: sd2, frost, oasis, etc, etc. Players love those maps and no matter what, they vote for it over and over and over...so do i.
  14. After hearing of many ppl complaining about adrenaline shots, I've decided to make this topic. Enabled adrenaline shot completely changed server gameplay, now it's all about extra stamina. If I remember correctly, the update was supposed to be without any big differences compared to the old version, but adrenaline turned this server into something completely different. And the fact that taking ammo-pack gives you another shot makes it unlimited, red eyes everywhere all the time. Shutting it off will bring back good old NQ1.
  15. Map voting once seemed like an awesome feature of silEnT mod to me, but the past year of playing on Hardcore has made me rethink it. There are two main problems: 1.) People vote the same ~10 maps over and over again. This is a very common complaint on hardcore, and the main problem that switching to a rotation would address. You can say it's because people enjoy those 10 maps most, and that's true -- but there are definitely more than 10 maps that these players would enjoy, even if that's to a lesser extent. 2.) When there are a low number of players on the server, maps that most players don't want to play are voted. In a given map, half the players don't vote, a quarter vote for the lesser of several evils, and a quarter vote for the map they want. With small numbers of players, this leads to maps that only one or two players actually want to play, such as =F|A= Base or Millennium Falcon. If created properly, a rotation could solve both of these issues while creating minimal new problems. A sample rotation could be: The main problem I can foresee is that some of these maps aren't suitable when the server is full or when the server is nearly empty. However, in my experience this is largely not something players think about when voting anyway. There are many times with 4-5 players online that oasis is voted and many times with 28 players online that delivery is voted. Does anyone have an opinion on whether this is a good idea, or potentially other ideas that could address the same issue?
  16. For balancing sake I think it would be a good idea to remove the possibility for axis to spawn at the forward spawn (the little room with the bunk beds). This would allow allies a much easier way to keep control of the CP area to give them even the slightest room to work with. I don't believe the map will do a 180 and become too easy for allies at all either, it would be a great edit for the map.
  17. I think for radar it would be cool if axis get a slightly longer spawn time. Maybe roughly 21s-24s would be good (regularly its 18 for those who aren't familiar). This would allow allies to have more time to establish control around the main/west area before axis spawn with reinforcements. I know from recent edits that you like shortening allied spawn time over lengthening axis' but don't get me wrong. I do not think shortening allied spawn time would solve anything at all, the problem really comes from the axis spawn time in this case. At first sight this doesn't fix the issue on CP that I mentioned but it would also allow allies to have more highway control which will ultimately lead to garage campers to be wary of more than 1 side.
  18. how about a hide and seek server? axis hide, allies seek! for the ones who dont know: allies seek the axis players and try to kill them. Axis need to hide. Allies only got colt, axis got only knife. maps are open, mostly played: supply and adlernest hns version what you all think about it?
  19. Hey can we change some maps on NQ1 and put some news? Maybe I see a lot of map with -140 votes like a Oil Cabinets. Maybe maps like a on Hardcore server would be fine. Thanks a lot !
  20. Hi guys here's few killer maps would love to play on servers : TC Base By ALIENZ THE House http://et.trackbase.net/index.php?mod=mapinfo&midx=153 MLB Temple http://et.trackbase.net/map/23/ V2 Base http://et.trackbase.net/map/41/
  21. You guys are running the old supplydepot2.pk3 which is buggy and has an invisible wall in the hallway to the crane controls (huge left wall after you exit the stairwell and you'll see what I mean) There's a gazillion ftp servers you can download the updated supply.pk3 which does not have this glitch (and also typically gives better fps) PS why do I need to prefix with "ET Server Suggestion" if it's in the ET Surver Suggestion forum already?
  22. This thing have to be removed from the map There was this guy doing that humiliation spam for like 10 minutes straight. It got so annoying that people started to leave the server. Demo: https://www.mediafire.com/file/nm5d1j0c8bx8ve4/praetoria.dm_84/file
  23. Hello dear friends :] I see that our F|A Servers are the most famous Servers and the ppl like to Play there! Nice Maps, nice staff, active community! The ETPro Scene is dead, and many of my old Friends use to Play etpro on HBC or Hirntot.. they dont like the admins there and the Server config (Spawntimes etc.) https://et.trackbase.net/server/46455/ https://et.trackbase.net/server/43401/ that are current the only one 2 active etpro servers.. So is it possible to recreate an ETPro Public Server to Keep the ETPro Scene active? For all ETPro Players, users from www.Crossfire.nu and other communities.. we Need a good public Server or even two when its gettin full.. like the old CYBERGAMES Public Servers.. As I am from the Scene, I can help you with the Server config (Spawntimes, classes, weapons, Maps..) and would like to lead the Server ingame.. watchout for cheaters etc. I will publish our Server then on crossfire.nu and other etpro community sites. I can see that you have already an ETPro Server but I would Change it a bit.. the Settings and the colours https://et.trackbase.net/server/44319/ So you dont Need to host a new Server, just Change your inactive etpro Server a bit and we would make ET great again and support the etpro community Would be nice if its possible..
  24. It would be cool to have friendly fire in a NQ server to make it more fun. what do you think?
  25. so i dont really care what you do about it just want to point out an issue. et isnt fun to play (for most people) its fun for the socializers the guys and gals that hop onto the server with a bunch of friendly people they know who they may or may not be chatting to on discord. Yes even i too have fun when theres people i know on. the hardcore solo nerds who can overlook the fact that 3/4 deaths are unfair and unavoidable result from spam keep playing on. Doesnt matter what weapon your using, even if you're using panzer it affects you too. but eventually those nerds will quit out of frustration, and only the socializers will be left, eventually they too will gain other hobbies or move on as other important matters take place in their lives. ive tried making 6 friends of mine play et, and all of them could almost instantly recognize the game wasnt enjoyable and quit. now if your in the social group above you are having fun. but i urge you, try cg_teamchatsonly 1 or join a crowded fa server where none of your friends play, and just try playing the game as a new player would experience it and see if its enjoyable. the unluck involved in spam not only affects people going for score, but also the objective play of the game. anyway what im just saying is et is slowly bleeding out its playerbase ofc part of that has to do with the core design of the game (not going to explain it all), but reducing the spam would make it somewhat more playable for both the hardcore and new player catagories.. Chrisy's later post makes it clear that she does mean the weapons-spam : https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/100380-just-a-note-on-spam/?do=findComment&comment=834486 and that she does enjoy the chat-spam.

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