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Found 126 results

  1. Hey All, I was just wondering how often the map rotation for Beginners gets changed. Although I really enjoy playing the current rotation, it would be nice to add some variety. I think that Vacant could be swapped out for a more open (less choke-point oriented) map (ex: Ambush, Overgrown). Just a thought. Respectfully, -nadionnepj
  2. In order to resolve lag issues since last couple of weeks we have changed our COD4 server IP's. Your admin levels are also moved to new server. Servers are open and ready for enjoyment! New IP's of our COD4 server are: 1. F|A NO MARTY ABNERDOG's DOGHOUSE - FEARLESS ASSASSINS 2. NO MARTY RECRUITING NO LAG - FEARLESS ASSASSINS 3. F|A BEGINNERS 24/7 - FEARLESS ASSASSINS Please add above new IP's/server to your favorite. Feel free to spread the word about our new server IP's to regular and players you know on xfire and steam. It took couple of days to set up the new machine and migrate our data from old machine to new one and hence the delay. If you notice any issues please let us know! Old server's will be closed on our next billing cycle with the host. If you like our servers, please don't forget to donate us. You can easily donate through our forums front page using credit card or debit card or paypal. Even though game is of 20$, servers cost us more then 350$/month. Special thanks to those who have donated. New server IP's for ET: Jay2 and silent recruiting will be posted soon! Regards, Daredevil
  3. Hi guys, So i was recently kicked of the FA server on COD4, because of the manual update for the PB (punkbuster) files. Aspyr (COD4) are aware that many Mac users are having problems since Version 2.301 of the PB Client for COD4 that was released for auto-update on Monday. Unfortunately for those users, a manual update will be required. To manually update, Mac users should close COD4 if it is open and then download mc002301.mac. (follow this link to download : http://support.aspyr.com/attachments/token/kywrqijib8rsdqc/?name=mc002301.mac) Then move this file to : User/Library/Application Support/Call of Duty 4/pb/dll. (For OSX Lion users, to find the folder, just press cmd+shift+G to bring up a search window in Finder and type in '~/library' to access this directory and of course copy and paste this file into Application Support/Call of Duty 4/pb/dll.) P.S.: Do not delete the other file in the folder. Normally after this, Punkbuster will not kick any of you if you join any of PB-protected servers. Let me know if it has worked for any of you guys having this issue. Diablox9. (xfire: diab10x9)
  4. What are some of the mods that FA has and can some one give me some links to download them or iPs THankyou all.
  5. So far this week I have seen 2 server problems it crashed once today and earlier in the week it reset a map and game during a game. Just thought I would start this thread so people can post when things like this happen and we can iron out the kinks
  6. Hey, I'm trying to get some of the golden guns in Cod4. I have the gold desert eagle but how long did it take to get all the others?
  7. Here are a few suggested solutions to fix this error. Depending on your system configuration, you may choose one of the following methods to repair the error. Before doing any of this SAVE YOUR PLAYER PROFILE FIRST. Method 1: Uninstall and Reinstall the Game Iw3mp.exe error may occur if there is some problem with the files belonging to the game. To fix this, uninstall and then reinstall the game. To ensure effective removal, you may use a program uninstaller tool. Method 2: Resolve Issues with Soundcard Driver Iw3mp.exe error is known to occur due to problems with sound card drivers. One method that is known to resolve the issue is to uninstall the sound card drivers for realtek and other similar cards and install the default driver on the PC. You may use the following method to uninstall sound card: Open Start menu, select Run, type sysdm.cpl and then press Enter to display the System Properties dialog box. On the Hardware tab, Device Manager. In the Device Manager window, expand Sound, video, and game controllers. Right-click the sound card driver and then select Uninstall. After uninstalling, it is recommended that you use a good registry tool to clean your registry and remove any left behind entries. After removing the sound card, install the default sound card drivers on your PC. When you do this,note the make and model of your sound card. You may need this information later on. Method 3: Install Required Updates You may need to update the following: Install Call of Duty 4, patch 1.5. Before installing, ensure that you already have patch 1.4 installed, otherwise you may encounter problems. If you are running the game on a secondary partition, you may have to download the latest BIOS updates from your motherboard manufacturer and follow the other applicable solutions posted. On Windows Vista Dell computer with Sigmatel onboard sound cards, you may be able to resolve the error by installing latest Windows Vista update and updating the Dell drivers. Method 4: Use Headphones When the Game is Running You may do one of the following: · Change default audio device to headphones and then play the game. Plug in a microphone or headphones into the microphone/headphone jack to play the game. Method 5: Enable Stereo Mix if you have Realtek sound card drivers on Windows Vista computer. Open Control Panel. Select Hardware and Sound. Select Sound and then display the Recording tab in the Sound dialog box. Right-click in the window and select the Show Disabled Devices option. Enable Stereo Mix. Click OK and exit. Method 6: Rename the Mssmp3.asi File Locate mssmp3.asi, by default, located in the C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\miles\ folder. Rename mssmp3.asi to mssmp3.bak
  8. Just a guide to let u know how to play better and more importantly:feel better First off: Make yourself comfortable. If you have had a stressed day, relax a bit before moving to play COD4, at times It can be stressful. Things to look out for: Claymores: look for f***ing claymores before charging into a building. Especially the ones people snipe from on maps like Strike and Crossfire. Window cleaners: Many people stick to windows on crowed city maps, so before you bolt around the place like a hyperactive kid, check the windows. Choppers: Now, If you're new to the game, you should take cover when choppers arrive mowing down your friends. If you've got the hang of it, you can start to shoot the choppers, It does more damage then you think. One of the most useful perks to take down choppers are the RPG x2. Only problem is that when you are shooting at the chopper, you acknowledge your position to the enemy because of the huge ass smoke trail. A downside of this also is that you leave yourself open to ground attacks while aiming at the chopper. Airstrikes: If they fly over you on your radar, run for cover (something overhead like a house or bench works well), If they fly past your position on the radar, chances are you are not likely to get hit. Gillie Suits:. As stupid as it sounds, these actually work ingame. Snipers or machine gunners prone in long grass and start racking up kills. Theres really nothing to counter this, just watch where you are going. Ladders:When climbing a ladder, be careful. You become easy targets for people running on the ground. Also watch for claymores that are usually placed on the tip of ladders. Friendly Fire!: If you're playing gamemodes with friendly fire, and you see a message come up saying "Friendly airstrike on your position!" It means you better really run your ass off. Knife: When someone is trying to knife you, line them up and try knife them or shoot him. Best thing to do Is crouch and spin around to spray the guy. But when u really want to knife ur opponent, just run into him and crouch, just befor he comes near u. In my experience, it helps because ur an difficult target when ur on the ground. Things that you should do Sniping: When sniping, its best to find a place where you can get a good view of the map, but still not sitting out in the open. Usually it feels better to know you are safe from any people coming to knife/shoot you. If you are new to sniping, follow a experience sniper around for a small bit, just to see how the pro's do it. If you have the Claymore perk, put them in doorways and such, but make sure they red lines aren't standing out. Flashing or Stunning: If you think or know there are enemy's in a room, flash or stun it or throw a nade in it. If you have no flashes, stuns or nades and are on low health, your best bet is to start shooting the wall. Weapon Swap!: If you are fighting someone face to face, and you both have missed with your primary weapon, to reload it. Whip your pistol out and finish him, its quicker then reloading. If you both are still standing, take cover and reload. When to knife, when to fire: Heres a scene, you've just walked into a room, 2 people with there backs to you, one with a machine gun, the other a sniper rifle. Now, knifing them both would be difficult without alerting the other, so you should rather shoot them both, or knife on shoot the other. Headshots !: In COD4, I'm not sure why it takes 2 headshots to kill people. Its usually best to aim around the body or neck for more damage. Automatic weapons should be used more towards the chest then neck. Unlike pistols that should try be aimed higher on the chest. Nades!: When on maps like Shipment and Wetworks, It's always a good Idea to lob a nade in the air for a kill. It works on these small maps, and sometimes on Ambush only when lobbing it over the road. Take Cover?: In COD4, cover seems a little useless when you and your enemy know where each other are. Since bullets can go through walls and objects, its hard to tell what Is a good place to take cover. When having a 1 on 1 with no friends around, you can rather try your best to kill the person, or bolt towards a place your team has controlled well. Hold it..: Before you lob a grenade, hold it for about 1 1/2 secs and throw it. This makes it so when the grenade lands it has no or very little time to blow. C4: For me, I only really use C4 to blow up cars on streets. Throw some C4 on a car and go find a place to sit and watch the place. Place the C4 on the front and end of the car so which ever way the enemy enters he can't escape when you blow it. Silenser: To become mostly invisible in COD4, use silences on your weapons. It reduces the range but prevents you from showing up on the enemy radar. Theres also a perk for perk slot 2 that the UAV recon wont be able to detect you. Down low: When sniping from a building, crouch or prone. Better yet do this when sniping anywhere. In maps like Crossfire, which is basically one of the best sniper maps in the game, other people are also looking to blow your face all over the wall. Flash or Stun: When entering a room in maps like Bog or Bloc, throw a flash grenade at the doors frame. It bounces back into the room and anyone in there gets flashed, then charge in. Mounted Guns: In maps like Strike and Downpour, there are mounted machine guns. They are extremely powerful against other players, but I wouldn't recommend staying on them for long, for the reason that other players will scope you out after a few kills. Also these are great if you can get hits in on helicopters. Bullet penetration!: When you are in windows and are mowing or sniping people down, after a while or in a instant people will shoot at you. In this case, if you are in a building shooting out a window, GO PRONE and crawl backwards. Most people probably think you're Last Stand perk as kicked in or you have simply crouched. Bolt Sniper: If you love sniping and want to stay good at it, don't use the M14 sniperifle. Even though it shoots more rounds and is faster then the first bolt-action sniperifle you start with in COD4, Its also has slightly more recoil and is weaker. Sound? I'm really not sure why I have to bring this up, but people don't have their sound high enough for COD4. Having sound in COD4 is critical to playing good. It enables you to ear silenced weapons and footsteps better. Tips: I'm quite surprised about this, when you play though COD4 SP, a saying comes up when you die. 1/10 of them are quite useful. The one about "Tracers work both ways" Is true, and the fact that a grenades lethal detention range is further then your jump In COD4. Recon: If you get an airstrike and have plenty of time in the round and aren't losing or winning much, wait for someone else to call in a UAV Recon then airstrike to get better accuracy. .50 Machine Gun: This isn't really a beginners pointer, but anyhow I find it cool. If you take a .50 cal sniper rifle and slap a ACOG scope onto it, then add Sleight Of hand, Steady aim and Bandoleer you pretty much have a .50 cal machine gun. Claymore 4: If you have a class that you use often that has the C4 perk, here is a good tactic for you. If you know that a building is full of snipers, chances are that they've laid claymores at doorways. You can shoot or throw a C4 just infront of the doorframe, switch to your primary or secondary weapon, use the explosive short cut and charge in.\ Trickster: This doesn't really work well for me, but It does for some people. Basicly what you do, Is that shoot an unsilenced weapon somewhere wheere there are alot of enemy's. What this does is make you appear on their radar. Now If they are stupid and aren't tactical, they'll charge to your position. Make an advantage of this by tricking them. You can do this by running away completely or lieing on the floor and gunning down them as they rush in. Power that stops: As a sniper, the best bolt action sniper in the game is the M40A3. If you add stopping power to it, It is a 1 hit kill to the chest or head except to Juggernaut's. Down the scope: When sniping, pick up targets quick and fire, If you see a sniper, chances are he sees you. It's out the window!: When camping in a building and are right up against a window, your weapon will probably sticks out the window. Move back a slight step so people don't wall you. Playing dead: When shooting from a position where an enemy could rack up and kill you, prone on top of a dead body. If you're lucky, It deceives them for a few seconds before they understand. Sniper Ghillie suit Similar to playing dead, If you have a ghillie suit and theres a dead ghilled player around you, move and prone over him. This way It might make other snipers hesitate. Just as well this roof is strong: Don't airstrike buildings with roofs. Its pointless unless someone Is on the roof. Buildings with holes in them will work though. DUDE MY CAR!: Before using or shooting behind a car, shoot or blow it up with something. Makes It less likely that some douche will do It for you. Smoke: If you're sniping and someone puts a smoke screen in your firing line to everyone, instead of waiting it out, turn around and cover your flank. Return to sniping when the smoke has disappeared. Claymores: It is possible to run past claymores, just sprint past them. Quick reflexes: This is for when you get higher in the ranks, but when you get the perk Overkill, choose to have something like a Skorpian or Uzi. You don't want something that takes long to reload, but can put a few rounds down range quickly. Rather that or swap a gun for your pistol. Hot damn: Feel proud when you shoot some poor lads brains all over the walls. That's the satisfaction of headshots. Suicide style: Simple. Just run into someone with your nade in your hand, pin pulled. The aim is to style as close as you can to them. If they kill you, you'll drop the nade and they'll drop their life. HIT THE DIRT!: I'm actually suprised this worked, but when getting airstrike in a building or under a cover'd area, go prone. It actually protects you from SOME damage.
  9. So, you want to back up or move your saved player data to a new PC running Windows 7 64bit? Here's a quick tutorial showing where to find your player data, and how to re-install on a new PC. To backup or find your player data: Step 1: Open Windows Explorer, and select your C: drive. Step 2: Click on the "Program Files(x86)" folder. Step 3: Click on the "Activision" folder. Step 4: Click on your "Call of Duty - Modern Warfare" folder. Step 5: This is the key to finding your players data. You need to click on the "Compatibility Files" button, right under the address bar in Explorer. Step 6: After clicking on the "Compatibility Files" button, your folder contents should change. You should now be able to see your "players" folder. Open this folder. It should look like this: Step 7: Now you should see a "profiles" folder. Step 8: You are now at the profiles level. You should be able to see your profile name here. Keep in mind that your profile name is whatever you first created it as, and not neccessarily what your "in game name" is. This is the folder you want to backup. You can create a copy of this entire folder and place it somewhere else for safe keeping. Keep in mind that the backup will only contain what you have saved to date (i.e. unlocked weapons, rank, etc.). Your backup copy WILL NOT be updated, so you may want to backup on a normal basis. For Re-Installs on a Windows 7 64bit PC: 1. Follow above instructions to create a backup of your player data on the "old" PC. 2. Do a fresh install of the game on the new PC. IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to re-install your saved player data on the new PC, you MUST use the same CD Key! If you use a different copy of the game your player data WILL NOT WORK. 3. After install is complete, you'll need to play a game of multiplayer to create the multiplayer files. IMPORTANT: When you create your multiplayer account on the new PC, make sure you use the same account name as your previous account. Example: If in Step 8 above your profile name was "player1", you'll want to use "player1" for your account name on the new PC. 4. After playing a round on multiplayer, close COD4. Now find the player data as explained above and replace the newly created player profile with your backup copy from your old PC, and you should be all set! Restart COD4 and your profile should be in place! *Alternate Location for Player Data*: There is an alternate place to find your player data. Some PC's have it, others don't (Don't ask me why). Anyway the location is here: C:/Users/YOUR USER ACCOUNT NAME/AppData/Local/Virtual Store/Program Files(x86)/Activision/Call of Duty - Modern Warfare/players/profiles If the first method I posted won't work for you, give this a shot. Please note that you may have to enable viewing of hidden files/folders to see all of the folders. Enjoy!
  10. Hey Gang, So my COD4 on my mac has been giving me some issues over the last week so I am going to be un-instaling, than reinstalling it. I need to know what files I need to save, I really don't want to start from the beginning again. I am on a Mac (macbook air). I have looked on the internet and can seem to find the information that I need. If someone could please help me out it would be much appreciated. Thanks, Ken
  11. Converted my buddy from a console player to a pc player, and this is so far what has come from it (these are all his clips). I am also by no means a good editor but I tried, and since everything but the 2 hardcore clips are from =F|A= servers, I thought I should put it here for you guys to see. If you watch around the 50 second mark you can see me getting some kills as well. Hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful day! And since the embed of the video isn't showing on preview post, here is a link to it in case I've nubbed something up : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sONFnFW63uM Also a vimeo link if you want to watch in original quality 1080p : http://vimeo.com/39614969
  12. If You read this - You are invited to have an amazing weekend with your favourite game and bunch of amazing people from =F|A= Feeling down? have no life on the weekends? then come join us in a killing feast to end all killing feasts! Start This weekend 10 pm CET and 3pm CST Server ip : patch 1.7 Use Vent - 16 maps : 75% TDM 12.5%SAB 12.5%DOM Rotation : set g_gametype "war" set sv_mapRotation "gametype war map mp_convoy gametype war map mp_vacant gametype sab map mp_backlot gametype war map mp_strike gametype war map mp_broadcast gametype war map mp_pipeline gametype war map mp_carentan gametype dom map mp_overgrown gametype war map mp_crossfire gametype war map mp_crash gametype war map mp_citystreets gametype war map mp_creek gametype dom map mp_broadcast gametype sab map mp_crossfire gametype war map mp_countdown gametype war map mp_overgrown" Let us know , if u can show up - rsvp to calendar http://fearless-assa...nd-17-hardcore/ BE THERE OR BE CURSED
  13. HOW TO MAKE BINDS Text binds are a useful way to convey commonly used messages to the server at a touch of a button. They are fortunately very simple to make and will not require you to manually edit anything in your config. First step is simple just open your console in game by pressing ~ as this is where all the magic happens. To make this process easier to understand I have included the below screenshot. Notice I have color coded each individual part of the command. So lets begin by simply studying the below parts. The bind entry reads /bind j say Enjoy making your binds. If I input this command in the console from then on if I am playing and press the j key it would make me say Enjoy making your binds to the server. The / lets the console know you are issuing a command. bind All binds must start with /bind this is the console command that makes it happen. j This is the key I want to bind. Most keys may be used and I will cover the usable keys more later in the tutorial. say This is tells the bind what to do with the information that comes next. More on this later. Enjoy making your binds. This is the part of the bind that other people will see you say. Starting to see how this works? I will give a few more simple examples below so you can get the idea. /bind o say =F|A= is now recruiting. If interested let me know. would make you say =F|A= is now recruiting. If interested let me know. when o is pressed. /bind k say Enemy fire left flank. would make you say Enemy fire left flank. when you pressed k. Time to introduce 2 new concepts to this. What if I have a button I no longer want bound to a text because I keep accidently hitting it or no longer like it. If I had a command bound to the h key and I wanted to get rid of the bind I could just use the console command /unbind h to delete the bind for the h key. What if I wanted a bind that only my team would see? Simple, instead of using say use say_team. An example of this is /bind v say_team Watch our left flank! then as you may have guessed if we are playing and I wanted to say Watch our left flank I would simply press v. WHAT KEYS CAN BE BOUND? All the letters and numbers can be bound simply by using them in the bind command as done above. All the F1-F12 keys can be bound. I will give an example /bind F3 say I like cookies and dirt! would make you say I like cookies and dirt! when you pressed F3. This is also a spam sort of bind. I encourage you not to bind this sort of thing. Other keys that can be bound are [ ] ; ' , . / - = basically any symbol that can be typed without the use of the Shift key. There are a few more that require whole words or alternate spellings I will list them below. ins = Insert key home = Home key pgdn = Page Down key pgup = Page Up key end = End key Del = Delete key An example is /bind pgdn say_team Well Done will cause me to tell my team Well Done when I press the Page Down key. Most of the buttons on the keypad can be used as well. They will work the same whether you have Num Lock on or not. kp_end = Keypad 1 kp_downarrow = Keypad 2 kp_pgdn = Keypad 3 kp_leftarrow = Keypad 4 kp_5 = Keypad 5 kp_rightarrow = Keypad 6 kp_home = Keypad 7 kp_uparrow = Keypad 8 kp_pgup = Keypad 9 kp_ins = Keypad 0 kp_del = Keypad delete kp_enter = keypad enter kp_plus = Keypad + kp_minus = keypad - kp_slash = kepad / An example is /bind kp_pgdn say I can make binds would make you say I can make binds when 3 on the keypad is pressed. Also bind keys are not case sensitive /bind Del will work just as well as /bind del. And finally we come to the part that everyone has been waiting for. Say it with me....... HOW DO I USE THOSE EYE CATCHING SEXY COLORS? Colors are simple, all you have to do is type ^ followed by a number 0-9. An example is this /bind kp_plus say_team ^6I am ^2now ^1a bind ^5addict. will make you tell your team I am now a bind addict. I will not post all the colors ^# as I think you will remember the colors better after playing with them yourself. Just remember only use ^# to color what you want to say. If you use colors as part of the command your bind will not work, for instance a bind starting with ^6/bind say or /bind ^6say will not work but /bind say ^6 will. It is important to note that once a color is given everything that comes after it will have that color until another color is selected. BASIC BIND ETIQUETTE -Do not bind useless spam to binds. -If you have humor based binds use them rarely and change them now and then as even the funniest bind seen to many times too fast or too many times overall becomes irritating. -If you are using recruiting binds do not use them too often as over use will make people feel sick everytime time they see =F|A=. Also if multiple people are using recruiting binds take turns there should never -be more than around 3 recruiting binds used per map tp keep them from getting irritating. I also suggest not using them every map or people will start ignoring them. -If you use binds often to recruit, for the love of all things bacon, do not use the same one over and over and over..... Branch out show your creativity and make several so it does not get tiring for ppl to see. -If you are the sort of person who places binds in places where they are constantly accidentally pressed then please do not use binds. -Never under any circumstances use a =F|A= recruiting bind in a non =F|A= server. -If using multiple colors in your bind do not do this. As you can see it gets very tiring very fast make whole words or groups of words the same color. See isn't that easier to read? That about covers everything you need to know to start enjoying binds. If you see anything that should be added or have any questions feel free to post them. Now go out there and give rules and recruit in style. Any questions or comments here is the link for the support topic for this tutorial. http://fearless-assa...512#entry131512
  14. Hello all this is just a few simple things that I have spent the last couple days searching the internet for information on, compiled what I've found and am taking no credit for any of them, just trying to get the bases of really great effects all into one place! As they seem to go hand in hand sometimes So, we're going to go over how to get a green screen effect in game for keying out later in sony vegas or after effects, how to record only your players gun as a wireframe, and changing the colormaps for textures ingame for a neat effect, where you take these effects is up to you, and I've seen some amazing things come of them! You might want to look on youtube for a mini-movie called "2d" by a guy named JayDesigns to see these effects in action. I'm going to assume you know how to record demos and capture screenshots with cl_avidemo and render through something like virtualdub, also that you know how to add things into your config_mp.cfg , and that you should record anything other than original demos with a seperate account from the one you play on, if you need help just hit me up on here (contact info in profile) or check the other tuts here on =F|A= ! Alright, lets get going! Green Screening: To get a very simple ingame greenscreen you can either bind these commands or put them one by one into the console 1. /r_zfar 0.000001 2. /r_znear 10000 3. /r_clear 3 4. /r_clearcolor 0 1 0 0 The bind for this would be - bind F5 "r_zfar 0.000001; r_znear 10000; r_clear 3; r_clearcolor 0 1 0 0" Now to bring it back to normal from the green screen: 1. /r_zfar 0 2. /r_znear 4 3. /r_clear 3 4. /r_clearcolor 0 0 0 0 The bind for this would be - bind F6 "r_zfar 0; r_znear 4; r_clear 3; r_clearcolor 0 0 0 0" You can also add your movie cfg while green screening! Now on to wireframe only your gun. This is going to require a free program called "3d Ripper DX" , google it if you need it, it's developed by a site called deep-shadows, make sure you get it from there! One thing you will want to do is turn off the 2d graphics when using 3d Ripper, a simple bind for this is - bind F3 "cg_draw2d 0" - to turn off 2d - bind F4 "cg_draw2d 1" - to turn 2d back on Settings for 3d Ripper: To get only the gun showing in 3d ripper you want to follow these steps 1. Load demo and hit the key you bound for turning on the green screen effect. 2. Now hit the key you bound for turning off 2d graphics 3. Hit the key that you set for "Wireframe Mode" on 3d Ripper 4. Record! Now onto changing in-game colormaps. You can change it to all grey, black or white, with the colormaps set to black its hard to see anything other than the sky, so I will just show you grey and white. Grey: White: To do this effect during a demo you need to have either ran your demo through cod4 player or made sure you "devmap" a map before you start your demo while in the mod "ModWarfare". Now you can also add these to binds, but i will put them here if you want to just enter them into the console! 1. In console put - /r_colormap (number 0-3) - for the desired effect 1a. 0 is black, 1 is unchanged, 2 is white, 3 is gray. The binds I use for these are: bind F9 "r_colormap 3" bind F10 "r_colormap 4" bind F11 "r_colormap 2" I think there is a way you can have some objects on the map not changed, ex. they are still the normal maps of the object, but I can't figure out how to do it or find a tut for it. Remember putting all these effect together require a couple different recording sessions of the same clip, and overlaying and masking out parts of the other clips, a helpful thing for this is "cg_drawgun 0" when trying to have only your gun wireframed. You can overlay the wireframe gun clip over the original "cg_drawgun 0" clip with a movie cfg for a really cool effect sometimes seen in CS frag movies. You'll also want to look into keylight, chroma key, or color key in After Effect to remove the wireframe gun from the grey background, just play around with the settings until you get the desired removal of background color. To change the color of the wireframe you can use CC Toner in AE. Also remember if you have any problems or questions contact info is in my profile, you can also reply here I think, or you can check the other great tuts here on =F|A= !
  15. 72 downloads

    Best updater works real good Just run the exe file
  16. What is you favorite gun for call of duty modern warfare? My personal favorite is the Mp5.
  17. Many new members on forum dont know how or where to find guid in cod4 game . Anwser is very simple : Open console in game using tidle - ~ or Apple Mac keyboard : Type !me You will see your full 32 digits Guid Write down last 8 digits and add it to your profile : Go to Your profile , in the upper right corner click on edit my profile : Go lower on that page and u will see Guid area , type there your guid ( like on pic ) . click Save and Voilà From now on , you guid will be visible in your profile. Hope that will help you. Cheers =F|A= Baska
  18. I havent seen the server up lately, did it switch to bf3 ? Going for my copy today !
  19. I haven't played CoD4 in about 2-3 months, well i think i may be coming back today (if cod4 works on my new pc) See you all on HC NO MARTY
  20. I tried to connect to the HC server today but for some reason, the map doesn't load. It shows the background image of the map and the white bar goes to about half way, then gets stuck, any ideas?? plz help
  21. heey guys so i just got cod4 but its version 1.7 and the servers that are on the homepage are 1.6so i cant get on the servers how to do this?? ips i mean are those are the ips i found under servers on the homepage
  22. Over the past few weeks I have been asked by several members how to save their stats before re-installing CoD4 so here is the tutorial. The way to do this is fairly easy as all that is required is to save your players folder and place it somewhere else on your computer or on an external source and reinserting it when needed. IF YOU HAVE WINDOWS UAC DISABLED The players folder is located in the ActivisionCall of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare folder: for instance mine is located at C:Program Files/Activision/Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfareplayers. See image below if needed. Simply right-click and copy the whole folder, paste to your desktop (or other storage location or external source), re-install the game, then put the players file back where you found it. IF YOU HAVE WINDOWS UAC ENABLED Unfortunately windows likes to hide your players folder in one of its many notorious hidden folders. To access your players folder go into your windows users folder and open the Window's user folder that you use when you sign in. To make the next step easier for those of you unfamiliar with finding hidden folders I have screenshots. These were taken in Windows Vista Home Premium but should be fairly close to other Windows OSs. Once in your user folder click the browser bar at the top and add appdata. for instance mine is located as you can see in C:users/chris/appdata. See below: Once in the appdata folder rightclick in the appdata folder but not on a subfolder and click properties. See below: Inside properties uncheck Hidden click apply and if prompted choose to Apply changes to this folder,subfolders, and files. This will unhide all the other needed folders and make it so you can see your appdata folder without doing this everytime. See below: Once this is done go back to your appdata folder then click local, then Virtual Store, then Program Files, then Activision, then your CoD4 folder, and then there it is the players folder. Simply right-click and copy the whole folder, paste to your desktop (or other storage location or external source), re-install the game, then put the players file back where you found it. BACK-UP FOR UAC AND NON UAC USERS If you are simply wanting a back-up follow the above minus the re-install. It is preferable to save your back-up to an external source- be it flash drive, external HDD, webpage, CD/DVD etc.... as this will prevent the loss of your stats/unlocks should your HDD fail. Also you should remember that you will need to periodically back-up your players folder if you unlock new things (say golden weapons) as they will be lost should the unfortunate happen and all you have is a backup from before your unlock.
  23. This is the support topic for the tutorial COD4 Patch Selector. Please post here if you have any questions or feedback.
  24. You'll need a working Windows 7 (DUH) Usb Mic Standerd sound mics wont work You just bought a new Window 7 install cod4 and it shuts off the game D: What now reinstall ... Nope With you New mic plug it in For safety first run The game as Admin by following These steps Step one Right click the cod4 mp icon. Scroll down to Run game as an Admin Click it and done. Now Your Cod4 Should now start. NOTES!!! 1. You dont have to allways Run as Admin 2.Mic allways has to be pluged in Sadly Hope this solve your problems thanks. Resolution 2 Open Window Control Panel and go to sounds In sounds go to recording Right click that window you have the option to show disabled devices click that now you will see stereo mixs right click it and set it a default. now open cod4 with out you mic and it will run.
  25. Hello guys. If you would like to alternate between patches on cod4 without having two installations? Well today is your lucky day. Medic showed me a patch selector and I have made a tutorial. 1. Install COD4 straight from the box. If you have "Game of the Year" you should be on 1.6 straight up. A fresh installation would be best. 2. Install the patches you would like to play on starting with the lowest first. eg 1.5 then 1.6 and then 1.7. 3. Once the patches are installed correctly find then download the UK version (There are multi language versions as well) of the patch selector here. http://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/433-cod4-patch-selector/ 4. Follow the installation process. This is straight forward and easy. 5. Now open the program and you will have this. Click on the patch you want and play. REMEMBER you must have the patch installed correctly in order to play on it. 6. COD4 should start. 7. Click find game and research servers. DONE! This website has other patch selectors as well so check them out!

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