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  1. Welcome to our new updated website. While I am still working behind the scenes, work will continue for few weeks to couple of months. Just a quick important update - If you can't login - then please use your Display Name or Email ID to login. Your old username will not work. Old Display Name = New Login name and Display name as well. Please be patient while I keep updating pending things. Any questions, feel free to ask. Big thank you to @Chuckun, @Shana and @RedAngel - who helped big time during the upgrade. Also super thanks to our donors, staff, membe
  2. Thank you for all the people who donated so far, especially, big thanks to anyone who donated more then 100$. My only suggestions or expectation is more donations in the range of 50$ rather then 100$ and above. The only reason, people have to donate more then 100$ is to fill in someone's else place. If we can do find 110 players to donate just 50$, we will reach the goal pretty fast. Nothing free survives for longer and hence we run website and servers based on donation. You don't hesitate to spend 10 bucks for a drink or 20 bucks for a movie for 3 hrs, then why hesitate for 50$/y
  3. We have added new group on our site for gamers. It would be available to gamers who on an average do at least 1 or 2 live/broadcast per week. Please post in this topic and we will be able to add you in this group. Once group is added to your forum profile, your discord group will be auto changed and whenever you go live/stream, on our Discord it will auto send notification for it in respective channel. In future, we also plan to enhance our website with live streaming page, where we will mostly add your profile so that if you are live it will directly show your live feed. Off cour
  4. Hey Everyone, Like my title says, we have a player from Czech Republic who is trying to create an account. Received Error code: 2s129/1 when trying to register. Anyone know what this is?
  5. Dear fraggers, Since it has been a long time that 6v6 teams could participate in a cup, I decided to host a one day cup this Sunday 4th of october. The signups will close on 19.00 CET on sunday and the cup will start at 20.00 CET. The format will be decided based on the signed up teams. The mappool: adlernest bremen_b3 frostbite missile_b3 radar supply sw_goldrush_te Send me a message on discord (Jere#3634) or crossfire if you want to sign up as a team or as an available player. More info and watchout teams on :https://www.crossfire.nu/news/9183/m
  6. Title says all. I was hoping to edit a post in a private section, and noticed that I can't even edit my own posts.
  7. Whenever I open my inbox, I get this error when trying to view messages: [[Template core/front/messaging/conversation is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Just a heads up, that's all
  8. Both pilots of an Air India Express Boeing 737-800 are among 17 fatalities after the aircraft suffered a runway excursion and broke up after landing at Kozhikode. The airline has disclosed that 190 occupants, including six crew members, were on board the jet. Neither pilot survived the accident, the carrier says, although the four cabin crew did. It has confirmed 17 fatalities. While Air India Express originally identified the aircraft as VT-GHK, the registration on the fuselage is VT-AXH. “We regret that there has been an incident regarding our aircraft,” it says, adding t
  9. Hi everyone it's me Dink the Clown. First all I use Puffin Browser and I don't know why but for some reason anymore I can not log onto the forums anymore using Puffin can some help me so I can get back to using Puffin again. I use it only cause I like using my tablet for forum chat or just to visit currently using Firefox and acts too slow. Thank you all in advance Dink the Clown.
  10. Just got an alert from my Lifelock that my info was discovered from the FA site. Suggested I change my password. This was on Lifelock app, not an email so I take it as being real
  11. Hey, so for a while now the leaderboard on the website hasn't been working for me. This is the message I get..
  12. Now that the links point to the Main page, clicking on Forum on the left side bar just refreshes the main page. Also, the site seems to be running very slow
  13. Vice86

    Website Server stats

    I wonderd why all the Website server stats are different from the NQ1 server stats. Sometimes they take for eternity to load up, and sometimes the html doesnt work at all... I wanted to suggest to make them all NQ1 style? is it that much work? need help? NQ1 stats: always working fine on the homepage all Other stats: doesnt even load up at the moment:
  14. Hello fraggers and team players, We are getting some DDoS recently and hence the slowness on website and sometime server goes off. I don't think, I need to explain the reason for it. To make it short, either annihil cheater group is pissed is because we are banning them or some clan is pissed and want to make their server popular by DDoS'ing ours. We appreciate all the support and help from the members and regulars during this time. Thank you.
  15. Pakistan’s prime minister, Imran Khan, has expressed shock after an aircraft operated by flag-carrier Pakistan International Airlines crashed in a built-up area of Karachi. Khan says that PIA chief Arshad Malik is heading for the city following the accident involving an Airbus A320 arriving from Lahore. “[An] immediate inquiry will be instituted,” says Khan. Television station Geo News reports that the flight involved is PK8303 and that aircraft came down in a populated area. It adds that 98 occupants were on board, comprising 91 passengers and seven crew members. Soci
  16. -=HipKat=-

    Website Coronavirus Updates

    COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK Last updated: March 11, 2020, 10:35 GMT Cases - Deaths - Countries - Death Rate - Incubation - Age - Symptoms - Opinions - News Coronavirus Cases: 119,456 view by country Deaths: 4,302 Recovered: 66,666 ACTIVE CASES 48,488 Currently Infected Patients 42,741 (88%) in Mild Condition 5,747 (12%) Serious or Critical Show Graph
  17. Hello everyone, since the corona situation doesn't seem to move away as quickly as everyone thought so, a lot of players have extra time on their hands and how better to spend it than participating in a weekend thrilled ET games! Given the fact that RTCW is kicking off with full force getting cups and NC on, it's only fair that ET follows the same steps and with that i am presenting u two One Day Cups next weekend, to give everyone a good idea of how to spend their evenings. ET 3on3 One Day Cup Cup date and time: Saturday, 2nd of May, 20:00 CET (GMT +1) Tea
  18. ScoOfi

    Website 10v10 BaseRace Cup

    I think we should use the covid-19 quarantine time useful to grow the ET community. As I can see, the response from the ETPro Gathers is not that great (not so many ppl playing), so I thought that we should try something different, where its just about having fun. I thought about a 10v10 baserase tournament. Paid Facebook advertising is reactivated to promote the event, grow the community and get people back to play ET. We grew by 800 followers in 3 days! https://www.facebook.com/wolfet.online/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/enemyterritory The tournament will tak
  19. Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas everyone! Stay safe! My best wishes to all loved ones. I hope your good dreams come true! Love from =F|A=mily!
  20. Hello everyone! The F|A community wishes you all a Happy New Year! Yes, yet another year has passed. Let us remember the good times we endured in 2019 and learn from the bad ones. We hope the new year brings you love, happiness, joy but most importantly we wish you and your family their health. Many of you take this time to create goals and new year resolutions to better yourselves and strive towards the best version you can be! We'd wish you luck but we know you'll pull it off. Since we are gamers, it is only right that we also wish you many more headshots
  21. After a long time, I am starting the goal for next year in current year. Thank you for all the people who donated so far, especially, big thanks to anyone who donated more then 100$. My only suggestions or expectation is more donations in the range of 50$ rather then 100$ and above. The only reason, people have to donate more then 100$ is to fill in someone's else place. If we can do find 110 players to donate just 50$, we will reach the goal pretty fast. Nothing free survives for longer and hence we run website and servers based on donation. You don't hesitate to spend 10 bucks
  22. Kai

    Website Gandhi Jayanti

    It is today Mr Gandhi was born into this world.
  23. Hi there, I want to upgrade to VIP Platinum, I remember back in the days there was a option with UPGRADE to higher vip status, but somehow I can't find it in the store. Thanks in advance!
  24. I get this a lot when I come on here. A quick refresh fixes it, but why do I keep getting this?
  25. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12213039
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