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    Found 22 results

    1. Hey Guys, Mates and other players I am was very inactive long time because health problems (spontaneous pneumothorax/my lung totally collapsed) and rehabilitation long time. Also yeah i don't play or visit our website/forum a long time and it was very crazy and sick... That's way i sometimes wrote with Angel or Scarface or some other here, which asked me and respect me. But now i would like come back to my family and i want to help other player and your all too naturally <333 So i hope i can be an FA Et Member again and i swear i will be active and helpful if i can With best regards
    2. Hello guys, Im back! sorry for being inactive for long time, i was really busy... Can i have my level set on silent1 and hardcore please? thank you.
    3. HI people, I come back from a long time, i was inactive, beacaus i ve done an accident with bike, and a month in coma etc etc, back from the death, now i enjoy the life. And happy to talk with old friends and news. Ps: I forget the email and password pf the older account, if can someone can help me
    4. Hey guys i'm back from inactivity i'm glad to play again and to see you all I'd gladly meet you on serveurs Is it possible for someone to put off my "inactiv member" on forum plz? And be back in the trackbase list ( http://et.trackbase.net/player/3943483/ ) and have my lvl's back on NQ1 would be really great too ! For the moment i play without F|A tag cause i'm affraid to be banned without my lvl's Thank Youuu !! Greets $horky'
    5. Hey all, I'm back after not being active a while. Would it be possible to have my group reinstated ? With kind regards, Jhonny/Shinobi.
    6. Hi guys, I would like to announce that I'm back and I have the time to play games and be active again. Hope you guys missed me (probably not). The last year (probably longer) I've been incredibly busy with my studies and finding a full time job which I now have. Also I moved out of my parents house and in to my own, which is weird, I still don't know how to cook by the way... So you can now once again trust Trust to be active!
    7. Hello everyone, I'm trying my best to stay active again. I hope all of you missed me My GUID has also been updated.
    8. Like i said in previous topic , i would like rejoin I have my etkey again .
    9. Hi ! Due to my studies i was inactive (again) for some months, sorry about it. I've started to play again 2 weeks ago and i hope to keep playing for months and years As it reset every month i lost lvl , so if someone can set me please. Thank you!
    10. Hello, I was inactive in the forums (not so much in the servers) for almost a year. I don't want my account to get deleted, it´s fun to be here.
    11. Hey guys maybe alot people dont know me nwo but the old and oldest one knows Im back to play after 6-7 long years. Last time when i was write something here is 2012 and 2013 year so, be nice to me If there is inactive member status pls remove.
    12. Hi, i played on F|A SILENT RECRUITING XPS 3-4 months ago. I had some XP (30-40k?) - here is my name http://et.trackbase.net/?mod=playerinfo&idx=5913507&show=server Yesterday i came on server but i haven't any xp (i have my old etkey, ET wasn't uninstalled). Can you give me it back? Thanks :)
    13. Hey guys. maybe some of you know that i'm back since like 2 month, and its sooooooo goood to play again haha my questtion is, under my name on the forum it is written Inactive Member, So i want to know if someone can change this thing. I know its nothing but i want to be back FOR REAL hehe. Also if someone can put my name trackbase in the team, my link is http://et.trackbase.net/player/5199540/ Thanks refL3x
    14. Hello im back, after 2-3 years? I don't know, but a lot of time. I had a lot on my mind, school, family, broken PC. But now i have my own house, job and I back to the game. My new nickname is zakrzeW. Now i can play 4-5 hours in my the best game W:ET. Hello again all! My guid is updated.
    15. Haven't been in the action for about 2 years. Need my levels set, GUIDs are all updated. Feels good to be back.
    16. Been away for about 2 years or so, got a new pc and updated my guids in my account settings, would like to come back to hardcore/silent side of things if that would be alright. Would be nice to see some old familiar names.
    17. i only wanted to say hi after couple month i know that i was inactive but i want again my chance to be in the clan. i format my hard drive and completely forgeting something important..
    18. Hiya! I've been away for close to two years, more about that here, now I'm back and I think I'll be active about couple of times per month. I'm not sure what should I do about my membership status, will I still be accepted etc. But I was suggested to post here in regards to my return My GUIDs haven't changed, I've lost my level in Hardcore for sure, but have kept it in Recruiting for sure. Right now I'm running without tags just to be sure Off to a vacation, ciao!
    19. Hello everyone, I just began playing a little bit again. I was asked to change my guid, so I have. And since I'm already on this path of rediscovery I'll be changing my name also. Going from Amabadama to Khruangbin Amabadama was the name of my old band, but Khruangbin is a name of a really awesome band from the US that I'm into right now, plus it's a weird/cool word, and apparently it means airplane in Thai See you around
    20. So, im back as i've told few times now but is it possible to get inactive away? I'll be here as much i can.. it's been so much fun after break
    21. As by the title, wasn't even able to open the site from time to time But now I'll try to be as much active as possible. I had my etkey file saved, I have used the same file, so ET Guid is same. Thanks! Edit: What was S:ET guid? forgot..
    22. Well, I was part of the clan since long time ago(2011). Stopped playing for a few years, and now I came back to game and to the forums. When I was playing on jay1, I checked that still have my lvl 12, and was told by Admins to put tags. I did it but =F|A Leather asked me few questions about my lvls, and I decided to post it to explain it and to ask if I need re-apply or whatever to stay on the clan. ty.

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