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Found 301 results

  1. https://www.pcgamer.com/assassins-creed-unity-free-notre-dame-donation Ubisoft donates €500K to help restore Notre-Dame, gives away Assassin's Creed Unity for free Following the shocking events in Paris on Monday that saw the iconic Notre-Dame cathedral sustain devastating fire damage, Ubisoft has pledged to donate €500,000 to help with the restoration and reconstruction of the historic landmark. 2014's Assassin's Creed: Unity is set in Paris and includes a faithful representation of the famous cathedral. You can take a look at Unity's Notre-Dame in the original E3 announcement trailer above. Talking about the creation of Unity, Ubisoft said, "We developed an even closer connection with this incredible city and its landmarks—one of the most notable elements of the game was the extraordinary recreation of Notre-Dame." Additionally, Ubisoft has announced that it is giving away Assassin's Creed Unity for free on PC. It's available for download now via Uplay or through the Ubisoft Store. "Video games can enable us to explore places in ways we never could have otherwise imagined. We hope, with this small gesture, we can provide everyone an opportunity to appreciate our virtual homage to this monumental piece of architecture." Unity had a notoriously flawed launch on PC, earning 65% from Tom Senior's review, but the gesture here is very positive.
  2. Hi, I was playing without any disturbance to other players. However the following player Teamkilled me without any reason. Shall I continue to play in your server or permanently quit F|A servers ? # 1539 23 "RýuL" STEAM_1:0:196052689 1:21:43 99 0 active 196608 Incident log time around 11.55 GMT April 3, 2019. Thank you
  3. Came across a bug when picking up a weapon you are already holding. Instead of gaining the ammo from it, the ammo is defaulted back to its original amount (not including the perk where you start with extra). Didn't test with any other weapons and it isn't a life changing bug; maybe it isn't a bug at all. Thought it was worth showing. Here is a demo showcasing it. 2019-03-30-180755-caen2.dm_84
  4. Gearbox confirmed Borderlands 3's existence at its PAX East panel today, as well as calling 2019 "The Year of Borderlands." We managed to learn quite a bit from the Mask of Mayhem teaser, but the trailer accompanying the announcement—take a look above—is considerably meatier and chock-full of action and character reveals. Along with giving us our first proper look at the four new Vault Hunters, including a new Siren with fancy magic arms and a big robot fella, the trailer speeds through the roster of new and returning friends and foes from across the previous games. It's a lot to digest. Old Vault Hunters are returning, and yes, Claptrap is back, along with that guy you buy guns from and a bunch of spin-off characters. If they didn't die in the other games, there's a good chance you'll see them. Beyond the characters, the highlight is obviously the news that Borderlands 3 won't be restricted to one planet. Most of the games have been set on Pandora (the Pre-Sequel was on its moon) but the trailer shows off a bunch of distinct worlds that we'll be able to visit. And then fill with bullet holes. It wouldn't be Borderlands without an obscene number of weapons, and it looks like 3 won't disappoint. More than a billion guns, apparently, which is just ridiculous. Obviously they're not bespoke, but that's still a lot of firepower exploding out of enemy corpses. Source https://www.pcgamer.com/watch-the-first-gameplay-trailer-for-borderlands-3/
  5. it's free for the weekend on Steam. Go build a utopia, or flood an entire city with poo. You've got until Monday to create your own city, which is plenty of time—just don't expect to do anything else this weekend. If it gets its hooks into you, the base game and DLC are all on sale, too. You can get Skylines and the Deluxe Edition for 75 percent off, while the DLC is 50 percent off, aside from Industrial and Synthetic Radio DLC, which have both been discounted by 20 percent. Out of all the DLC, Mass Transit and After Dark are probably the most indispensable, adding loads of transport options and districts. I'm also rather partial to Park Life, which lets you build custom parks, theme parks and zoos. It's a lovely palate cleanser after building a gross, smoggy dystopia. We've written a lot about Skylines since it launched four years ago—it's sold six million copies in that time—including what happens when four players try to run one city. There were casualties. Source https://www.pcgamer.com/cities-skylines-is-free-this-weekend/
  6. Generation Zero, Avalanche's sandbox FPS, is breaking out of the '80s and launching next week, and you can get a taste of what you'll need to do to survive—walk around the Swedish countryside shooting robots, mostly—in the new trailer. Come launch, you'll be able to join up to three mates in the digital Swedish countryside, now home to deadly, roving robots. There's a hint of survival, with weapons and supplies waiting to be discovered inside abandoned buildings, but it's all in an effort to get tough enough to take down the big machines. Samuel called it "a fun but simple co-op FPS" in his Generation Zero preview, but I found myself bouncing off the beta very quickly. I didn't bring any friends along for the ride—you can play alone if you want—and found myself quickly getting tired of hoofing it across the mostly empty countryside looking for robots to shoot. Comparisons have been drawn to the work of Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag. Among other things, Stålenhag created Tales from the Loop, a collection of art and stories set in a alternate '80s Sweden where the mundane is juxtaposed to huge robots, monolithic factories and other sci-fi elements. It's since been turned into a tabletop RPG, and a TV show is also in the works. Avalanche claims it wasn't inspired by Tales from the Loop, but the broad strokes do seem similar. Generation Zero is a lot more understated, however. You'd never know it was set in the '80s from the trailers, and aside from the robots, the Swedish countryside looks pretty much how you'd expect. Generation Zero is due out on Steam on March 26. Source https://www.pcgamer.com/generation-zero-launch-trailer-shows-off-loads-of-monstrous-robots/
  7. Rebellion dropped a lot of Sniper Elite news in its 2019 development update . Not only did it confirm that Sniper Elite 5 is in development, it announced a remastered version of Sniper Elite V2 and a standalone Sniper Elite for VR devices. Check out the remaster in action above. Sniper Elite V2 Remastered will feature enhanced graphics, as well as 4K and HDR support. You'll also be able to take photos of your sneaky misadventures with the new photo mode, take control of new playable characters and muck around with 16-player multiplayer. If you own the original, you'll also get a discount for upgrading. Phil reviewed Sniper Elite V2 way back in 2012, and while he was a fan of the sniping, he didn't think the level design was up to snuff. Tyler had nicer things to say about the latest in the series, however, giving Sniper Elite 4 an 84. Rebellion's not ready to say much more about Sniper Elite VR or Sniper Elite 5, unfortunately, but expect more details soon. Source https://www.pcgamer.com/sniper-elite-5-sniper-elite-vr-and-sniper-elite-v2-remastered-announced/
  8. elcabron

    Other PUBG

    Hi PPL, i started play PUBG MOBILE on my android, i am lvl 18 for now, i search others to play if someone play it send me PM Message( idk if exist a folio number or PUBG ID to search players) and i add you on FB to play
  9. Opinion is split on Resident Evil 2's terrifyingly omnipresent lurker Mr X: some hate him, and think he destroys the pace of the game. Others love him, because he's horrific and scary and this is horror, after all. Others still, like to turn him into Thomas the Tank Engine. But for those who can't abide the giant marching fellow, there's a mod to remove him entirely. Created by MaVeRick, X No More does exactly what the title suggests. Best of all, it doesn't break scripted events, so during occasions when the old lunk is necessary to advance the story, the story will advance on its own via the help of a "friendly ghost". While the mod will definitely make the game easier, I've seen a ton of people complain about him: some don't like randomised encounters (RIP if they ever play Alien: Isolation), and I can understand why. There's one encounter in the Police Station that I'd happily see him removed from. If you count yourself among these folk, then with the power of PC gaming you can now bravely approach RE2 again. Or perhaps you'd like to keep him, only with DMX playing upon his approach? Or perhaps you'd like to see what's under his trenchcoat? You do you. Source https://www.pcgamer.com/this-resident-evil-2-remake-mod-kills-off-mr-x-for-good/
  10. Capcom has entered a golden age. Its Resident Evil 2 remake was three times more popular on Steam than 2017's Resident Evil 7, and now its latest game, hack-and-slash Devil May Cry 5, has surpassed both of them, making it Capcom's second biggest PC launch ever. As of writing, the game has a concurrent player peak of around 89,000, and is in the top 10 on Steam in terms of current players. That could improve over the weekend, too, but it's unlikely to catch up with Monster Hunter: World, Capcom's biggest-ever Steam launch, which reached a peak concurrent player count of more than 300,000 following its launch in August. Capcom hasn't always prioritized PC but, as more PC players show a desire to play its games, that appears to be changing. Last month, Capcom exec Haruhiro Tsujimoto acknowledged that Monster Hunter: World had "exceeded expectations" on Steam, and talked about how important PC players are to the company. Tom's Devil May Cry 5 review is this-a-way: he called it a "must-buy for hack-and-slash fans". Source https://www.pcgamer.com/devil-may-cry-5-is-capcoms-second-biggest-pc-launch-ever/
  11. H1Z1's third season arrived today, as well as a rebranding to Z1 Battle Royale, marking the third name change the game has undergone (originally, it was called H1Z1: King of the Kill). More than just the name has changed: a new developer, NantG, has taken the helm and is promising to revitalize the game by 'restoring' a number of its old features like animations, vehicle mechanics, guns and combat, and even the map itself to bring it back to "the glory days." It's an interesting strategy, I guess: reverting the game back to how it was during the height of its popularity (and it was extremely popular) and undoing many of the changes fans have disagreed with over the past few years. Nothing seems to have gone untouched, including the UI: "The first thing you see when you launch a game is the loading screens and the front end user interface," the patch notes read. "It is a massive point of nostalgia for players and we knew we had to get it in for this patch." The clock has also been turned back on many of the weapons' recoil, sway, and bullet speed, and the patch even goes so far as to completely remove the 'points of interest' that were added to the map over the past couple years. It also restores the lighting, textures, trees, and roads from the King of the Kill era. Wow. It's like a remaster, but in reverse. A de-master? It's not just old stuff making a return, there's some new stuff as well, like an in-match mission system, new daily and weekly challenges, and more. Is this what H1Z1—er, Z1BR—needs to pull players back in? Well, it peaked at about 13,000 concurrent players today, which is more than the typical 1,500 or so I've been seeing in the past few days. It'll be interesting to see if they stick around. Source : https://www.pcgamer.com/h1z1-has-relaunched-and-rebranded-to-z1-battle-royale/
  12. PlayStation 4 owners are reporting that BioWare’s new game, Anthem, has bugs severe enough that the game is forcing their consoles to shut down. In rare cases, some players are claiming that Anthem’s crashes are “bricking” their PS4s, rendering them unusable. This past week, the Anthem subreddit has been rife with reports of severe crashes. “When encountering a crash or game error, sometimes I get booted to the main menu or out of the game completely to the PS4 dashboard,” Reddit user forthemasters wrote. “But twice now when trying to matchmake my PS4 has completely turned off. Don’t worry about the loot patch ffs, sort the bugs out first please.” That post has more than 1,400 upvotes on Reddit. A “public service announcement” from another Anthem player has racked up more than 3,100. “No other game causes my playstation to randomly turn off while playing,” wrote Reddit user TheMadTitanGuantlet. “My [PS4] has been completely bricked to the point of not even turning on because of Anthem. I’m not looking for any sympathy or anything. This post is mainly being made to warn people that this could potentially damage your console to the dreaded point of no return.” In last week’s episode of the Giant Bomb podcast, co-host Brad Shoemaker offered a similar account of Anthem hard-crashing his PS4. Shoemaker said the process powers off the console and results in a system check that takes roughly five minutes to fully restart the hardware. Anthem players have shared similar stories on the game’s official technical support forum. Some affected Anthem players on PS4 have reported successfully getting refunds directly from Sony, while others have said they’ve had no such luck. Source:https://www.polygon.com/2019/3/4/18250433/anthem-ps4-crash-bricking-refund-sony
  13. Beg#2 I think that teamscores don't show right? It shows scores are f***ed up but reality are different. This happens almost on every map. Here's an example
  14. This game looks quite interesting... reminds me of Bioshock and Fallout but it's kinda different
  15. For his dedication for the clan, for his good job on servers/forum; please welcome to our new leader @D..X Congratz nub
  16. Hello, Here is a map issue : After blowing the door, the flag stay already possible to capture Server name: Jaymod #1 Time: now Map: Pirates Demo : demo0420.dm_84 demo0421.dm_84 We end up with a unusual situation where the axis are at the beginning of the map and the allies have their last spawn
  17. Anyone else here play Fortnite?
  18. So its new year and time to start new donation goal. Big thanks to all who sent donations in the last year and years before that. Last year we have added new games to keep this clan alive forever. We will also keep providing servers for old games as long as they are being played. We would strongly suggest to donate for server and forum bills. Please post here once you donate towards our yearly target. Why donate? http://fearless-assassins.com/donation.html Quote from old clan leader Milli: Thanks to you, for keeping the fun possible Donation link: http://fearless-assassins.com/donate/
  19. Just wondering if anyone out there is as a Retro Gamer as I am. Since I am in the process of getting my new PC set up, I was curious to see if anyone still plays Doom, Doom2, TNT, Pluntonia, Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3, Return to Castle Wolfenstien.. But mostly Focused on Doom as the topic implies. There are 3 main Doom Ports, which are still somewhat alive. Zandronum (prev. Skulltag) is the first one I found along the early years of the interwebs. Zandronum is a fun Doom Port, online and offline. There is a million Doom Mods that are compatible with it. And there are people who play them daily. There is Friday Night Fragfests, where a Server is dedicated to a specific Doom Mod and Gamemode, and people gather at a specific time to play it. There's also Saturday Frag Fests, which is pretty much the same thing. Granted Doom Ports are not just "Download and Play", you are required to have your own Doom.wad or Doom2.wad. I can help ya get set up if you like. There is two other ports, Zdaemon, and Odamex. Though it seems those two have been somewhat quiet. Least I don't hang out in Zdaemon much anymore. Odamex is.. well, it has some neat ideas, but for whateva reason, nobody plays it online. So yea, just wondering if you all that own Doom would like to check it out. Here is a link to Zandronum, Here is a link to Zdaemon, and Here is a link to Odamex. Im pretty sure you can search youtube for videos of the port and doom mods. It's just that most die-hard fans pretty much stopped playing doom and went on to other games, but hey, doom is always fun to come back to.
  20. Post whatever you want about R6S, searching for players, stats, etc. Let's have some fun.
  21. I feel that I need to make a post here about this awesome headset I've been using for over a year now: Lucid Sound LS40 to be specific. The company has other headsets, however this is the only one that I can personally speak for. Pros: Simple to use Wireless Multi-platform Quality of Sound Costumer Service Comfort for long playtime Cons: Cost ( 200$ ) USB Connector is an awkward shape. Okay, so I'd like to break down some of the above stated items: - Simplicity is key, you plug in the USB receiver and turn the headset on and they link together no matter the platform. I personally use it on PC, PS4, and Xbox 1. - It has an excellent wireless connectivity, you can ask a few of the folks I play DOI with I've chatted with them from the kitchen many-a-times. - Sound quality is excellent 7.1 surround sound. Depending on the game you will feel like you're immersed completely. - The USB connector sticks out quite a ways, and is prone to being snapped off or overheating depending on placement. - My USB connector overheated and essentially melted, I emailed the company and they replied within an hour and are shipping a replacement already. I searched for a few minutes for an all system compatible headset and was hard pressed to find one that worked for them all. Perhaps that's just a selling point for me, but I find it highly enjoyable to be able to use the same headset for all of my gaming needs. This thing is basically a turtle beach headset for everything! The ear cups fit well and don't crush my ears, giving an extended playtime comfort. The mic dongle is removable, it has a built in mic on the underside so it can be used with or without the boom. I can't speak of the mic quality, but you could ask Red Angel, or Major since they listen to my stupid voice the most they might be able to tell you. Anyway I hope you enjoy my scattered confusing review of this headset. I'm open to formatting advice!
  22. Can I have the platinum VIP forum group? My subscription renewed a couple months ago but I figure the people who can set forum groups are pretty busy and this isn't super high priority.
  23. Hi as you can see I am a newbie as such I looked around and decided to purchase a VIP but I do not see a result of that purchase. Can you help me to understand how it works, please. Thanks HiTMaN
  24. Hello i'm back, after 1 year. Updated my PC. . Now i can play 4-5 hours

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