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Found 19 results

  1. Dagger or poison needle? I would go for both of them even if I think they are useless sometimes but they prove to be stealth in close combat.
  2. BAR or MP44? I would go for MP44.
  3. So, Bazooka or Panzerfaust? I will go for Panzerfaust. Leave comments below for your preferences.
  4. Between MP40 and Thompson,what would you choose? I definitely go for MP40.
  5. We should organise a special tournament for Christmas on NQ#1,we could try this on different maps.
  6. We should try snow maps cuz it is the best time,that is what I think.
  7. Hi, I'm after a bit of info specific to this map and the following rule:- Is this to be enforced on NQ1 and in what way?, every time Warbell is on someone does this exact thing, i've mentioned it in game during the map a few times yet people still do it and don't seem to care. Annoys me tbh. So clarification on enforcing this rule would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks in advance for any info given.
  8. Best weapons for each class on NQ#1 are?
  9. So there is this situation: We're playing baserace, each team has 3 crates taken, no base crates stolen 22 minutes in game. Allies are playng 6 vs 8 and WINNING - Axis try to steal their crate hard, but it didn't work for 25 minutes, then allies steal Axis gold and lead. 5 minutes left until the match ends. Axis and Allies are clearly balanced, because Allies have 6 good tier players and Axis have 8 casuals (including me). Then Ford starts yelling that we need to balance the teams and VITOSA SUPPORTS HIM. Please don't give me crap that you're using /scores to balance teams, because you're clearly not. You don't look how much the obj is being done, you don't look how defending team's defense is impenetrable, you only look if the numbers are even. HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT WINNING TEAM NEEDS HELP? It's fricking BASERACE and they're going to win in 5 minutes, somehow 5 allies manage to repel 8 Axis (FOR 25 MINUTES) and 1 Allied player even took their gold to win, tell me HOW do Allies in that situation need help to "balance"? Tell me Vitosa and Ford (cz), I am very curious what "balance" means for you, perhaps it's one team completly stomping the other and not giving any chances to have real fun from the game. Fun as long as you're in the winning team, huh? Because - what a coincidence - you were both Allies.
  10. What is the most accesible map to play on?
  11. How about some new taunts from other FPS games that could be used in the voice chat on NQ#1? I recommend this feature,it might be funny.
  12. personally you should give “PHARAOH” narefs so called brother a chance like honestly it’s not complicated nor hard if he learns to stop then that’s good and if he really isnt Naref then I mean good for him after all it’s just a game it has its rules like any other typical game but he rlly seeming desperate for that shit and I think y’all should stop being whiny whitelist naref then let what he calls his brother to wander off then if nothin changes ip ban him like okay he may be some mentally deformed child or he may be somebody wasting his time like you all on ET in a different way trolling...
  13. i am thinking about buying 2 new maps for nq1 at the end of the month April. i dont care if "a buy" is necessary to get new maps or not. but buying a (or several) map(s) can be seen symbolic as a donation to keep the servers and forum alive and we still need more money. atm we "need" $39.99 for 2 new maps and we have 2 ppl who wanna pay for 2 new maps. Hustul and me. maybe we can mobilize some more ppl who wanna donate a few dollars to buy 2 maps. (for example: if we get 10 ppl, everyone has to pay $4 only ) at the end of the month April we will see how much ppl we have mobilized and than we know how much everyone want to pay at the end of April. rules : -everyone who wants to pay can make 3 suggestions which maps should be added and suggest 2 maps which have to go.
  14. ok, its time to change our rotation on nq1 again. i made a poll but without Praetoria (it is really laggy and lot of regulars are leaving when it will be loaded), we have to chance it. atm we have following rotation: 1.sw_oasis 2.Adlernest 3.supplydepot2 4.Bremen Final 5.GoldRush 6.Praetoria 7.Tram Siege 8.Venice 9.Marrakech Night 10.Warbell imo we should change the 2 most voted maps and Praetoria. Maybe we can add a "message" on nq1 for this poll. so all (even who never visit the forum) can vote.
  15. Hi everyone! I'd like to suggest anything about sniper damages. I noticed, by playing some sniper wars in the ET fun week end this week end, that in this war, 1 headshot with m1 grand/k43 scope = 1 kill (I think it's because everyone has 100hp). What about increase sniper damages to get an immediate kill when u hit someone's head with k43/m1 garand scope, even if the target has more than 100 hp? (I don't know if it's possible) In NoQ 1, people who have 100 hp are rare (cuz there is at least 1 medic per team, and I believe that the number of medics in a team and the hp of the players in this teams are linked), so we usually need 2 hs to kill anyone. It can be a bit binding if u make an hs on a medic with a sniper ; the medic survives, heals himself, knows where u are and can kill u. And we have a lot of good medics on NoQ 1, who can get a lot of kills quickly. Moreover, I noticed that very few players play with sniper. It could bring people to play more sniper, and it could free a bit some classes which are sometimes overused as medics or fops. I don't talk about increase damage when u hit body, legs or arms, only hs. What is ur opinion about this? Thx for ur time
  16. several ppl are complaining about much lags on Capuzzo Airport. i didnt notice any lags during the game. My request: please post here if you noticed lags or not. if the map is really lagging we have to replace it with another map.
  17. Hi all, after a little discussion on NQ1 I wanna start this little discussion about the maps on server. By now the cycle is: Haemar ROP River Warbell Oasis SW Goldrush Bremen Supply Depot Venice Adlernest Marrakech (not in correct order) After all it seems that there are a couple of maps really hated by regulars and =F|A= members though. I actually would like to know what map(s) should be changed against new ones. Should it be in the wrong forums, please feel free to move the topic. Edit: Poll updated. Adlernest is now in there too.
  18. Ark.!?

    Lost XP on Nq1

    This month, is the fourth time that my XP was reseted. This really annoying and that happened only on our Nq1 server, someone can help me?
  19. I don't know if this possible or not, I have something for the nq1 server,which would be fun, Dont know how to tell you this exactly in few words but, For example what i mean is, if you want to hear multikill,you need to kill 3 players in very short period,about 1 second after each kill,which means u have to own 3 of them in 3 seconds, So is there possible to increase this period between killing,at least add 1 more second after each kill?(in this case,3 ppls in 6 seconds) I think players like this sounds because u can hear cheering after they make multi,ultra or some more, So guys what u think about this idea?ofc if its possible, I think that would be great, ConQ

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