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Found 33 results

  1. Hi Guys, im quite sure this post will make the regular panzer hogs, flamer spinners and riflenade users hate me even more but its annoying me personally for quite a while now, so here we go. Nowadays NQ1 is quite crowded, which isnt a bad thing by itself. But the missing/lax heavy weapon and riflenade regulations turning quite a lot of maps into a crazy slugfest of spam. Most of the time you will find teams of 10 players + consisting of: - 2 Panzerfausts - up to 2 flamers - roughly 50% of the players playing riflenades (cant really say rifle when they fire more riflenades than normal rifle ammunition over the course of a map) - some medics and covert ops Every player with a bit of gamesense and knowledge will see that these weapons are heavily overpowered in comparison and therefore nearly always were met with strict regulations. In the current situation good decision making, playing around cover, taking good fights, avoiding bad fights etc. isnt even close to being rewarding. I get that NQ1 is a fun server, but the definition of fun cant be giving bad/worse players overpowered weapons based on a lack of will to invest time/effort to get better at the game. The fun behind the usage of multiple heavy weapons or 5-6 rifles in a single team is solely limited to the people using it, not the ones playing against. All in all i would prefer a stricter regulation, for example: - Panzerfaust limitied to 1 per team (maybe in combination with the 3 map rule like on Jay1?) - Flamer limited to 1 per team in combination with better visibility/overheating in accordance with the current flamer thread discussion. - Limiting the usage of riflenades to like 3 per team. maybe like 4 when there are 12+ players (is there a possibilty to disable solely riflenades and not the rifle? So an unlimited amount of rifles can be used but just a limited amount of people can use riflenades) In the end thats just my 2 cents, but i would like to see the opinion of other regulars and maybe admins, since after some talks im apparently not the only being bothered by it. Thanks for reading that wall of text.
  2. Hi, no complains today, no worries. Just a suggestion based on never ending topic about scores. You have players and players. Player like me as I mentioned before - guy who doesn't give a thing about configs, screen resolution (as long as I have full screen pic), special vsays - guy who just wants to connect and have few frags etc with no drama (I know, hard to believe) and then you have players which are into everything, know all details and tips and tricks etc. Believe or not I had to write down on a piece of paper command /scores just to know how to check balance. Not first time, not last time. I keep forgetting this command. Million of reasons for that - but 1 simple, it is not my life. Even tho I am educated as an electrician (focused mainly on IT), did Q Basic as a part of studies at 1994-1998, my first comp was 286 something something, etc etc. But cooking for life now. Changed career. So ask me how to make Bechamel and I will tell you in a middle of the night. But ask me how to change colour in my nick name and I will tell you to "F" off and will google it later. Same about score command (google just in case I will forget where my paper with /scores is). So maybe instead of comments like "is it so difficult to check scores before joining team", "are you blind" etc, just "educate" players maybe by adding to !help or as a part of some admin comments which you can see from time to time popped on a screen. Cos I am sure there are lots of players with hundreds of thousand xp points yet they have no idea how to check balance (or send private message etc). Just an idea. Ta
  3. Hello. Is trickjump allowed to get the objective? Thanks
  4. I know this an old topic that has been tossed around more times than anyone cares to count so leave it up to me to bring it back up. The aldernest map on NQ1 is still using single jump just for that map. All other maps on NQ1 use double jump. I'm aware of the debate concerning players jumping on the roof for an advantage and even though I don't necessarily agree with it, I enforce it according to the decision handed down by our administration. The issue I see is that the most, if not all, ET servers utilize double jump for all maps, aldernest included. If there are any roof jumpers, they are dealt with indivdually according to ET rules. Warning, !splat, kick and possible ban. It just kinda sucks to play maps on NQ1 with double jump and when aldernest comes into the rotation it reverts to single jump. I'm hoping I'm not the only player who feels that way. I wanted to get input from other player and admin whether or not you play on NQ1. Thanks for you input ahead of time.
  5. Discussions about this matter has been everywhere lately. Many members and regulars are complaining that we are playing same maps over and over again. So let's see what players really think about this. As you can see this topic contains poll and here are some rules: - if you are not a regular on NQ1 server ,please DON'T vote, votes from random peeps will distort the poll. -when you are not sure and you have mixed feelings, you don't need to vote, but this is the best place to share that feelings, so don't be shy and share your thoughts. IMO map cycle is worth of trying, I'm sick of all the same maps, sometimes I'm so bored of oasis/goldrush that I'm playing with my eyes almost closed and slowly turning into middle aged asian dude. That would be all, thank you.
  6. Hey, there is Venom gun available on nq1 but I've never seen anyone using it (except @BaBeLo ) The only way to get a kill is to pull mouse really hard down but still it works only in close fights. How about setting it bit lower? quick preview how it looks now:
  7. There are serious problems in NQ 1 server i wanted admins correct this situation but cheepheep kidding so i m going solve problems in different way
  8. So let's start : 1.Changing max landmines per team from 30 to 15. 2.Until something gonna be done with flamethrower team_maxFlamers 1 (means 1 flamethrower per team) 3.Test out g_friendlyfire 4 (Friendly fire does an equal amount of damage to the inflictor) 4.Gonna post maps where should be disabled/lowered dj + change it to g_doublejump 1 original Noquarter Doublejump. Not the when where you can jump from highest spot on minas tirith and press jump before you reach ground. 5.Auto Balance Lua Script(Watch Quote) or more using more !put command regulars. For me Regulars should even teams in the end that should be admin/members. 6. Please test one of rotations at nq1 even for week or even weekend. im happy to see new maps but we still playing the same one because majority want it. So others have to play it. Maps: Sp_delivery_TE disable due to skipping first part of dyna both walls then,cap flag. Now with enabled DJ Allies team capturing flag easily. Radar Lowered DJ Supply already lowered DJ but still you can DJ over wall. So lowering it much more. Warbell Lowered DJ Capuzzo Lowered DJ Bremen Disabled DJ Frostbite Disabled DJ Braundorf Disabled DJ Library_B3 Lowered DJ Snatch3 Lowered DJ
  9. Hoi, idk if its not here already, but i would like to say something about flamethrower on NQ1 server, and i hope it could be reworked or changed. First of all its annoyin to play vs player who use flame 24/7 but well its his choose but flame dmg on NQ1 is like 1 cloud of flame is killing u like paper, so first things is if the dmg of flame could be lowered. Second thing i would love it ( and many others too) that flame user should be able to flame himself if he will run with it, cuz ppls just fire and jumping around no matter on aim and its heroicly annoyin to play vs that, and ff of flame would be rly good thing cuz ppls wouldnt take it that often cuz they would die before they kill something. Well thats all from me i hope i didnt missed topic about flamethrower somewhere. BaBeLo
  10. Hey everyone, On NQ #1 it sometimes happens that players start skipping objectives, by blowing up gates ahead of the current objective. In my opinion this violates rule #21 of the general server rules which specifically prohibits objective skipping (and names Minas as an example). The problem is that by skipping, the axis gain an unfair advantage since they now have a lot more time to complete the objective. What should we do about this?
  11. Can we please set the throw distance a little bit far for health and ammo packs? It helps to heal or give ammo without go too close to your teammate, it avoid to block his movements, or worse become an easy target for the enemy. set g_throwDistance 400 Thanks!
  12. Hey, I believe that we have inactivity set too high on Nq1 Two minutes in some maps can make big mess. For example in Italy, axis team starts in first spawn, "all" players go to flag and CP but when jeep gets passed by first gate and axis respawned in first spawn again, it turns out that there's three players afk in first spawn... in meantime when members and regulars are trying to fix uneven teams (!put s afk and trying to !even) allies already have flag, Cp and jeep is passing second barrier Not to mention small ,short maps that we have on NQ1. In ~15 min maps 120s inactivity +time to !even = 1/3 of a map is uneven:( And it's hard to tell when someone is really AFK or maybe that player is just trying to eat some cookies or chicken wings/ drinking some beer/ tea/coffee and thats the reason why he can't respond to " /m nick are you here? " and they go mad for that put afk So my suggestion is to set that to: g_inactivity 60
  13. What is then actually rule about spawnkilling at NQ1 maps? Thought it said sk allowed but then we are getting told by admin things like "stop doing sk because some players are getting annoyed by doing so" (despite fact there is spawn protection time so plenty of time to use one of few exits)) etc. Cos sometime it feels like it is more admins opinion rather then server rules stated at wiki. Thanks
  14. I've remember when i was allways playing this map there was like 2-3 stages of map: 1.Defend/Attack Flag 2.Defend Controls/Construct Door Controls 3.Defend Trucks/Secure Gold Experienced Players can capture flag in like 10-15 seconds after map start,then like 1-2 minutes and they can get door controls constructed(if teams are unbalanced). Axis still mostly times can't even defend flag so we missing 2 stages and Axis players trying to defend gold for 10 minutes(Antirush for gold 5 minutes?) .So i making a suggestion in poll to disable DJ / Add Antirush(Door Controls) .
  15. can we? ...Dubrovnik, (only one) goldsrush, Minas Tirith, Marketgarden, Marrakesh, ..and any other proposals....can make PK3 Ouch sorry wrong section.
  16. Dagger or poison needle? I would go for both of them even if I think they are useless sometimes but they prove to be stealth in close combat.
  17. BAR or MP44? I would go for MP44.
  18. So, Bazooka or Panzerfaust? I will go for Panzerfaust. Leave comments below for your preferences.
  19. Between MP40 and Thompson,what would you choose? I definitely go for MP40.
  20. We should organise a special tournament for Christmas on NQ#1,we could try this on different maps.
  21. We should try snow maps cuz it is the best time,that is what I think.
  22. Hi, I'm after a bit of info specific to this map and the following rule:- Is this to be enforced on NQ1 and in what way?, every time Warbell is on someone does this exact thing, i've mentioned it in game during the map a few times yet people still do it and don't seem to care. Annoys me tbh. So clarification on enforcing this rule would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks in advance for any info given.
  23. Best weapons for each class on NQ#1 are?
  24. What is the most accesible map to play on?
  25. How about some new taunts from other FPS games that could be used in the voice chat on NQ#1? I recommend this feature,it might be funny.

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