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Found 9 results

  1. Many of us have noticed that a 16 slot server might be a bit too crowded, lots of fast forward through the maps, less and less kills, pushing up to enemy spawns on entrenchment. Ofcourse we have a HC server which would make it more difficult but it would be an idea to change DOI 1 (maybe both) to a 10 or 12 slot server. So I decided to create a poll and see what you guys think. Poll will close on May 11. If you vote for "Other" please explain what you think would be a good idea
  2. Let me start it with. Today server was almost near to full. its a good start and thx to all.
  3. Good day, recruits and veterans , most people of this forum know that one of Fearless Assassins Day of Infamy server will be changed to custom. But problem is this clan's DOI branch staff doesn't get much suggestions which map use or even gamemode (WWI, Vietnam and etc). According my research the most people of DOI players plays only official maps and that leads to lack of information for custom maps...in short people doesn't know what to suggest. So i came with an idea...Today i will start review custom maps of Day of Infamy focused on main problems like these: No use for sniper, Rush tactics, mission time, fun, challenges and of course the REAL COOPERATION not the that cooperation which is "oh i am first of player list! ". At some maps also i mention sometimes @Sisje because she accidentally joined through me, so i will use as reference of "PRO player" . And all maps excluding one was tested in other servers because practice mode messing up with whole gameplay. So let's start.... *turns on the gramophone* OPERATION: FEARLESS ASSASSINS OPENS GATES TO HELL [Part No. 1] MAP: Compass Gameplays: Stronghold, Entrenchment, Patrol. Link:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1169735323&searchtext=compass I played of this map entrenchment in practice mode it was fun even alone ( maybe i should meet more people ). So i liked that the map is more for marksman type player (Sniper, or FN42 with scope). Also it has and disadvantages: about 2 - 3 defending points is on open area all players need to spread out to not get direct hit of bombing. Also it has minor mapping error some ground layers is not covered up so you can see through other layer but it doesn't harm the player. MAP: Ardennes Gameplays: Stronghold, Entrenchment. Link:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1373359976&searchtext= This map played in custom server so this map was fun but server gived me only stronghold gameplay. So what is standing out of this map...THE TANK! and it is moving and killing enemy (U.S. Army) But if you want make that tank start to kill and move you need be near it. So in this map also was @Sisje also the server was on super hardcore and whole time i was hiding on side of tank , so it is big ass cover and also moves always with you. MAP: Kriegsmarine Gameplays: Stronghold, Entrenchment. Link:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1169748967&searchtext= As i mentioned before that server was set on super hardcore so @Sisje and me doesn't hold so long even on first point. But the map is interesting, as i know that map is based on CoD ( if i am correct). This map is the most to close area (urban, insade in base). Actually not much i can say about this map. MAP: Marketgarden Gameplays: Stronghold, Entrenchment. Link:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1169827881&searchtext=marketgarden I played this in other server because "Super hardcore" was..er.. to hard to me . This map i actually liked it has good advantage point for sniper in wind mill which is on map's centre. The most map is open but also covered with high grass or wheat fields, so you can rush through no one will see you . MAP: DOI_V2_Forest Gameplays: Stronghold. Link:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1349485112&searchtext=DOI_V2 This map....THIS MAP...DIS MAP solves the main problem "Rush tactics" and requires the real cooperation, because you can't rush without Tank, yes? -Of course, yes . So tank is most important object in this map without it you can't capture points also gives a challenge for team in tank's route it can be blockades like those on picture so you need to clean up with TNT. Also i like in this map you don't need to be engineer for TNT or don't need to equip the TNT, it has some points with boxes of TNT, also on Tank and in Bunker you can find heavy MG and even you will get extra mag for it. Also for snipers has some advantage points...it was so fun in it. MAP: WEB_Carentan Gameplays: Stronghold, Entrenchment. Link:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1261064369&searchtext= Is well know battle of Carentan durring overlord operation, also it become famous after Series of Band of Brothers...it is so accurate by that Series even has those trenches on each side of road. This map actually big maybe that will slower that "rush tactics" but i am not sure...well we will see in Testing field. So you can see that episode of Band of Brothers:Attack Cerantan: And the Part No. 1 ends here, be on folks!
  4. Everyone's got a favourite, I'm sure. Let's hear it! No judgement from me; I like all the guns in different ways. Leave a link or pic if you feel like it. It'll add colour My current favourite is the German P-38. Not especially powerful, but still good at killing Brits! (or Americans) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walther_P38
  5. Day of Infamy is hosting a free weekend from April 26th to April 29th!
  6. Ladies and Gentleman, Its time for more awards and this time it is for our newest and successful game Day of Infamy . With the help of stavros and his idea and with the help of our staff + we are introducing 2 awards . 1. Sneaky = Most backstabs : This award is for the most knife kills in a map by a player. It will be determine by the screen or scoreboard/award page comes at the end of the map. So please be careful when you go for this award you need to take SS and Only the ss of this screen is valid. The screen looks like this : If u look closely u shall see ( 14) so that should be shown, cause the person who get atleast 10 kills will get the award. 2. Unsung = Most Assist Kills : This award is for the most Assist kills in a map by a player. It will be determine by the screen or scoreboard/award page comes at the end of the map. So please be careful when you go for this award you need to take SS and Only the ss of this screen is valid. Same screen u shall get the award of Unsung . So please be carefull with screenshots you take and post when you are trying for the awards. let the Hunt for this awards begin
  7. Day of Infamy =F|A= Clan Servers. 1. =F|A= Recruiting CooP #1 IP : :27030 2. =F|A= CooP COMMANDO #2 IP : :27032
  8. This topic is purely for DOI , whenever the price is low or its on sale plz post the links here . DOI for just 9.99$ on steam. 50 % off http://steamcommunity.com/games/447820/announcements/detail/1453959563467113186
  9. Our first DOI Server IP: doi.clan-fa.com:27030 New section, first post