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  1. Happy Birthday mate! All good and well watered for you to celebrate it
  2. Dare Hello I am in this case since I bought the Platinum VIP 12 September 2012 and my profile has not been updated, however the bill but I do I know where I could post by you transfer a copy of the email invoice please, thank you in advance.
  3. Heyyy thank you very much! I just returned from more five days spent in Paris, it was really great, the weather was not good to go too but I'm a lot of fun ^^ But imagine how eager I am to get my MP40/Thompson loool Wake up now to join the server!
  4. Hello and thank you, I thought you were trying to insult me ​​that's why ^ ^ I did not understand so I wanted to put your posts on the forum lol but as there are people on Beginner or save new Xp forever I would avoid most kick your ass on Silent lool
  5. thank you again Nani: I was part of that Fatality is true, but I came into this clan just because my cousins ​​were there and invited me to come, so it was really just to have the same tag when I accepted, I did not intend to make war, but I could make friends nice After I asked to leave the clan because I wanted to play just for fun ^ ^ other teams have tried to recruit me but I did not accept because I really just want fun, enjoy myself when I'm playing on a server, and that's what really prompted me to post my first request in a community and without hesitation I chose F / A
  6. Thank you guys! the pleasure is for me!
  7. Hi everyone! I'm so glad to inform you that I have to choose and offer me the Platinum VIP $ 50 It is a pleasure for all the work you do so that we can enjoy a good atmosphere when you play on your servers W.ET!
  8. Tx everyone!! Merci Annibal sisi je t'ai ajouté ça le fais grave avec les choses que toi et Df!ghter m'avez montré comme quoi même avec + de 5200h de jeu on en apprend toujours c'est super ça!!!^^ Tx everyone! Thanks Hannibal sisi I've added it do serious things that you and Df! Ghter have shown me as even more what 5200h game we always learn that it's great! ^ ^ Yo man!! BOoM BOoM BOoM Head $hot Ar$lan BOom BOom BOom
  9. Hehe I'm glad to see that many who stop to kill me here lool thank you all but I worry avenged arghhhh: p: p: p Df! Ght I went to bed early yesterday it was more than 6 months that had not happened ^ ^
  10. Hi everyone I'm 30 years lagman I love to play in enemy territory! I mainly play on your servers f / a that I find really nice! Servers I've tasted since 2007 where I started my apprenticeship! But they are really really good too because I can get more of this drug that are your servers lool I exceeded 5200h game! I know it's some no-life lool but I still have many years ahead of me to reach 100 000h XD I am very interested in becoming a member of your f / at least I could banish me alone because I am not strong enough to be accused of cheater and maybe I'd finally found a way to get this drug: p no seriously your servers is a killer! Congratulations to you! My favorite game is .... uhhh I think it's because I play enemy territory with nothing else but to meet several who have asked, yes I sleep too: p That if my application you are interested I would be really happy to be part of the greatest clan enemy territory all the time! * Lagman *. Google Translate my french

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