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  1. thanks. I had a bunch of stuff set up before that i was getting atleast playable fps. But that was so fragmented and done as people suggested it that I have no idea what all was done anymore. Then i had a system issue and now im back to shit fps. The weird thing is all my settings stayed the same, but it just runs like crap
  2. So i this old laptop is about dead, but I cant afford to get a new one for the foreseeable future. I wanted to try and use a cfg to see if I can at least get a playable fps. Right now im holding at no higher then 18 fps. and it drops fast. Any suggestions other than blow up my laptop and get a new on. AMD Athlon dual core QL-64 Nividia G force 8200MG
  3. Loading up the family triuckster, heading out for another age in history. Good times and black powder.

  4. Ok took me along time to get up the nerve to post this as I am generally not very confident in my abilities. I recorded this one night on my phone sitting in my office at work. I had very rudimentary lessons in the mid 90's but for the most part self taught with no, repeat no vocal abilities what so ever. I apologize in advance if my voice causes ear damage, vomiting, diarrhea, stroke, heart attack, dog howling, cat screeching or death. Lol
  5. It gets fast but the basics of getting your right hand loose are there in the practice
  6. The reason I asked about music preference is there is a guy on youtube that goes by banjo Ben. His videos and chatting with him really helped get my fingers moving for picking strings. Before I was pretty much locked into rhythm chords with a few minor embellishments. But some people just can't stomach bluegrass at all and I didnt want to my you Ill on top of the urge to quit. If you ever what to chat about playing we love talking about how bad we all are lol
  7. This is Halftime string band. A local band from w. va they played around the PA, MA VA WVA area but I havent heard much out of them in a while . hopefully I uploaded this song correctly . 07 hard times in the city.mp3
  8. ive been playing since the mid 90's and somedays it still feels like i just started lol. It all comes in time. Practice practice practice. once you get those callouses built up on your finger tips it wont hurt. If hand strength is the issue grab a stress ball and work your fret hand when you're just relaxing. the most important thing is to have fun. once you get the basic chord structures down and you get comfortable in the transition from one chord to the next in the pentatonic scale you will be ready to take your big step into smashing a bag of cats against the wall....err i mean playing your first song . What music style are you most interested in playing?
  9. its an odd combo but it is what it is...
  10. What's on my mind....a blizzard that's what's on my mind. Over 2 feet of snow and still going strong.

  11. I made a gaming music channel on Pandora and apparently they really like me to hear this song as it plays at least once an hour, that said I have developed a very strong like of this womans work and have become addicted to this track in particular. .

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