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  1. Nothing like being a called a nooob hacker to make the day complete. :P

  2. I'm from Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido, Japan and I live in Seattle, WA, USA right now
  3. I know that some people can handle the panzer and flamethrower professionally, and whenever I see someone who can perfectly time shots on the panzer at choke points, or can douse a player in flames before they can even fire off a few rounds, it really amazes me. As for my distaste for the Thompson, I wouldn't say that I dislike it but rather that it doesn't have a rhythm that I can really get in tune with. I've been starting to use it more to increase my skill though. And I know that this topic has been posted in the past, but the last reply is about a month old, and I actually meant to just have guns discussed here. Not to mention that 26 pages is err... a lot. I was busy when I was typing this up too, so I accidentally typed too much. Sue me if you'd like
  4. Hey ET players! I've been spectating a lot more lately, and I have started to find a few trends about the weapons people use. And I've started to get curious about which weapon you like and/or use the most and why that is. Maybe you like the plain ol' thompson, or perhaps you're stealthy with a sten? Or maybe you have those days when you're just panzernoobin'. (xD) The weapon I use the most is the MP40, regardless of the team I'm on. I use my thompson as a secondary though. Something about the rate of fire of the thompson doesn't suit me well though, so I try to get to an ammo cabinet before I use it. For close headshots, I use the dual akimbo's and those tend to serve me well due to a minimal recoil compared to a SMG or one of the sniper rifles. As for my least favorite weapon, it'd have to be both of the sniper rifles. Even when I have my mouse turned down to 200dpi, it's still awfully hard for me to control the aim and the spread of either. Why not panzer or flamethrower? Because they're both jokes. Though everybody has their personal opinion, and I try my best not to judge. I still can't resist using some vsays though when someone fires a panzer. I should probably work on that... I Look forward to hearing your responses!
  5. Hey everybody! Somewhere along 8-9 months ago, I joined the F|A forums and already posted an introduction, however things turned crazy and I ended up living in Japan for several months, without the majority of my belongings. So, I decided that I might as well make another introductory post, because I'm sure that the majority of people here don't know me, or forgot about me. (Hopefully at least Annibal remembers me ) I play on the Enemy Territory servers for now (I might join the Minecraft Server at some point), mainly on Jay3. You can find me playing for a few hours once or twice a day, usually in the eveningor morning Pacific Time (let's say 6pm - 4am Pacific Standard). My nickname/handle in all games is Xernicus, it hasn't changed in three years, and probably never will. Most people just call me Xern, so by all means, feel free to! I have to admit that I get pretty anal about my nickname, and you'll likely find me bitching on the forums if someone logs in with the name 'Zernicus' 'Xerni' or whatever. I don't know, it feels like someone's trying to imitate a part of me. My interests range widely from photography and music composition, to playing Enemy Territory at 3:30 in the morning and I'm a huge fan of just letting loose and trying new things. I'm 17 years old, and have almost graduated high school (one semester left of senior year starting in September! Yay for finishing early!) Now for the sappy crap- the reason why i came back. When I got back home, and started playing various first person shooters again, I noticed a general extreme lack of friendship, team building, and friendliness for new players, or players from other clans. Nobody wants to play on a server where the admins are unfair or unjust, the players work against you, etc. So then I remembered Enemy Territory- and my extremely good experiance with the folks here in the F|A clan. In the end, it's pretty obvious where this went; I started playing on the servers again. If you see me on Jay3, feel free to shout out- I'm usually up for a conversation. See you around!
  6. Xernicus

    XP is gone

    Unfortunately, disabling and re-enabling punkpuster did not help. Thanks for the tip though! And I did check my GUID, it's the same as it's always been, so nothing got corrupted. Maybe I can try to cram in one of those 10000xp nights, and try to get my XP back over the weekend Thanks for the help, ++NoCell and DFighter!
  7. Xernicus

    XP is gone

    Hi everybody, I got on jay3 today, after about 2-3 weeks of not playing (because of work, and school) and I noticed that my XP, which was previously 18000-20000ish (18034 or 18134 I think) had dropped down to like 130. I can't remember if my skills (engineering, medic, covert ops, soldier) and the like are gone too, but I'd imagine that if my XP was lost, than so were my skills. Was there an XP reset, or something??? One thing that I did not yet try would be to replace my GUID, or check that it hasn't gotten deleted. I've heard of cases where replacing it has worked, but since this has never happened to me up until now, I don't know if it's really applicable. If anybody could help me out with this, it would be greatly appreciated. I'd hate to see so many hours gone!
  8. Maybe in small ways, yes. But not in large ways. I'm talking OS wide changes, architectural changes, like the kernel. The last time anything super major changed in the kernel was adding Intel support back in 2006. And then a somewhat major change in the kernel by dropping PPC support in SL, and then dropping Rosetta in Lion. The changes that are you see made to OS X the most are akin to Vista's new Start bar, or the gadgets. In fact, if you look at Windows, you'll notice that nothing super major happened from NT4 to Windows XP. Then in Windows Vista, they made some changes to the kernel- refined them in 7 (Still using the NT4 base). And finally, in Windows 8, they're rewriting the damned thing (FINALLY). So besides having a minor aesthetic brush-up now and then, most operating systems don't really change.
  9. What about Mac OS X? That's remained largely unchanged for the past 10 or so years, and Apple keeps getting more and more people to buy a mac, or upgrade to the latest version of OS X. In fact, Mac OS has gained more users then Windows for three or five consecutive years (can't remember which- it's one of the two). And I am not any Apple fanboy- I'm actually typing this with a computer running Windows, I'm just stating facts.
  10. I'm up for trying this, I just downloaded it- and set it up, and I was like 'THIS IS GREAT!'. (Contrary to the fact that I said I didn't like fragging and talking) Not sure if the password's for member's only though. If it is, I'll just wait- no big deal. *shrugs* Looking forward to talking with all of you! -Xernicus
  11. What I prefer depends on my mood, but I generally like Pepsi more I used to drink Dr. Pepper religiously, but now it hurts my stomach , so I have it moderation.
  12. Never watched this. But I am into Anime, so I'll give it a go. And there is no comprehending Puella Magi Madoka Haha
  13. America: The Simpsons Japan: K-ON! (It's the first thing I could think of). But really, my favorite Anime is Bake/Nisemonogatari.
  14. Love White Collar!! I streamed Seasons 1-3 on Netflix- but I've fallen behind on the 4th. The third season disappointed me a bit though. It seemed like there were portions where the plot was missing.
  15. I always feel like you can't go wrong with Bad Boy Bill. Right now, I'm listening to 'Got that feeling" off of "The Album". It's house- not exactly as electric as maybe you were hoping, but it's still good (Sorry the audio's crap in the video- but it's the only album version I found at first glance)
  16. I prefer McDonalds. When it's late, and I'm hungry, I walk down to McD's, pick up a bacon and cheddar Angus 1/3rd pounder, and a large fries... And I feel like a king Hahahaha -Xernicus
  17. Hahahaha Thank you all for your advice- I'm looking through it right now. And spending the money on a mousepad... I never thought of that- but it actually makes quite a bit of sense. Thank you! -Xernicus
  18. Hey all! So yesterday, my faithful Logitech wireless mouse that I had been using for ~5 years or so decided to bite the dust. It had been threatening to do so for quite a while, but I decided to wait it out, until I had a little more money. I'm looking for something decent (no cheap Belkin, Ativa, Dell, HP, etc. crap please), that is wireless with a USB receiver (this is for a desktop- no bluetooth). I prefer laser over optical, though I suppose a ball mouse might work hahaha. I'm also willing to look at wireless keyboard and mouse combo sets- so if you know of a good one, please suggest it! The limiting factor, however, is the money. I'm looking to spend no more then $100 on a mouse, and $150 on a keyboard/mouse combo set. And full form-factor please. I can't stand those puny little 2 inch laptop mice. Hopefully, this topic can be used to help other people as well as me, who are looking for gaming mice. Thank you so much for your help!! -Xernicus
  19. I just applied to join the Xfire gruop. My username is cv01 My Nickname is Xernicus. Looking forward to chatting with all of you!
  20. True. It is one of the maps where Allies need to be able to hold their position. Having the first spawn for Axis halfway to the first door would help whoever is on the team, while giving the Allies a chance to fight the Axis off better. Quick question: I am new to W:ET, and Jaymod, but can't the individual players set their spawn point? Because if so, then that would solve the issue of traveling so far for those people who can figure it out.
  21. Looking good! I'm not particularly fond of minastirith (that's the map I'll disconnect on the most), namely because it provides way too much of an advantage for the Allies for about 5-10 minutes. If the Axis spawned on level 1 instead of across the field, I think I (and other people) would enjoy the map more.
  22. I had fun playing with you too! Thanks for the link to the Applications section, I probably wouldn't have realized that there was an additional board for submitting applications if you hadn't told me. And I submitted my application, now to wait and see what everybody thinks. And thanks to everybody who's welcomed me to the forums- this is a GREAT community.
  23. Karate by Kennedy. "I know karate, I know ju-jitsu, I drive like a gangster when I'm comin' to see you "
  24. Hi everybody! I'm Xernicus, from Seattle, WA, USA. I'm 16 yrs. old, and I play on the W:ET servers usually pretty much daily. I played UrbanTerror for about two years before I started playing W:ET, but I got tired of the maps, and the lack of servers. In case any of you are wondering, the last eight characters of my GUID are: [REMOVED] - feel free and check it out. I do not use ventrillo, or Xfire, namely because having a conversation while I am trying to frag does not work for me. Plus, I don't really have a decent mic or headset. I might give it a shot later, though. Some of the things I enjoy to do are: taking photos, DJing, Writing, Painting (I've kinda got an artist mentality), some other crap, and gaming. So far, the server I've played the most on is the W:ET Jaymod Beginner's server- I like the map cycle, and once in a while there's a good player to have a frag party with I do not yet have VIP membership, nor have I donated- namely because I'm strat for cash. But yes, I've seen your notices in-game, and I plan on donating $50 or so sometime soon. I'd be interested in joining the clan, and I'm definetely into recruiting and the like. The more, the merrier, or something like that. I'm not 100% sure what I can offer, but if there's something that I could do, I'd be up for doing it- whether it's recruiting, talking on the forums, having a clean gamer on the server to moderate/spectate, some coding, or photoshop, etc. Anyways, here are a few random facts about me (somewhat related to gaming): I've had my screenname "Xernicus" for over two years now - and it's become a 2nd identity for me. I made it when I first started playing FPS's, and I got tired of the boring, cliche, average names. After all, how many people have "X" in their screennames? Recently, I have seen other people use my the name on various servers, or in other games- my guess is that they saw it, liked it, and took it. Oh well. Music is my lifeblood. There is not a day I go without listening to at least 2 hours of music. I mostly listen to Japanese music, but I have a little bit of everything- all in a 200gb Music folder. I don't hesitate to make demos of gamers. If I think you're cheating, you're getting reviewed. Especially when I see "20 kills- Godlike" appear in like a minute. Yeah... no. All of my friends seem to think that I'm a super tech genius (I kinda am...), and think I want a job in computer science. That is actually far from the truth- I;d either want a job in Nuclear Science, Advertising (Like at Chiat/Day), or as a designer of sort. Well, that's a bit about me. I look forward to seeing you around!
  25. Xernicus

    Old Album...

    Can't delete this album so might as well re-purpose it at some point

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