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  1. Of course man, my pleasure to start the thread, and all of our pleasure to wish you a happy birthday. (Even if Sasirou just copied and pasted my original text ) Crap deal that the raiders didn't win, if it weren't for Andrew Luck... But hey, that was a good game nevertheless.
  2. Xernicus


    Hmm... teamplay on Jay3. It actually happens more often than you think. The issue is that there's usually only one or two engineers on the team, with 8 or so medics, not counting the bots. Back when Adlernest was on the map rotation, I saw a TON of teamplay, it often blew me away. But what S3ti says is true, stopwatch matches with a trained team- where the goal of completing the obj is right in your face-- is where the real team play is. Also, most new people to the game play on the Beginners server (not to say it's always easy, but because it's labeled beginners), and they have NOOOOO clue what they're doing. I figured it out pretty quickly with the flags and all, but for some people that doesn't happen.
  3. I don't know about you, but I stay up all night to get lucky.

  4. I'll be watching the game! Let's hear it for Oakland!!!!
  5. Happy birthday man! Here's to having a great, fun, productive, and relaxing year! I wish you the best.
  6. Nap time! See ya'll in about an hour or so. :)

    1. WeetBix KiD

      WeetBix KiD

      I cant wait for the days when I can nap again!

    2. GoldenWings


      peng peng peng!!! ;)

  7. Xernicus

    J3 Lost XP and Lvl

    Thanks for the info. And I figured, that's why I asked my question in the ET Support section, rather than on the tracker. Sorry for confusing you about my admin level, I just typed it out as the console spits it out.
  8. Xernicus

    J3 Lost XP and Lvl

    Two quick questions because there's a few things I don't understand. 1. Would restoring from a backup work, like it did on Jay2 the other week? I understand that there's a bug with JayMod and F|A can't do anything about that though. 2. What exactly is this bug? Is it like a maximum number of queries/full database sort of thing? Actually a third question. After logging back on to Jay3, and checking !ad -all, According to EnhancedMod, I'm set at lvl2. According to the results from JayMod? though, I'm still level 0. It seems like all of my commands work though, so thank you. And good luck to the admins who have to listen to us players whine.
  9. Xernicus

    J3 Lost XP and Lvl

    Not everybody lost their XP (I know Anarchy* did not), however I did. I'm not concerned about my XP so much, but if someone could reset my level back to lvl II, that would be great. And if there's a backup, that's even better!
  10. The topic he linked to had screenshots of a system profiling program. My FIRM belief, and this is coming from an IT specialist, is never to overclock. And if you do, to do it sparingly, and on a sliding scale as needed. I know that AMD has it's own program called Overdrive that you can use to safely overclock your GPU. But you need to keep your eye mostly on the memory speed, and the temperature. Those NAND chips are very, very sensitive to overclocking, so only overclock the memory bus if it's like, the end of the world or something.
  11. So just from the little bit of digging that I did, it looks like it is a hardware issue. I'm surprised because hardware issues usually cause BSOD's. Luckily for you though, your graphics card is on the older side, and is going on 4 years old. So, you'll be able to replace it with a newer, faster card for probably only USD$50. I understand that this might not be the solution that you're looking for, but it's better than just going out and buying a whole new computer. You've got some great specs on your motherboard and CPU, that will last you for another 3-5 years I'd imagine
  13. Hiya Kitty! Welcome to the forums! I think you've already seen that there's lot of great people, and lots of great things to talk about. I don't play on the NQ servers (yet), but if you ever decide to hop over to the dark side, and check out Jay1, or Jay3 (my most frequented server), I'll look forward to playing with you!
  14. OH MY GOD. That is HILARIOUS. I think I just laughed my kidneys out. I'll admit that at one point I was pissed to the point of slamming my mouse against my desk and breaking it. However, I do have the legitimate excuse of the receiver not working properly (it was wireless)
  15. Hmm... I have yet to see that error, but I've used nothing but AMD graphics cards for the past 2 years so I'll do my best to help Two things I need to know though, what's the model of your GPU? Onboard or PCI/PCIe? I have heard people reporting that booting into safe mode and running a program called "Driver Sweeper" has helped them. Another thing that might help is turning off hardware acceleration. I believe that option is in the advanced graphics setting, under the Screen Resolution control panel.
  16. He's lewis Hiya and welcome to the forums!! I have yet to play with you because I don't play on the NQ servers, but I wish you luck with your application and have a great time on F|A!
  17. Hey everyone! There's always that player who's having a bad day, or is on the frustrated side. More often than not, they complain a little- and I don't blame them one bit. But, for those people who are really grating your nerves, I thought of something (potentially) witty for all of you F|A folks. Player one: ughhh u suck stop killing me u hacker noob! (had to make it as melodramatic as possible xD)| F|A forum member: Didn't you know? My job IS to kill you, I'm a fearless assassin! Feel free to change it around, use it as much (or as little) as you'd like-- though I've found it works pretty well at getting people to calm down a little.
  18. Happy birthday to the both of you!! Live it up!
  19. I've been seeing you a lot on Jay3 recently, and I always enjoy playing with (or against ) you. Welcome to the forums!
  20. Well before it blew up upon re-entry that is
  21. :D I got it on sale too-- only $120 The only complaint I have is that the software/driver is a bit clunky and slow. But other than that, I feel like I'm controlling the spaceship Columbia xD
  22. I'm using a ROCCAT Isku FX-- for a membrane keyboard it might certainly be the best out there. It feels mechanical too, which is even better.
  23. I read that he is 11 years old in his application post. If this is the case, you're going to have to wait 4 years before you can join F|A. However, you are very much welcome both on the forums and on the servers
  24. I heard this while listening to a radio show last night. And I'm not sure what to say. He deserved to rot, and he deserved to die. But I think that he deserved the torture that he slammed onto those poor girls. I understand that suicide is for some people, a way out of painful situations, but this is just cowardice. What a piece of sh*t.

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