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  1. What motherboard component controls the video card? It really depends on the processor you've got. On my computer, it would be the southbridge. What section of Microsoft Windows XP controls the hardware on your PC? The HAL, obviously. (Hardware Abstraction Layer) What controls the amount of data you can receive from an ISP node? I'd presume the packet headers. What exactly does the IC chips on your motherboard do? Pretty simple question, really. They turn certain circuits on and off, thus creating logic gates. What does Windows 32 bit do that makes software run on it? I'm confused by the wording of this question. If I took my old 486 and started up Windows 3.1, there's NOTHING 32-bit about that. All 16 bit there. Now are you talking about after Windows 2000 (Where 16-bit software runs in purely emulated DOS)...?
  2. Hiya, I'm pretty impressed at the new rotation. I actually personally like Rhine; sure there's only two ways to get to the other side, but that means you have to push through the choke points. It makes for good headshot practice, as well as stealth/firing time practice. Quick question S3ti, because this is really the first time I've disagreed with you on something Would you prefer that the chokepoints would be open, and you'd likely be killed by an artillery strike, or that you had to actually kill the players, face to face? School gets tiring quick... but I find it to be a nice change. Please disable rushing though on this map; even though Beginners 1 has the 5 minute rush rule, it's far too easy for Allies to get the book, bring it to the truck, and get it past that (very short) road. Would love to see Gold Rush and Fuel Dump back on rotation for Jay3. It's been quite a long time since Fuel Dump at least, one year now if I'm correct? Oooooohhhhhhh, and I absolutely LOVE Bremen, please keep it for another rotation or two! And glad you got rid of Sands of Time. Thanks as always, Dare!
  3. Hey! I know quite a bit about the WRT series, and I can say without a doubt that it's a great router, with great range. The only thing negative that I can say is that it's only Wireless g- or 54mbps. Wireless n, the current standard, has maximum potential speed for 300mbps. (Minus 5% for packet headers and what not). WPA2 is also hard on those WRT's... verrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy slllllloooowwwwww Generally, the RAM and CPU don't matter. But if you want to buy a new wireless router, Netgear and Cisco would be the brands of choice. ASUS routers are extraordinarily unstable, as is anything made by ZyXel. Linksys is Cisco's cheap brand, I've had nothing but bad luck with their equipment. Another great option is to get an older wireless router and put DD-WRT on it. Who says that something 3-5 years old HAS to be obsolete when you can re-flash it? I'm not sure what you've got for internet, or what modem you use, so I'm not sure how much I can help you there... I'm going to guess it's cable internet just because you're looking at the EPS series. The EPC3825 is known for having some issues with the firmware most ISPs ship it with though, so I'd look at something else. If you could provide a link with a list of the modems your ISP supports, I'd be more than happy to look at them all, and give you the ones that have the best reviews.
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  5. Hello and welcome to the forums! I don't play CoD so I haven't seen you (yet) but if you play ET, I'm a regular on JayMod3, and I play on the NoQuarter servers a few times a week. Always looking to get to know more people from the forums, so feel free to shout if ya see me! See ya around!
  6. I actually had absolutely no inspiration for my name. I made it up in 2010, when I started playing UrbanTerror, wanting something "dark and mysterious" I remember wanting something that would roll off of the tongue, and I used the letter 'X' because it's once of the least used letters in the English alphabet. I'm pretty protective of my handle, I treat it like my own intellectual property-- because it represents me, and because- without a doubt- I made it up. I have had the problem of people stealing it from me though, so I guess there's another Xern out there now... *shakes fist*
  7. Now that Oracle has ceased development and IBM has merged Lotus Symphony with Apache OpenOffice, the suite has gotten quite a bit better. It's stable, and the interpretation of other document formats has gotten a BIG upgrade. If you use spreadsheets though, I'd be wary about opening an Excel file-- I've had issues with tables not formatted correctly, loss of data past a certain point, etc. Same goes with presentations, OpenOffice doesn't have any stellar features that you might find, in say Microsoft PowerPoint. You might look at Office 2003, it (to the best of my knowledge) works in Windows 7 64-bit. You will need to install Service Pack 3 for Office 2003 though before using it at all. You should be able to pick up a copy of it for around 25-30 bucks on eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Microsoft-Office-2003-Small-Business-w-BCM-Key-and-COA-Included-One-Use-/290981803758?pt=US_Office_Business_Software&hash=item43bfddf6ee Another option would be to just get a standalone version of Excel, either an older (or a new) version. But other than the spreadsheet issue, I wouldn't have a doubt recommending Apache OpenOffice to you.
  8. Well if you've got 8gb of RAM, and you go with the 32 bit version, you'll only be able to use 3.5gb of it, same with 4gb. What are the hardware components that supposedly won't work? Perhaps there's a different driver or a workaround that can be done. I personally would choose the 64bit edition over the 32bit, simply because 32bit is an aging and an increasingly obsolete, memory width.
  9. Does anybody here have a common occurrence of "earworm" like I do? Maybe you just LOVE a certain part of a song, and play it on repeat for hours? Share it here so we can all hear it! mine: Can't Control Myself by Krewella
  10. Welllllp 27. Only 9 years older than I actually am...
  11. Great! I'll be checking the server out here shortly then! I like making fireplaces (with netherrack and brick), but I can definitely forego that on the F|A servers, just because I know that can be abused. As for the "password" I'm talking about, this would be a good example: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/loginsecurity/ But anyways, since everybody needs a legit copy of Minecraft I'm not worried about it. I've played on other servers where apparently you didn't need a legit copy (prior to 1.6 that is), and somebody logged in with my name, and... well, long story short, it wasn't fun in the slightest. Alright. Time to assassinate some creepers. Fearlessly.
  12. Don't learn to hack. Hack to learn.

    1. buhbye
    2. HE#L!)


      play fair dont cheat v933 :PPP

    3. Xernicus


      Awww crap. I've been caught along with my bud Cledus.

  13. Thanks for the fast response! I figured that un-approved building on other people's stuff wouldn't be allowed, but good to hear a confirmation on that. What I meant in question 4, is I know that using certain server-side mods it's possible to prevent players from using certain blocks or doing certain actions (such as TNT, setting fires, fireworks, etc.) and I was wondering if that applied here. My guess would be no? Oh, and by question 5 I meant after I join the server if I had to type in a password or something to make sure it was actually me who was connecting, as Minecraft lacks GUIDs and ETKeys and the such. But that's not an issue if it's in "online" mode- which I presume it is. Anyways, thanks again for answering the questions, and I'll see ya in game for sure!
  14. Good to see another ET player! I don't really play much on Jay2, but I frequent Nay3 and NQ3- so maybe I'll see ya around?
  15. I dig the intro! I hope to see ya around
  16. Welcome to the forums! I'm sure you'll have fun around here.
  17. My bad. I was looking at Jay2. It's still not as bad as only 1/20 people can connect. And by all means, tell DareDevil how to run his clan. Why not PM him with your qualifications and experience while you're at it? I'm certainly not going to, I'm just here to have fun, make friends, and give advice. Now since my advice and (previous) friendliness obviously isn't welcome to you, I'll be taking my leave.
  18. Morning ritual time! Coffee.. check. Trance music... check. Now to wait for my noisy neighbors to leave for work.

  19. That's actually a much better board than the MSI. The form factor seems identical enough (I'm still exhausted, haven't had my morning cup of coffee yet). The only thing I will say, is to make sure your case supports the extra ports that are on the Gigabyte, and if not, that you (or know someone who is) feel comfortable drilling through the aluminum or plastic (case) so that the board fits. +1 to S3ti for knowing his stuff.
  20. Well when you're $2400 short of breaking even for the year, it IS a lot of money. Dare isn't made of gold, ya know. ^ edit: So they did have to alter the PK3 files. So the CRC or whatever it uses for verification won't match unless you download the new ones. And even if there were to be a new server... it's the same thing. They'd still have to run the cleaner, and re-download the PK3 files. And, to be honest, I'm not seeing too much of a drop in the number of players per week, as you can check here: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ For the record, Dare has been doing this for some 4+ years now, I'd imagine he knows just a littttle more than you and I combined when it comes to what's involved in hosting the F|A servers.
  21. So... I've got some good news for ya. Luckily, your processor IS AM2+, not AM2. Unfortunately, even AM2+ motherboards can be hard to come by, and I know this just from rebuild my own computer which has an AM2+/AM3 compatible processor in it. And then there's the money constraint. I'm a "e-cycle" kind of person, so buying a whole new motherboard, case, CPU, and memory is a big no-no for me, when there's just one thing that need replacing. And, that CPU and memory is still "current", you shouldn't have to really build/buy a new computer for another 2-3 years at least, imho. So, this is the motherboard you want: MSI MS-7501 I looked around at a few American retailers (I'm here in the USA), but I did find some of these on eBay for around 38 euros (not including shipping). And they're refurbished from a seller who has good feedback. Here's the link for you: http://www.ebay.de/sch/i.html?_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.XMSI+MS-7501&_nkw=MSI+MS-7501&_sacat=0&_from=R40 just scroll down to the international sellers. By the way, I may be able to find you a compatible motherboard if you'd like, I'm just on the busy side so it would take me awhile. Good luck!
  22. Sure thing man. Two things that would help me help you: Your CPU "identifier" (Example AMD Athlon 620, Phenom 960T, etc.) And the speed of your ram. Is it 4200, 5300, 6400, etc? Once I get that info, I can really narrow down the search results.
  23. I think my spleen just burst from how hard I laughed. ^^ I vote him to be F|A's official standup comedian.

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