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  1. Never watched this. But I am into Anime, so I'll give it a go. And there is no comprehending Puella Magi Madoka Haha
  2. America: The Simpsons Japan: K-ON! (It's the first thing I could think of). But really, my favorite Anime is Bake/Nisemonogatari.
  3. Love White Collar!! I streamed Seasons 1-3 on Netflix- but I've fallen behind on the 4th. The third season disappointed me a bit though. It seemed like there were portions where the plot was missing.
  4. I always feel like you can't go wrong with Bad Boy Bill. Right now, I'm listening to 'Got that feeling" off of "The Album". It's house- not exactly as electric as maybe you were hoping, but it's still good (Sorry the audio's crap in the video- but it's the only album version I found at first glance)
  5. I prefer McDonalds. When it's late, and I'm hungry, I walk down to McD's, pick up a bacon and cheddar Angus 1/3rd pounder, and a large fries... And I feel like a king Hahahaha -Xernicus
  6. Hahahaha Thank you all for your advice- I'm looking through it right now. And spending the money on a mousepad... I never thought of that- but it actually makes quite a bit of sense. Thank you! -Xernicus
  7. Hey all! So yesterday, my faithful Logitech wireless mouse that I had been using for ~5 years or so decided to bite the dust. It had been threatening to do so for quite a while, but I decided to wait it out, until I had a little more money. I'm looking for something decent (no cheap Belkin, Ativa, Dell, HP, etc. crap please), that is wireless with a USB receiver (this is for a desktop- no bluetooth). I prefer laser over optical, though I suppose a ball mouse might work hahaha. I'm also willing to look at wireless keyboard and mouse combo sets- so if you know of a good one, please suggest it! The limiting factor, however, is the money. I'm looking to spend no more then $100 on a mouse, and $150 on a keyboard/mouse combo set. And full form-factor please. I can't stand those puny little 2 inch laptop mice. Hopefully, this topic can be used to help other people as well as me, who are looking for gaming mice. Thank you so much for your help!! -Xernicus
  8. I just applied to join the Xfire gruop. My username is cv01 My Nickname is Xernicus. Looking forward to chatting with all of you!
  9. True. It is one of the maps where Allies need to be able to hold their position. Having the first spawn for Axis halfway to the first door would help whoever is on the team, while giving the Allies a chance to fight the Axis off better. Quick question: I am new to W:ET, and Jaymod, but can't the individual players set their spawn point? Because if so, then that would solve the issue of traveling so far for those people who can figure it out.
  10. Looking good! I'm not particularly fond of minastirith (that's the map I'll disconnect on the most), namely because it provides way too much of an advantage for the Allies for about 5-10 minutes. If the Axis spawned on level 1 instead of across the field, I think I (and other people) would enjoy the map more.
  11. I had fun playing with you too! Thanks for the link to the Applications section, I probably wouldn't have realized that there was an additional board for submitting applications if you hadn't told me. And I submitted my application, now to wait and see what everybody thinks. And thanks to everybody who's welcomed me to the forums- this is a GREAT community.
  12. Karate by Kennedy. "I know karate, I know ju-jitsu, I drive like a gangster when I'm comin' to see you "
  13. Hi everybody! I'm Xernicus, from Seattle, WA, USA. I'm 16 yrs. old, and I play on the W:ET servers usually pretty much daily. I played UrbanTerror for about two years before I started playing W:ET, but I got tired of the maps, and the lack of servers. In case any of you are wondering, the last eight characters of my GUID are: [REMOVED] - feel free and check it out. I do not use ventrillo, or Xfire, namely because having a conversation while I am trying to frag does not work for me. Plus, I don't really have a decent mic or headset. I might give it a shot later, though. Some of the things I enjoy to do are: taking photos, DJing, Writing, Painting (I've kinda got an artist mentality), some other crap, and gaming. So far, the server I've played the most on is the W:ET Jaymod Beginner's server- I like the map cycle, and once in a while there's a good player to have a frag party with I do not yet have VIP membership, nor have I donated- namely because I'm strat for cash. But yes, I've seen your notices in-game, and I plan on donating $50 or so sometime soon. I'd be interested in joining the clan, and I'm definetely into recruiting and the like. The more, the merrier, or something like that. I'm not 100% sure what I can offer, but if there's something that I could do, I'd be up for doing it- whether it's recruiting, talking on the forums, having a clean gamer on the server to moderate/spectate, some coding, or photoshop, etc. Anyways, here are a few random facts about me (somewhat related to gaming): I've had my screenname "Xernicus" for over two years now - and it's become a 2nd identity for me. I made it when I first started playing FPS's, and I got tired of the boring, cliche, average names. After all, how many people have "X" in their screennames? Recently, I have seen other people use my the name on various servers, or in other games- my guess is that they saw it, liked it, and took it. Oh well. Music is my lifeblood. There is not a day I go without listening to at least 2 hours of music. I mostly listen to Japanese music, but I have a little bit of everything- all in a 200gb Music folder. I don't hesitate to make demos of gamers. If I think you're cheating, you're getting reviewed. Especially when I see "20 kills- Godlike" appear in like a minute. Yeah... no. All of my friends seem to think that I'm a super tech genius (I kinda am...), and think I want a job in computer science. That is actually far from the truth- I;d either want a job in Nuclear Science, Advertising (Like at Chiat/Day), or as a designer of sort. Well, that's a bit about me. I look forward to seeing you around!
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    Can't delete this album so might as well re-purpose it at some point

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