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  1. Ugh, I'm not a big fan of the big bang theory. But I'm very disappointed that Apple, who was once the leader in the tablet and mobile device market, keeps releasing garbage. Guess they just got too big of an ego... Just because they have a (small) loyal fanbase doesn't mean that they should be afraid of change- it's much needed in this constantly changing PC market.
  2. i knew I smelled something off! That looks great though! Not too big on shrooms and eggs, but it still looks appetizing as hell! Congrats on making me even more hungry.
  3. Happy to help. You're a great guy, and I'm sure your children are great as well. I've sent a link to a few of my friends in addition, to help you gain more supporters. Best of luck to you, mate.
  4. This is getting out of control. This should've stopped at Columbine- why people think they can scar others like this is beyond me. My heart goes out to all of the children who were witness and the family of the teacher who was killed.
  5. Heyyyyy Sid! I LOVE Your topic name, so much that it drew me to the welcome section! I don't play COD yet, so I probably won't be seeing you in game soon, but I am an avid ET fan, so perhaps you'll see me there? Welcome to the forums, and have a great time! It truly is great here.
  6. Flu is gone... new internet speed and a faster connection... This means GAME NIGHT ON Jay3!! Come and join me, I'll be on at around 8pm PST. :D

  7. I've been seeing you on Jay3 often this past month. I hope to see more of you! Please, make yourself at home on the forums- you are most certainly welcome here. Have fun, and I'm sure I'll see you in game here quite soon!
  8. Oh hey, it looks like I caught the flu. How fun.

    1. GoldenWings
    2. von Rantala

      von Rantala

      Hopefully you feel better soon! Take Care!

  9. Here's the thing about MAC address filtering that is... what you could call the downside. Let's say I'm using your wi-fi with your permission. It would be super easy for me to run a tool like wireshark, get a list of all of the known MAC addresses that are on the device table, and so- the next time I come cruising through, I spoof my MAC address on my network card, and boom. Instant access. With a bit of more work, I being a hipster neighbor or something that doesn't believe in paying for anything, could analyze your network traffic, decrypt it, look at the known MAC addresses, and once again, spoof the information. There's a small likelihood of it happening, but the user base of people that are doing this is growing at a steady rate. And it's getting easier to do as the tools get more user friendly. I think of it like this (because I had this happen to me once, in the dead of winter, of all times)- someone breaks into your car, and you have your glove compartment locked. And because they're too drugged up and drunk to get through the proper way, they get pissed off that it's locked, and they smash up your dash and your windows. As for guest networks, the router doesn't know what traffic is what, for the most part. That's an option that still allows them full access to your network, because they're simply connected. Once you're connected, you've got access to everything with knowledge and patience. What I would do in your case is have two wireless routers, hooked up to your gateway router (or one extra wireless router, if your gateway router has a wireless feature), and have that used for guest traffic. It'll be it's own network, and therefore you don't have to worry about someone having access to your network shares. If you want to go the full mile, set up a different subnet. But generally, as long as the two routers aren't bridged, they basically won't talk to each other- and therefore, everything is safe. Hope I helped
  10. Today, I received a very disturbing email in my inbox from Sophos. As an IT Project manager, I feel the need to be up to date on all known vulnerabilities for my customers- and for myself. And unfortunately for those who are non-believers, Sophos is the world's leading firm in IT security- so I'm pretty sure that your cocky attitude on how you waste 80 bucks a year on AntiVirus and Firewall software is about to kick you in the a**. These models below are affected, and the administration panel can easily hacked into- just by changing the user string that your browser sends. The user string, as some people know it, is the clumsy and slow way that web browsers tell servers how to display the information. That's why you get mobile sites on your smartphone, Internet Explorer 8 and below displays pages horribly, and how YouTube knows you need a flash update. And that silly little thing could allow someone to steal all of your information. Here are the known hackable D-Link routers (there's probably more, it's like cockroaches) DIR-100 DI-524 DI-524UP DI-604S DI-604UP DI-604+ TM-G5240 For those of you interested in the "backdoor" look at how this backdoor was found, here ya go: http://www.devttys0.com/2013/10/reverse-engineering-a-d-link-backdoor/ Remember these big tips: WPS is bad, bad, bad. UPnP can make life easier, it can cost you a fortune. If your router doesn't support WPA2, buy a new one. MAC Address Filtering does nothing but deter wannabe hackers. Ever heard of packet sniffing? Perhaps it's time to use a VPN depending on the work you do, and where you do it. Good luck everyone, and stay safe. Remember, don't click on those pop-up ads.
  11. There is the slight technicality that I was an only child, though that actually might be better for the world, if you think rationally. And with that, of course- consider it done. Good day to ya.
  12. We all see them, they're on reddit, 4chan, Facebook, and Twitter: Those Google searches where you can't help facepalming and saying "What the literal f***?!" Here's a topic to post those images, or if you're brave enough... post your own searches! Here's one of mine, that I did today... I realized how BAD it actually was after oh... about 10 seconds. xD And I'm shameless enough to admit... it's as dirty as it sounds. Feel free to re-search these if you want! Enjoy and have fun! Oh, and please upload the images and share the links if they're small or low-resolution so people can click on them! http://www.mediafire.com/view/m8h9od1fbyjp1st/oniichan.JPG#
  13. Not for my soundsystem But great stuff nonetheless. Glad you shared. Here's what I'm jamming to right now at... 4 am. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=XDutLyxdvyg#! EDIT: Song I've linked has nothing to with Narbisaur's... the forum software is merging my posts.
  14. Wow. How very beautiful in a melancholy way. I've wished to travel to Pripyat for awhile now; I've taken special interest in the area for oh... probably 3 years now. You wouldn't have perhaps gotten any pictures of the Red Forest, would you? I know the radiation there is still extraordinarily high... Were you in a tour group, or did you go by yourself? I've heard that there's Armed Forces guarding some areas, but it's generally easy to sneak though. Anyways, thank you SO MUCH for sharing!
  15. Huh... well then I must've seen a different Marlboro then on Jay3... well wander around! Especially if you plan on applying to be a member Come play on Jay3, NQ, Silent, etc. You'll meet some great people!
  16. There is this myserious... ooze all over my desk, and I'm not sure I reallly want to know how it got there...

  17. Saw you on Jay3 last week or so, glad to see you on the forums! Hope to play with you more soon
  18. Hey Kamikaze! If you're who I think you are, it's great to see ya here! One of my favorite new regulars on Jay3 for sure! Welcome to the forums, and have a wonderful time
  19. Oh there ya go, RedBaird... I LOVE your idea there! Just a quick update here- the procedure went well, but not smoothly; there was much more work that needed to be than what the MRI showed! The two main issues were the tissue that healed, healed wrong, and they had to cut it and suture it to get it back in it's proper position. The second problem is... well like the story to sell to the bar tenders to get a free beer (and a fifth of whiskey, I hope ); I now have implants. I have an artificial head of my humerus, as well as an extended "capsule" for the socket. Not quite bionic, but I'm going to need to re-learn how to move my arm. So anyways, thanks for the kind thoughts, and of course the humor. I most certainly needed it. I'll update again here either tomorrow or on Wednesday with.... PICTURES! (if you'd like to see them, they'll be on a different server, and I'll just post links). For those who play on Jay3, I might be on from time to time spectating, and I'm always willing to chat.
  20. Thanks S3ti!! you're awesome, mate.
  21. Hi everyone! As some of you know, I'm going under the knife here in about... 7 hours. Unfortunately, what's going under the knife is my shoulder, or more specifically, my rotator cuff. The operation is called an "Open Bankart Procedure" and it will leave me unable to move my right shoulder and arm for around 3-5 weeks. This means 3-5 weeks of no ET. The pain killers the doctors are prescribing me are quite strong as well, Oxy and Morphine; which will probably mean that I'll be inactive on the forums for about a week or so. I hope to see you all soon, and I'll miss you all. Please PM me or contact me on XFire if you want to chat-- I'll try my best to get back to you as soon as I can! Oh, and if you like to text, send me your number if you'd like. I can text onehanded much easier than typing onehanded Frag ya soon! Your friend, Xern P.S. Any suggestions for movies to watch on Netflix?
  22. What motherboard component controls the video card? It really depends on the processor you've got. On my computer, it would be the southbridge. What section of Microsoft Windows XP controls the hardware on your PC? The HAL, obviously. (Hardware Abstraction Layer) What controls the amount of data you can receive from an ISP node? I'd presume the packet headers. What exactly does the IC chips on your motherboard do? Pretty simple question, really. They turn certain circuits on and off, thus creating logic gates. What does Windows 32 bit do that makes software run on it? I'm confused by the wording of this question. If I took my old 486 and started up Windows 3.1, there's NOTHING 32-bit about that. All 16 bit there. Now are you talking about after Windows 2000 (Where 16-bit software runs in purely emulated DOS)...?
  23. Hiya, I'm pretty impressed at the new rotation. I actually personally like Rhine; sure there's only two ways to get to the other side, but that means you have to push through the choke points. It makes for good headshot practice, as well as stealth/firing time practice. Quick question S3ti, because this is really the first time I've disagreed with you on something Would you prefer that the chokepoints would be open, and you'd likely be killed by an artillery strike, or that you had to actually kill the players, face to face? School gets tiring quick... but I find it to be a nice change. Please disable rushing though on this map; even though Beginners 1 has the 5 minute rush rule, it's far too easy for Allies to get the book, bring it to the truck, and get it past that (very short) road. Would love to see Gold Rush and Fuel Dump back on rotation for Jay3. It's been quite a long time since Fuel Dump at least, one year now if I'm correct? Oooooohhhhhhh, and I absolutely LOVE Bremen, please keep it for another rotation or two! And glad you got rid of Sands of Time. Thanks as always, Dare!
  24. Hey! I know quite a bit about the WRT series, and I can say without a doubt that it's a great router, with great range. The only thing negative that I can say is that it's only Wireless g- or 54mbps. Wireless n, the current standard, has maximum potential speed for 300mbps. (Minus 5% for packet headers and what not). WPA2 is also hard on those WRT's... verrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy slllllloooowwwwww Generally, the RAM and CPU don't matter. But if you want to buy a new wireless router, Netgear and Cisco would be the brands of choice. ASUS routers are extraordinarily unstable, as is anything made by ZyXel. Linksys is Cisco's cheap brand, I've had nothing but bad luck with their equipment. Another great option is to get an older wireless router and put DD-WRT on it. Who says that something 3-5 years old HAS to be obsolete when you can re-flash it? I'm not sure what you've got for internet, or what modem you use, so I'm not sure how much I can help you there... I'm going to guess it's cable internet just because you're looking at the EPS series. The EPC3825 is known for having some issues with the firmware most ISPs ship it with though, so I'd look at something else. If you could provide a link with a list of the modems your ISP supports, I'd be more than happy to look at them all, and give you the ones that have the best reviews.

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