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  1. improvements in the connection

    Sounds like it could be buggy router firmware. You might check to see if the manufacturer has an update available. If not, you could try a factory reset. Note: Only flash the firmware over Ethernet.
  2. Hey man. Did you get your build yet?

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      I heard that it's building him.

    3. Vindstot


      The computer is building Xerni? o.o

      My world just shattered!

    4. OnionKnight


      Xerni is actually just a series of computers hooked together

  3. DOI suggestion pvp server

    8 players doesn't make much sense to me, given statistics I see. And for me, I don't want to have to run around a map to have to find someone. Enforce team play, host custom maps, be chill. Be open to suggestions. Also, let's not expand too fast. And for the future... no need for theaters-- This ain't DOIPro. I would say 16+ players with tweaks. Remember that atmosphere is what makes a server. If we can't get 8v8, we need to look at changing things.
  4. Can't leave a build unfinished- new case and mobo for the FX-8350 before the Ryzen comes. ;)

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    2. Xernicus


      It's a pretty affordable platform... but DDR4? Pff, gotta pay through the nose for that. RAM prices are ridiculous, a good kit can cost more than the CPU itself. :huh:

    3. Symfony


      Exactly. Plus DDR4 isn't even a great improvement on the consumer end. 

    4. OnionKnight


      Pics when you get it :D. There is still an embargo on 2700x reviews, but it looks like it is going to blow some socks off

  5. Possibly replace Pirates or TC Base w/ Kerkyra? (Love both, but would be nice to have something "new") Adlerhorst isn't too popular with the players. Beerrun works... been awhile since we've had it on. If we add Normandy, I'd replace Beach Invasion with it (Change Beach for Normandy version). I'd put Kombinat and Adlerhorst on top of list of maps to change. Frostbite, Secret Weapon and School are getting a little long in the tooth. They seem to have been on rotation for few years now. Kind of a "staple" though, I suppose. What was the reaction to MLB Egypt? That was a fun map. Also, Western could be something new to try.
  6. Once again, keep it business. This is replacement for Tracker. Staff+ will check GUIDs and make sure it's all good to set lvl. For the rest, feel free to make a welcome back topic-- there you can say "welcome back!" Thanks.
  7. Words To Remember Us By

    PiNoY: I can't dude, coffee Xernicus: =F|A= on coffee break Annibal: yep Annibal: Annibal: true story
  8. Windows Good software for folder sync

    Been years since I needed to sync folders in Windows-- back when we were migrating to new ERP system. Really depends on what your purpose is- incremental backup, synchronization across tons of folders (like a template), etc. There was something in PowerToys (PowerSync?) that worked decently for the latter, but the user interface was fubar. For backups... I've used Symantec backup exec... worked decently. Been on NovaBackup for awhile now- works pretty good for incrementals. None of these really work for symlinks though. I'd see if VSS would work for you in that regard. Why not check cygwin port of rsync?
  9. New earphones on the way and pre-ordered Ryzen 2700x! :3

    1. OnionKnight


      Way to go bro :D. So I assume a new build is on the way? :D

  10. Massive Lags

    Most likely would have something to do with your config. If you have it in a separate file, you can execute that (ie: /exec sad1.cfg). Next time you have issues though, I'd suggest trying the PK3 cleaner rather than reinstalling. Here would be the cvars that could cause similar issues off the top of my head: - /rate (34000-90000) - /cl_maxpackets (30-100) - /cl_packetdup (0, 1, 2) - where 1 and 2 are the amt. of duplicate packets sent. 0 has least latency, 2 would add a bit but prevent packet loss from ruining your game - /r_primitives (0, 1, 2) - Typical issue... usually values would be 0 for Nvidia, 1 for Intel, 2 for AMD. Lately seems everyone needs value at 2. Try it and /vid_restart. If it doesn't help, revert back to previous value. - /com_maxfps - If it's too high (or set at 0), the framebuffer would be overloaded causing (you guessed it!) lag. Would suggest 71-133 fps, unless you're playing on a potato... then 43.
  11. WinMTR issue

    IPv6 (or lack thereof) wouldn't cause your issue. You can install English locale, swap it temporarily right before teamviewer connection, and then revert to Hungarian once this gets fixed up (was going to suggest that anyways...) I suppose whoever has free time first (either dare or I) can get this fixed up for you. Let's see... it's 1:45am atm (and I've been driving all day) so it's a no-go right now... but later today I'll be free. I'll have run to the bank real quick in the morning and then I'll be free. (~10-12hrs from now)
  12. Back a day early. :) Sad family stuff going on (still), but got to test drive 1000mi with my newly machined head and cam, runs pretty good! Not happy with my valve adjustment, and a few idle issues... but quick and easy to fix.

    1. RedBaird


      Sorry to read of a sad time for you.

    2. OnionKnight


      Hope things get better for you. Best wishes man

  13. ET Server Suggestion old forums

    @Neuro Check tutorials nub
  14. Group Reinstate No Longer Inactive

    This section is not for chit-chat. Feel free to make wb topic, but keep reports/issues strictly business. (this is replacement for tracker) /locked