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  1. Been awhile since I've posted a status update. How's everyone doing?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. toxicity


      Unfathomably busy, though consistently lurking. Hope you're doing well, Xerni!

    3. RedBaird


      @toxicity  I could not quite find the 'correct' emoji to express, so I settled for 😃:lol: . 


      Hmm, it seems that the "notification laughing face" is not available in the new emoticon-list nor in our old-forums emoji-list.  :hmm


      See how easily I get side-tracked?  That is why I never seem to finish all items on my FA-TO-DO List!  (or so I like to believe 👼)

    4. Xernicus


      Luckily, things are starting to fall back into the normal routine. Of course right when things start getting back to normal, there's a second funeral to attend in a little in over a month. 2018 has definitely liked to throw crap in my face. @toxicity That's been the story of my life lately.

  2. There are plenty of cvars (such as cg_teamchatsonly that you mentioned) to reduce the text you see, vsays you hear, and depending on which mod you play on, varying degrees of HUD customization. Hardcore spam isn't allowed on our servers, but I find it pretty unreal that people would play online without wanting to talk to anyone or meet anyone outside of their "social circle".... I mean, that's the whole thing about multiplayer games: interaction. When it's crunch time for the obj, people stop paying attention to the chat and focus up on the game. I also know plenty of players who run two main configs- one's pretty standard, the other is barebones for when they want to focus. On that note, for those folks that have issues with focusing on the game because of chat popups or certain sounds, that's understandable. And we're happy to help players customize their settings to clean up their HUD, make the chat only appear in the console, turn off vsays, etc- so that they can enjoy their game. And if someone is hardcore spamming, take some screenshots, make a report, we'll mute em up. ofc insults, hardcore spam, continuous trolling = not allowed. But I'm not gonna put limits on how much someone can talk with their friend or where they do it. Rare exception might be someone talking about the same thing for 30+ minutes, I'd say "dude, that's getting old... mind taking it to PM or FT?" 98% of the time it goes smooth, chat cleans up. But we don't want to be the chat police, that just drives people away. We'll see what we can do. We try our best to get the hardcore spammers but we can't get every one of em. It'll always be a bit of a cluster on Jay1, that's just how it is and that's where some cvar customization comes in- but if there's someone just hardcore memeing it up or being a spamgod in the chat, let us know. At the end of the day though, our goal is to have a relaxed, easygoing atmosphere.
  3. happy belated b day bud. hope it was  good times!

    1. Xernicus


      Thx man! Good to hear from you, hope you're doing well :D

  4. Thank you all very much for the warm birthday wishes! You're all amazing people- look forward to seeing everyone in the servers soon!
  5. Hey! Thanks for your purchase and trust/loyalty in our services. Could you tell me when you purchased the VIP subscription, and also if you posted in this topic with the transaction ID from PayPal? (if you have not posted, please do so- either way, we're looking into this) EDIT: I see your forum group is set appropriately. Are you inquiring about level on our servers?)
  6. I have mixed feelings about this: 1. Windows 8.1 was a difference of night and day from Win 8. There's not reason not to use 8.1 if you're still on 8-- it's worth it and you could never go back once you experience it. (Personal opinion) 2. This is complete and utter bull****. They have the option not to be like Apple, and what do they do? (Professional and halfway personal opinion) Yeah, yeah I get that it's not a major market share- and I understand the costs of backwards compatibility- and how it actually sets Windows development back. It's certainly not going to grow either, considering it's not sold anymore. (Though I find the occasional copy of Win7...) However, rather than segment the market like Apple with both iOS + MacOS and (to a lesser extent) Google do, they could be innovative (in a way) and backport UWP to Windows 8/8.1 and support all of the people still on old software that helped launch their new platform (Windows 10/Surface/UWP).
  7. Do you know whether your PC has AMD, Intel or Nvidia graphics? If you've got an AMD chipset, you'll need to open the console (~) and type "set r_primitives 2" followed by "/vidrestart"
  8. Instructions unclear, subscribed to dialup.
  9. hi dude


  10. Looks good to me. I've seen 2700x's going for 299.99 (the MSRP) on Amazon, you might get it from there. 3200MHz memory is a good choice, I've heard that 3200MHz kits overclocked to 3466 is the sweet spot for infinity fabric. 3600 can have XMP issues or instability. Timings on the Vengeance modules look a little loose, but those can probably be tightened up in memory OC or simply left as-is.
  11. Ah, I see what they're doing. I don't agree with the practice, since it essentially "breaks" end to end routing among other things, but it's not unheard of for ISP's to cheap out on migrating to IPv6. Anyways, while I wouldn't put it past the datacenter to have some internal issues, I see packetloss starting from Airtel's middlebox, the third hop. Then it just carries down... On that note, your IP is detected as a proxy because it is shared. Airtel ran out of IP addresses and won't migrate to IPv6, and there's the result.

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