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  1. Here is a security camera photo of Butters and family pulling into the Lambo dealer to trade in the old car.
  2. Does this mean my poison knives will fly faster?
  3. I am planning to in about 10 years if my health stays good. I'm shooting for an even half century.
  4. Today was a banner day for me. I have worked 40 years for the same company!
  5. My favorite early childhood book.. ..
  6. Did that article mention anything about poison knife addiction?
  7. Just for that, I'm saving one especially for you!
  8. I used to play there exclusively, but then we lost the poison knives. When I found out jay 1 had poison knives I started playing there and really enjoyed it so I stayed. I would gladly go back to jay2 if we got the knives back.
  9. Welcome Redneck. Nice to see you made it here. I'll see you in Jay2.
  10. Just turned 56 a couple months ago .

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