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  1. Past few weeks I noticed some Connection Interruptions. Just wondering when the last time it was rebooted and if it has been a while could someone reboot it please? thanks!
  2. This is suppose to be the last major version of Windows. There won't be a "new" version each year. There will be incremental updates. Some updates will be a lot larger than others.
  3. I think you are suppose to leave it in a rice bag for 24 hours. Do you have the tools to remove the back cover and battery? If yes, then take out the battery and plug the phone into the charger. If it powers on (you may have to push the power button), it should be ok and replace the battery. It will not fully boot because the phone does a check for the battery. If the battery is missing, then it will shut down.
  4. While you are in the forums, if you click on "Fearless Assassins" just below "Website," does it do the same thing? Have you tried using the sub forums and clicking within there? I used to be super slow going into the full list of forums also, but the sub forums were quicker. I would sit for 20-30 seconds before I make it into the full list. I don't know why this was, but as of right now it isn't that slow. I would stay in the "General Section" until I had gone through all of the posts, then move down to "PC Gaming - Discussion" and so on. Have you tried IE11? I have trouble pasting into the forums. I get frustrated and then not show up for months at a time. Also, IMO there are too many sub forums.
  5. What does the "apps" part mean? I like my 2007 Mercury Milan 2.3L. Powerful enough to get up and go, but not enough to get me in trouble. Wish it had Bluetooth though. Owned for 5-1/2 years with very little problems. Rolling 100K miles soon. My short list: Reliability, Cruise Control, Air Conditioning, Aux In for the stereo.
  6. It's a beta. They want all information possible to improve and debug it. The average person won't even bother to download the beta. Final release will NOT have it.
  7. It's Windows 10. There is a code that looks for a version and gets confused. "Windows 95" and "Windows 98" both start with "Windows 9". To get around it, they went to 10. Personally, I would have gone to 11! :all rock: I really wanted to try Windows 8. I didn't want to spend the $. My $ went to hardware instead. The taskbar is useless to me. Only for troubleshooting and finding that 1 program I use every 6 months... Everything is pinned. Keyboards shortcuts are the key to efficiency and productivity.
  8. You cant even put up a link to youtube? Lazy... Watch the MS presentation, but go search it and watch it... I won't because I cant paste on this forum.
  9. Stuff like this happens every game. He was in the Dog Pound too. Sad thing is, both teams looked bad that game.
  10. Nokia Icon is on my list, but not up for an upgrade until next year. Who knows what will be out in a years time? I went through 4 iPhone 4S's within 2 years 2 months time. Never again.
  11. Why do the tuff mudder when all you have to do is donate $? That sounds like a waste in time and energy to me.
  12. Someone did a 1 handed run any percent in 22 min 22 sec http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0f1UqL3M64
  13. putts


  14. I like how the 360 controller has a Nokia Windows Phone attached to it (still love my WP8.1 device) The best Xbox 360 and PS3 controller is the XIM. KB+M on console = best!
  15. Just a heads up, Halo Reach is FREE with a Gold account. Offer ends the 30th. I might keep my account gold for the free games.

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