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  1. sorry about that site, i just used whatever because my winrar and winzip aren't working thanks for confirming what you saw on the demo what covie pads? where are they! show me! i need medic special powers
  2. :( thinking of you <3
  3. Hi guys, Not sure where to post this.. But while on Jay1, Sikilacci brought to my attention that a medic on axis could open the allied side doors (and then did so the whole game) Not sure if its something you guys did on purpose Anyway, made a demo of it! Thanks (tried to attach it but it says I'm not permitted to upload the file) so I put it here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=01946138437685672807
  4. Wow beauitful photos! What country is that?
  5. Welcome to FA Servers and Forums! Beware: FA servers are addictive! Have fun pew pewing!
  6. Hey Wouter! Welcome to the forums!
  7. Hello and welcome to the forums

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