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  1. Are you the Real Raziel ?

    1. captnconcrete


      no hes not i knew him not same person.

    2. Raziel


      If you mean the famous RtCW player, RaZiel, that's someone else, not me.

    3. captnconcrete


      still good to see u bud!


  2. This game is OG love it didn't know people still play. ill have to download steam and give it a try
  3. I know daky from rtcw 1.0 and 1.4 back in the SOD day's with dagger
  4. Oh i'm not charged to rent/or buy any modem it comes with alot of advanced features
  5. Very interesting Ive never came across this problem here in Canada with any of the routers they provide maybe that is the difference. my ISP provider always give me good routers.
  6. To be honest unless your Internet is 100 Meg+ connection you won't really see anything as far as performance boost on network. Ive tried everything until i upgraded my internet 100 meg 300 meg or 1000 meg connection is the gaming world anything below that just doesn't have the bandwidth to cover for flawless gaming. You also wanna take into consideration how new and good is your network card. And alway's use wired connection for gaming.
  7. i enjoy Rap/Hip Hop/Rock n roll/bit of metal but when i play wolfenstein i like dubstep/drum n bass
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