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  1. Hi to all people and one 2019 year as you wish ! for a long time i have used a very bad ADSL connection trunked at 10 mbps (need for stbility) and with almost 25 ms of ping. Finally i have a very true FFTH connection with 3-4 ms ping with 900 mbps and 200 mbps in up; but still my problem in game : more enemy kill me again ..... Any value in "config" for this new fast line ?
  2. I am very curious of a origin of player nickname and again i read today this thread. I am sorry people but my explanation of february 2016 its very ordinary. Here more. From the first Doom (if I remember correctly in 2000-2001 years) it was necessary to have a nickname to identify the members of the friendly team playing in LAN. I chose "Bronzi di Riace" as they were bronze statues of Greek warriors recovered in the Calabrian sea. The two statues - found on August 16, 1972 near Riace Marina, are dated to the 5th century BC ( for mayor see Wiki or Google)in the province of Reggio Calabria.I not live in Calabria ( i born and live in Italy near Garda lake, betewen Miland and Venice) and the reason for the choice was that they were inspired by loyalty ideals,beauty and "mind" . I know if you look at the lower stomach of the statues you can be disappointed, but those were the conventions of the time even if you do not have a feeling of power but the beauty of the statues is not external, but what they transmit to our soul.Thought inspired by the Greek thinkers who are at the base of the philosophy and civilization of our times (Wiki or Google again). Since you are a child, do you know that there is nothing more serious than the game and now how do adults change? For me nothing, i suppose the same for you .... Have a nice day (s)
  3. Hi to all people, make donation of 40,00 USD from Paypal n°27338183FX416820X. Thanks so mutch to =FA= for enjoy and chill out !!!!
  4. Hi to all people ! Installed W10 and copy over the old directory of ET (from W7) and now i am not able to see with binocular and shoot at the same time with a covert ops Previously (for ex.) with "mouse2" i see in the binocular and shoting with "mouse1", gently can help me ?
  5. Hi to all people, from time to time i connect ET on F=A server with "ET Starter Pro 0.95" , from one month i have the windows error with " Crapolio". ET start right, but this "Crapolio" stand for ? (Windows 7 x64 Sp1)
  6. @all sorry for delay on reply, eyes wrong yesterday. Is a solution switch from 10 to 4-5 in value "cg_numPopups", many thanks guys !. (now remenber: the problem it began at the last reload of the server when the players score are reset to zero) And, semi-OT: do you give me a "config" for win (sometime) any face-to-face gungfight ? I lost always.... Best regards B di R aka Adry or viceversa
  7. Hi to all people, from some months the rows of "name_killed and name_killer" cover the viewfinder / crosshair, is annoy the view and cover the screen ( in past i had about 5 rows, now about 10 !). Any solution for this ? B di R aka Adry or viceversa
  8. Mine is from a first Doom LAN gameplay [yesterday ? sure .. :-) ] Is a ancient greek classic warriors sculptures in bronze. For me is a rapresentative of in game fair-play . More ? wiki here hxxps://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riace_bronzes or google.
  9. I am sorry guys ! My mistake is started with sound management audio board. In the utility audio was good, in any games no audio. Isnt not a problem of ET, sorry again. Now solved. Many thanks for your patience Have a nice day and nice game ! Best regards
  10. Hello again -add: Sunlight all setting and seta com_soundMegs 24 - i have edited in similar mode my three autoexec.cfg in ET 1- in et root 2- in etmain 3- in etmain/profile/Bronzi - in ET game slide audio is full right for music and effects, in Windows "sounds good": restart and try but no audio in ET :-( -my audio in config/panel is: 1- AMD High definition audio device 2- Bluetooh audio device 3- Realtek high definition audio 4- WsAudioDevice_382S(1)
  11. @Antichrist yes sure. @SunLight try to add now
  12. Hi to all, yesterday audio working fine in ET. Today i have upgrated the audio driver: now audio work in Windows 7 but no sound from speaker in ET (in game audio control slide is full right). Try to check my autoexec.cfg and i have, for audio, only this line: //System Options --- seta s_khz 11 is correct or have to edit anymore ? Ty in advance for any help best regards

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