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  1. I truly hope that voting system removing thing don't make things even worse. At the moment i fear a bit that thing tho. Who wants to wait over an hour to finally get a chance to play his favourite map? I think none of us. At the moment there is at least chance that we can play maps what we find interesting and also if someone wants to play certain map, he tells that in main chat and we all can vote for that. If we remove voting system then it might make things even worse than it is at the moment and we will lose even those regular ones who have been loyal to NQ3 so far. But if i understand correctly, it's not even under consideration anymore. But i have one question...why we don't have F|A initials in front of NQ3 server name? Maybe ppl don't relate this server with F|A community and they don't even bother to visit us. For example, i asked one of my relatives to come and play with us in NQ3, but he didn't find NQ3 on list when he started to play ET and looked servers. So it's even hard to find a way into our server, because based on name it doesn't seem to be related with F|A servers. Maybe this name thing is so primitive thing, but i am just thinking out loud. Getting new maps is really good thing and i try to accept with other changes too as long as Daybreak will stay into our server
  2. Thank you Kepa for suggesting to look that video just before bedtime Good idea! But there is always some excitement with that kind of abandoned places and if even little mouse moves there, it is scary for those who are in that building. Those places seem to be haunted even without Owlman So those poor victims of Owlman got really scared!
  3. I guess most of NQ3 players do "the happy dance" at the moment Thank you Dare!
  4. Dani, it is really good Have to tell you a little secret tho...it is good without hot water too...those pieces inside are good for just snacks too
  5. When i saw this topic, then Dani comed in my mind right away I'm not really a "tea person", but i never tell no to one tea - "Seven Samurai" flavoured green tea. It is green tea with pineapple, mango, papaya, chocolate, vanilla, coconut and cacao bits. Since it includes so many sweet things i never add sugar. Delicious! Also sometimes i just like to drink usual green tea with lemon or traditional peppermint tea. I don't add sugar, but honey is "must have"
  6. It was really sad for me to wake up today morning and read that he is dead. He was incredibly good actor in my eyes and i really enjoyed his movies...
  7. Since i'm not used to play ET during the daytime, i thought that i will just check today how that place is. Have to admit...quite big mess is going on in NQ3 then. Most of NQ3 admins play in this server at evenings, including me. We all are in quite similar timezone and that means we jump in server mostly at the same time too when our school, work and other important things are done. Therefore we should find some admins who are used to play some other time than evenings, because it's quite understandable that D..X and Medusa can't be there all the time and seems that they are main persons who keep good eye on that place then. So one solution would be to find new admins...I'm sorry to say that, but in my opinion there are not so good "new admin material" in that server and the ones who would get my +1 straight away are unfortunately not so interested in joining. If any of you have good suggestions about new admins in NQ3 server, would be good to know. Also what makes me worried is fact that our server regulars don't follow rules at all when there are no admins around...
  8. Hey-Hey! Welcome back and it was nice to meet you!
  9. Oh, i'm going to vote every day. This takes only couple of seconds for us to vote...but it can bring something really big for all those kids who are used to play there By the way...your kid is really cool! And that face he had at the end...
  10. It's truly good to see that so many members have same opinion about NQ2 server. After the few changes what NQ2 had, that place started to have even less players...of course including me, because it was impossible to play there. I have visited that place couple of times now too and i have to admit - that place is even more empty than it was before. If i remember correctly, the changes were made to bring even more players in NQ2 server, but i think we all see that didn't made things better. May i even say that actually pushed all regulars away? But maybe this is only my harsh opinion about things and there are a lot of players when i just don't see So i really hope that we can do something about that server, because as Ooops said - it would be great to have our home back
  11. Post made in tracker...let's hope it's soon online again
  12. LOL! That seems to be so good Especially when they "mock" that children pageant thingy
  13. They are so adorable! Good luck with raising them
  14. Seems to be really good movie... Great actors and funny situations I'm looking forward to see it!
  15. Really funny pictures Last one shows how incredibly hard workers they are

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