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  1. Welcome to the forum !
  2. Well, I'm in the mood to definitely stop ET. I'm not playing anymore, I come from time to time on server but I don't have any fun, I still don't know what to decide even if it takes a bad way, for those who wanna know what I become about games, I'm playing fortnite on ps4, I love this game i''ve so much fun on it and i' m pretty good :P I will make a topic about my decision, if I decide to stop I don't leave th

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Xernicus


      If admin duties diminish your fun, or ET isn't interesting atm, you can always take a break. We understand, I think most of us have been there. :)

    3. Unknown


      Insurgency or Day of Infamy dude!

    4. daredevil


      DOI noob.

  3. I've a little inactive period, i try to visit server and forum everyday. I will be back in few days, i've an ET overdose :P

    1. PhoeniXx


      Will miss your knife noob :P come soon

    2. (FORCE)


      It's good to take a break from time to time bro. Maybe we'll see U at Halloween Gameday! :>

  4. StyLz


    Welcome Martin !
  5. Bots revolution !
  6. Love this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4OsiaONN4g
  7. Haruhi if you see that you are THE WORST I hate you but you will always love me. PS : I miss you
  8. I mean that it has always been possible to have 2 mg per teams
  9. There is 2 mortars per teams since the rotation has been changed. About mg42 it has always been like that if i'm right.
  10. Well, I've ins for months now but I only played it once due to fps issue, they are too low and it's not funny to play a game with bad fps. But I can run Black ops 2 easily so I think I have something to fix. Heeeeeelp

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