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  1. Happy Birthday Artos!

  2. I have done professional carpet an tile cleaning as well as restoration. Havent touched wood but from what one of my mentors told me, not much we can do but I did work with my brother in doing his floors an Doc's recommendation is exactly what did when we worked on it. An the floor came out beautiful.
  3. I have only tried 2 wines, one a Don Peron, an the other a white wine from Germany.
  4. Team fortress is a good game, I have played it many times. But mostly on sniper only maps. But the regular team death an after that are fun as well.
  5. O.O Dude all I have to say is freaking amazing man. Wish I had your skills.
  6. I play it on the xbox every once in a while. It was an still is a fun fps. But I think ET:W kinda took most of the online community.
  7. From what I have seen with your performance index it could be that your processor isn't able to handle the game? With your video card you should be able to play the game with relatively high settings an get great fps. So I am assuming it might be the processor. Have you overclocked the processor? Edit*- Also make sure all of your drivers are up to date as well. That could help.
  8. Thanks guys! I do appreciate the feedback.
  9. I worked on the first one as a request an the second I made because I like Warhammer 40k. If anyone wants me to make one just ask an give me some images to work with. I also don't mind constructive criticism either. http://i1158.photobu.../Ghosttest1.jpg http://i1158.photobu...SigforArtos.jpg
  10. Artos

    Hi all

    Hi and welcome!
  11. Hey there and welcome from a new player as well!
  12. Yeah it is crazy with what people do when they are addicted to things an not just video games. But come on, some insomniacs have probably stayed up longer than 40 hours. Probably bad food or was maybe sick when he started?
  13. Yeah its awesome riding along in it.
  14. My dream car is a 1967 Flat Black Camaro with a big block. The enhancements would be putting a blower on it, an all the regular goodies. Here is a pic of one it would look like. http://www.autoguide...etfighter_1.jpg

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