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  1. Pretty cool to sit back and watch a country/ and the world, unravel. Man wait till after the presidential election, if you hold public office or a cop, better get suited up. RT/ is good for breaking news.
  2. gardening Tomato Early Blight - Brown spots on stem

    February Farm Report called for abnormal cool temps for the northern tear states for this spring and they have been right so far, June is still colder than normal here in Michigan. Most of us in the neighborhood have bought greenhouses. Its helping allot. I should have about 35 quarts of tomatoes this year. anyone need some habaneros green,yellow, or fire red? lol burn the hair off your tongue. lol helps allot with you start from " your own seeds "..... and do your own thing....
  3. Morning coffee on Sunday May 22

    tks. Hes in the ground now, Freekin dog died two days after he did. So hopefully i'm done with death for awhile.
  4. Morning coffee on Sunday May 22

    as I woke up to my favorite jam ( Edgar Winter - Free Ride ) in the morning, I proceeded to the kitchen to make coffee, I bumped into something on the the floor, thinking of maybe it was the dog but usually the dog makes a sound, so I turned around and turn the light on and there was my father dead cold on the floor. After calling my sister and explaining what happen to him I called 911. Myself and the M.E. figured he just finished a cigarette, had a coughing spell which started the heart attack, then he had a massive contusion on hes forehead which came from smashing hes head on the counter top which pretty much ended it. I went to bed early that night before and didn't hear anything. I'll be around, need to sort this mess out, I'll be up and running, maybe... peace......
  5. Adding W:ET on steam?

    I seen the title and started laughing, and someone mentioned, Quake! I miss QUAKE!!!
  6. Why you play ET ?

    My friend introduced me to Et in Dec of 03, I was getting burned out playing Quake Rail/Shotgun servers. Ever since then, I have never like the game its always been to slow pace for me. Enemy Territory, is like a virus just grows on ya.
  7. What was the last TV-series you watched?

    X-Files again, i'm on season 3 esp.14. Wildest India Daredevil The 4400 House of Cards TorchWood Flash Persons of Interest I have about 30 Tv series, I watch on Netflex.
  8. How do you take your coffee?

  9. photos Japan Trip!!

    I'm glad to see you experienced the land of the rising sun, Corey. The fun part is reminiscing. Enjoy it.
  10. Terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium

    Prayers goes to Belgium.
  11. Man thats some screwed up crap, sorry to see this happen, hope everything turns out ok.
  12. Extraordinary floating McDonald’s! it will be tendency or not?

    Need a few of those on the Great Lakes here in U.S., it would be cool with a drive up window for charters out fishing.
  13. Trump responds to Hitler comparison

    I would be more concerned about the puppeteers that run the whole show, not just here in the U.S. either.
  14. Re-introduce of equaLz!

    Sup Mota..
  15. Triple A

    Real..lllly.... that is choreographed, they practice allot. Thats all. Learning the mamba is harder